10 Benefits of Tablets For Students In The Classroom

Updated on May 6, 2023
benefits of tablets for students

Technology is growing at an alarming rate and this changes the way we do things. Decades ago, students were writing things in their notebooks but jump to the 2010s and you’ll have students asking for PowerPoint slides and even taking pictures of their notes.

With this in mind, a lot of students and teachers are considering using gadgets such as a student tablet to taking notes and other ways to enhance learning and teaching experience.

Why should we use a tablet at all?

Tablets are relatively cheap and they’re easy to carry. They’re smaller versions of laptops making them good replacements for books and notebooks.

Tablets are also becoming trendy in the market and it would be a shame if you didn’t buy one when its price is relatively cheap. But if you’re having some doubts, then why not check out the list below?

Here are 10 reasons why students should use a tablet in class:

1. It’s convenient

One of the main reasons why people use a tablet is because of its convenience. With a tablet, you’ll be able to take notes and study the PowerPoint presentations given by your teacher.

Additionally, you’ll save up more space in your bag which would have otherwise been filled with large and heavy books.

2. It’s easy to use

You’ve probably noticed that kids in preschool are able to watch YouTube videos and play games using their parent’s tablets. They are able to do this because tablets are one of the easiest gadgets to use.

With a swipe of a finger, you’ll be able to access and navigate your way through a tablet. This is especially useful since you won’t miss out on listening to your teacher and looking at the slides they’re showing. 

3. It’s easier to manage your time

One big advantage tablets have over a notebook are the various apps that you can use. There are apps like Evernote that help you manage your day.

But apps are only an option because some tablets even have in-built schedulers. Although they’re not as good as the apps, they’re a welcome application.

As a student, managing your time is a must which is exactly why you should take advantage of the various apps and features that your tablets offer.

4. You’ll have an easier time communicating with your fellow classmates

With a tablet on hand, sending files and doing group work has never been easier. You can communicate with classmates and discuss your lessons without having to physically meet each other for a study session.

Although you can do this with any gadget, the tablet’s size is perfect for reading and sending files. So it’s better suited for schoolwork when compared to a smartphone. 

5. It allows for efficient studying

Your tablet is a digital library. It can store thousands of books in its memory. What’s great about this is that you can access them all simultaneously in your tablet making it easier to study or cross-reference multiple books at the same time.

6. It’s cheaper than a laptop

Laptops are very handy in the classroom but not everyone can afford them. Tablets, on the other hand, are usually cheaper than laptops and they’re more portable. 

This makes tablets a good alternative to laptops if you are on a budget. And given that you’re a student,  you probably need to save money for food and rent. 

7. You’re probably used to studying digitally

People in this generation are used to learning digitally. Most students these days watch Youtube tutorials and browse the internet to study or research for writing.  This is one good reason why tablets are necessary for students.

Books don’t have search functions and they don’t allow you to browse the internet. You are holding yourself back by refusing to use modern technology that most of your peers are using. 

8. It’s A Good Way To DestressIt’s a good way to destress

Studying can be a tiresome and thankless job. Which is why students need to unwind from time to time. Most tablets are powerful enough to run games in the Google Playstore. Playing a shooter, a puzzle game, or even online games is a good way to unwind during your downtime.

9. Schools Are Considering Using Tablets For Teaching

With tablets making life easier for students, teachers and schools are also considering using them in class. Studies are being done to see if it is doable and if it can enhance the students learning experience.

The problem here is that not every student has a tablet and teachers are still thinking of ways of using tablets as a medium of learning. Both of these problems might get solved in the future when tablets become so popular that everyone will have them.

10. Faster feedback on quizzes and exercises

If the school does implement tablets as part of their teaching tools, then both teachers and students will have an easier time with the class.

There are many apps like ProProfs that allows teachers to make quizzes. Students can take the quick and they can instantly get their results. Thanks to this they can learn from their mistakes at a much quicker rate.

This also helps the teacher since they don’t have to manually check their student’s quizzes. It’s a win-win situation for both students and teachers.  

Drawbacks of using a tablet

With all the good things listed above, you’re probably wondering why people even have doubts about using tablets in school!

Well, there are many reasonable concerns but the number one concern is that it’s a distraction. Teachers are concerned that students would use the tablet for unproductive things in class. A local news channel has even covered this topic. 

Activities, like playing games, watching videos, and using social media, are big no-nos in class. This is a valid concern, and it is something you should consider when purchasing a tablet for classroom use. 


As a student, your focus should be taking down notes and learning in class. 

If you think you have the self-control to focus on the lesson and use your tablet productively, then you should definitely get a tablet for class.

However, tt’s up to you as the buyer to decide whether or not a product will work for you. The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to using a tablet in class which is a sign that you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

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