How To Expand IPad Storage

Updated on March 16, 2023
How To Expand IPad Storage

Gadgets are now part of our daily lives, it could be for work or personal use. If you are an Apple user, it is most likely you have an Ipad or other Apple products. Ipad is commonly used in playing games, reading an e-book, stream videos, and many more.

Daily use of this product, you soon realize that the storage capacity isn’t enough and notifications start to pop-up saying your storage is insufficient or almost full. You can maximize your device storage by deleting unnecessary apps or files. You can follow 3 of the steps mentioned in her guides and you will be on your way to less overloaded Ipad.

Check your total usage

If you want to have enough space for your photos and video, you can provide yourself at least 1GB of storage. Note that your available space and the space used in your phone won’t add up because it doesn’t include the space used by your operating system.

Analyze which apps are taking more space

If you go to settings >general > storage and iCloud, you can tap on Manage Storage. You can see the list of apps and the space they consume. This allows you to make changes of the apps that take more space in your device, you can either get rid of it or manage its usage.

Target apps you don’t use

If you find apps you don’t need or don’t use, you should consider deleting them. Apple keeps track of apps you’ve purchased so you won’t need to pay them again if you decide to remove the app.

These steps are recommended for those who want to have enough storage, but if you are really looking for another significant way to boost your storage, you need to think outside the box. Ipad’s lack of an easy way to expand is one of a disadvantage, it doesn’t support microSD or other memory cards. As soon as the Ipad gets more power, the apps consume bigger. 

In this manner, you might want to consider trying these ways in expanding your iPad storage.

Here are a few ways to expand your iPad storage:

Cloud storage

Ipad doesn’t allow you to expand your storage for apps but can be done in other files, leaving you more room for your apps. It is highly recommended that you have your own emergency back up plan at all times for these files.

Cloud storage is used as a second hard drive. Through the use of the internet, you can store your photos, videos, and documents in an external location. Ipad comes with iCloud Drive, you could also use Google Drive or DropBox as a third party service. Most people use this to allow them to easily access important files wherever they are. Instead of buying another device for saving data, cloud storage allows you to store the data without spending much, access is all it needs.

Since you are saving your files online, you might think of the risk your making, like what if someone could access your data without your permission. Cloud storage providers add additional layers of security in their service. This ensures that no one can access your files except you.

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive or External Drive is just another Hard Drive (HDD) or Solid-State Drive (SSD) that is attached outside the computer rather than the inside. External Drives consumes power from another device but some may require an AC wall connection to acquire their own power. Since an Ipad storage has it’s fixed capacity, External Drive allows you to save more files and documents to maximize this capacity.

External hard drive connected to a firewall will work at a very high speed. This allows a large copy of files to be moved in your hard drive quickly, it is considered as one of its advantages. Another best fact about it is that they are portable, which means you can access your files as long as you carry them. This drive can be plugged to any computer and will be supported instantly without needing to install any drivers.

Although an Ipad doesn’t work with traditional USB type External Drives, using drives that include Wi-fi adapter features is another way for both devices to communicate.

Flash Storage

This type of storage device uses flash memory to keep data for an extended period of time. Flash memory is another standard form of storage in digital cameras, tablets, laptops, and digital camcorders. Like the External Hard Drive, it is nonvolatile which means the data is not lost even if it’s power is removed.

Flash memory is cheaper and smaller in size compared to SSD or HDD, that’s why it only needs a small amount of power. Although this type of storage device has a small storage capacity compared to external hard drives. It has a faster read-and-write feature.

If you have an older model of Ipad, using flash storage would not be possible. But if your Ipad has a Lightning port for charging and syncing, plug-and-use of external storage is available. Furthermore, since flash drives are portable they can be dedicated for a different purpose (for example, a separate drive for photos, videos, and other files.).

Expanding iPad storage is not that easy, we can’t just change or swap its hard drive, we also need to consider the compatibility of each device. Other media files such as music and movies/videos online also take up space when you save them on your device, which is why it is recommended that you stream them instead of downloading and storing them. 

Cloud storage would be the best option if you really want to store data and other documents without taking space in your device or other external storage. The tips and ways are given in this topic would be the best information you need. 

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