Choose the Best 7 DJ Equipments for Beginners to Get You Started

Updated on March 30, 2020
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The world of DJing is a large one that is continually expanding to include newer and better DJ technology. However, DJ’s can quickly run into hang-ups when the best gear to start with is a vast list to weave through. There are the basics such as headphones and deck or turntables and mixers, but you need the DJ equipment to buy for beginners and that means doing your homework.

You have more than likely already been exploring your options for the original equipment you will need. The stuff you may already be considering will be an excellent DJ laptop along with the necessary specs that are required for beginner DJs.

Apart from all the equipment you have thought of, there are probably some that you aren’t sure about. Here is a roundup of all the necessary equipment a beginner DJ will need:

  • Turntables
  • Mixers
  • Controllers
  • DJ Software
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Cases and Mounts

Check out the details below. 

Must DJ Equipment for Beginners


When you think about a turntable, your mind probably goes to the one piece of equipment that has been around for many centuries, the record player. Though this is how DJ’s worked in the past, it isn’t the case anyone. 

Turntables will allow you to scratch, switch songs, slow tempos, change the pitches, and much more. Though you can achieve this effect through a laptop, it isn’t the same as an actual turntable.


The mixer is the absolute centerpiece of any DJ setup. These are used for transitioning between songs for a seamless mashup effect. However, they are also used to tweak songs and tracks. You can integrate things like sliders so that you scratch correctly when you have a mixer.

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Furthermore, the mixer can also be used to control the levels of volume, FX tone, and so much more. Many higher-end mixers come equipped with built-in sound cards that have higher sample rates. Yet, those can get costly. Many mixers can connect to your DJ laptop with the right specs.


As the realm of DJing changes and the gear becomes more advanced, that is where the world of DJ controllers enters. Now knowing what a turntable and a mixer are, think of something that combines them, and that is where the controller fits. A DJ controller allows you to control these things as well as control features, settings, and customizations using DJ software.

There are many types of DJ controllers on the market for beginners. These controllers come in many sizes, shapes, functions, personalities, and much more. Some controllers are better for tweaking tracks, and others let you scratch easier. There is so much you can get with a controller that it literally comes down to personal preference.

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 DJ Software

The backbone of any type of digital setup is going to be the software used. Once you have your controllers hooked up to your DJ’s computer, typically through USB, your software will allow you to edit, copy, paste, mix, add FX, cut, and mashup through the software. 

Furthermore, you can change tempos, make playlists, organize your files, do scratches using your MP3 and even place assignments on sounds to your controller, as long as it has the MIDI function. You will stunt your capabilities as a DJ if you don’t have the right viable software for DJs.

Since using DJ apps still isn’t much of a thing, you want to pick from one of the few DJ software picks. Having a good DJ software along with the right DJ laptop for beginners allows you to learn the new software entirely and how to utilize it to improve your sounds.


For those who plan on playing live, traveling with their DJ gear, and playing gigs regularly, you need speakers. Whether you are throwing house parties or DJing at clubs using your equipment, a speaker is a necessary piece of equipment in order to share that sound far and wide. 

If you are looking for speakers for a DJ, you want to be sure that it is going to be powerful enough for the environment you are going to be in or see yourself performing in. If you are only setting up at home or generally smaller areas, you may be able to get by without having to get some speakers. Often times, a sound PA system is more than enough.

DJ Headphones 

Headphones for DJ are an absolute must-have. Whether you are practicing in the privacy of your own home or you are DJing in clubs, headphones are essential so that you can hear what you are doing. 

..Headphones for DJ are an absolute must-have. Whether you are practicing in the privacy of your own home or you are DJing in clubs, …

The right headphones will allow you to listen to what you are doing before your audience hears it. With mixers, you can use the slider to help direct where you want the sound to go. Having headphones allows you to listen to what is coming next so that you can get the timing correct and transition properly.

Cases and Mounts

Even though a table to keep your DJ equipment on is necessary, and cases also help to keep your equipment protected. Especially if you are going to be traveling with your gear to various gigs. Never just place your gear in a trunk without protection, and that is where your cases come in. Make sure to know your equipment measurements before choosing your cases and mounts.


Starting your DJ career is an exciting and fun time. To make sure you are ready to be DJing, you want to have the right equipment for the job. There are many types of essential equipment that all DJ’s need and some that are more on the preference side. Regardless, a laptop with decent specs, a mixer, turntable, controller, and headphones are among the most sought-after equipment for budding DJs.

As you learn the craft, you may want to upgrade to more expensive equipment, or you may just want to go running out of the gate and get the top of line stuff now. Whatever you decide, make sure that you get all the equipment you need to be taken seriously as a DJ for special events or for use at home. 

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