Best Mobile Phone Plans For Your Family

Updated on March 27, 2023

Your family consists not only of the people who live with you in the same house but also of people you consider related to you by blood. This can include grandparents, grandchildren, and members of the extended family. For the purpose of this article, the family will consist of people living in the same house as you and who can all be under one mobile phone plan. 

Why Families Need a Mobile Phone Plan

Depending on the family dynamics, you will need a mobile phone plan that caters to the needs of each member and which also reduces the overall costs of communications. Each family member has different needs. For example, children will want access to the internet for games and music, and will largely use data-based services to make calls and text. Teenagers, on the other hand, will love off-peak calls but also want the flexibility of using data-based services for their other communication. They will also require the internet for homework and to connect on social media. Adults on the other hand will rely on network-based services to communicate with each other and therefore cannot be restricted by usage. 

Which Mobile Phone Plan is The Best for Families?

There are basically three mobile phone plans, and the most ideal for families and groups has to be dynamic and all-inclusive. An unlimited mobile phone plan is good for the family whereby each family member has a set number of resources to use before the month ends. This ensures that the head of the family can pay for the entire family’s mobile spending without worrying about exceeding the budget. The minutes and data for the younger members can be capped to per day usage, allowing the adults to enjoy uncapped minutes and data access.

However, if you are on a budget, consider locking data-based services to a Wi-Fi network, and a mobile prepaid plan with only limited amount of minutes for emergency calls. You can put the younger members of your family to access cheaper tariffs. Some countries such as Australia have great plans for children which include parent-controlled access to the internet as well as putting parents as emergency contacts whom they can call for free. Mobile plans Australia is therefore a shining example of what group mobile phone plans should look like. 

Best Mobile Phone Plan When Traveling 

When traveling as a family, you need a more versatile mobile phone plan. However, the length of your travel will dictate the mobile phone plan to use. If you are traveling for under a month, then the best plan is a prepaid, sim-only option, which you can pay off as a monthly bundle and divide the resources amongst several sim cards. This way, you can regulate spending on resources whilst keeping the costs low. You also need the freedom of moving from one network coverage to another without a locked phone. This is crucial since all members would want to communicate easily with each other and with friends back home. 

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