The Best Tablets For Reading Books In 2023: Budget-Friendly And UV-Protected 

Updated on March 19, 2023

Stereotypes about tablets being dedicated to entertainment only have been prevalent ever since the technological revolution. Yet, there are plenty of opportunities apart from playing and watching Netflix. For instance, digital devices are suitable for reading. No need to carry heavy novels all around — now more than a hundred tomes fit into your tablet. Moreover, by using an e-reader, you have the privilege of avoiding distractions. This article teaches you how to pick a quality item, download a suitable app, and share our rating of the top-5 e-Readers. Let’s find the perfect device for you.

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Is Reading Literature Still Popular?

Many suggest that reading will simply disappear or greatly decrease in demand soon. Although many people stopped buying handbooks, the invention of convenient and light tablets has only spread the reading trend. The format may have changed, but the interest in novels, stories, etc., is far from ceasing. 

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The convenience of e-reading brought it to a new level. Today, more people are soaking in their favorite stories, quoting and sharing them on social media. See more kids spending their free time with an electronic book, exploring the world through letters. Considering that most gadgets have UV protection, a tablet is the best option for bookworms to enjoy leisure without damaging their eyesight.

How To Pick The Best Reading Tablet 

Before rushing into the shop and getting a newly designed electronic reader, you must consider a few things. The market offers many tablets, but not each suits your purposes. To help you out and support you in selecting a proper gadget, we’ve prepared a checklist. We advise you to read it attentively and make notes, so turn to them while picking a tablet in the shop. 

Resolution and Screen Size

The best tablet for reading would be the same size as your paper storybook, which means 6-7,5 inches. If you want to change the font size, the feature should be available. Ensure you can also fix the light, sharpness, and contrast to avoid eye fatigue. 

Battery Life

Usually, a battery keeps going for up to several days. Still, it depends on the features you use, the period you spend on the screen, and the model of your tablet. For instance, the iPad tends to hold up to 10 hours, while the Kindle up to 6 or even 12 weeks. Regulate the lighting, auto-page turner, and audio format not to charge your tablet too often, as these features impact battery life. 

Memory Capacity

A good gadget would allow you to download thousands of titles. For instance, the minimum memory capacity on the market is 4 GB. It may seem small, but such a capacity may fit about 3,000 novels. However, select a tablet with larger memory, like 34 GB, if insufficient. 

Audiobook Capability 

Not every tablet has audiobook capability. The feature requires a special program allowing you to listen to your favorite handbooks. Therefore, double-check if it maintains this option and allows you to download the preferred program.

The Most Suitable Apps for Bookworms 

The selection of online programs is broad. The market offers a large variety of options for different operating system users. Besides, we’re always looking for budget-friendly and convenient e-Readers. Below you can find those that we reviewed and favored: 

  • Amazon Kindle has the largest storybook collection we have seen. Although you need to purchase titles you want to read, they are presented with high-quality and a rank of valuable features. 
  • Google Play Books is easy to navigate and pleasant to the eye. It’s the right choice for Android users. Google offers a vast number of handbooks for reasonable prices. 
  • Apple Books is one of the pre-installed products on your iPad. It’s perfect for any type of title and extremely convenient to use. Thanks to the iCloud function, you can read, add, or remove stories from every iOS gadget you have. 
  • Wattpad is widely known among young bookworms. It’s an app allowing you to simultaneously be a reciter and a writer. Moreover, it’s completely free of charge. Wattpad is just the place to find new favorite authors and unique content.

Top-5 Best Gadgets For Web Reading 

We’ve reviewed lots of different gadgets to determine the top options. Here are our top picks that we’ve found most convenient, safe, and high-grade.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

If you’re looking for a children-friendly gadget, Kindle Kids from Amazon would be perfect. It’s only 8-inch sized, which fits in your purse or your children’s backpacks. The purchase includes a subscription to Amazon Kids+ and a protective case. As a parent, you can set screen limitations and get access to the display to check if your kid is studying. Last but not least, to add a bit of fun, Amazon installed a quality camera with different-themed filters and frames for pictures.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 

Amazon created this version of Kindle only for reading purposes, and the gadget completes the job perfectly. It’s only 6 inches, but the text is clear and sharp. The display with no glare looks almost like real paper. The Kindle has 8 GB and 32 GB storage, allowing you to download over 6,000 storybooks. If you read a title without Wi-Fi, the battery will hold for up to 6 weeks.

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Kindle Oasis 

Although Amazon hasn’t modified the Oasis since 2019, it’s still claimed to be one of the best reading gadgets. The 7-inch e-ink screen sharply displays the text and has an auto-adjustable feature like lightning and a page-turner. The light tablet is also waterproof and has Bluetooth, making it possible to listen to storybooks with wireless headphones. Amazon offers up to 32 GB of memory and 6 weeks of battery life. 

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4 

Samsung’s invention, as you suggest, is 8.4-inch sized and intended for multiple purposes. Although it runs on the outdated OP version and lasts 10 hours, it’s still suitable for your favorite activity. The gadget’s weight is 10.93 oz, allowing you to hold it without complexity. It also has extensive 34 GB storage, but with micro SD, you can enlarge the memory to 512 GB.

Apple iPad Mini (2021) 

The best iPad for leisure would be a mini of the sixth generation. It has an 8.3-inch screen, holds for 10 hours, and offers large memory storage: 64 GB and 256 GB. Additionally, it has a number of useful auto-features like True Tone and a glare-free display. Although you’ll have to pay more, you won’t regret getting such a suitable gadget.


The detailed review of each gadget has shown us that Kindle Oasis would be an excellent choice for those who adore novels. It’s designed only for reading, which makes it distraction-free. Oasis provides enough memory storage for thousands of tomes and a Bluetooth function that allows you to enjoy your audiobook.

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