Top 3 Best Cheap Tablets Under $50 In 2020

You probably want a great mobile device for using social media or accessing your email on the go, but you may not have a ton of money to spend.

Can you really get a worthwhile tablet by only spending $50 or less?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” so long as you learn to manage your expectations.

Android or the Amazon Fire OS will be your only options at this price point, as you won’t find any iOS devices at under $50.

While you won’t get blazing fast speeds or extremely high end displays, there are three tablets currently available that are well worth buying at $40 – $50.

Want the best bang for your buck?

These three picks are great starting devices for any of these kinds of users:

  • College students reading digital books and posting on Facebook
  • Parents watching Netflix and playing games while sending work emails
  • Young kids learning the ropes of downloading apps and pulling up YouTube.

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In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner From 15 Hours Of Research

Editor’s Choice

Amazon Fire 7


Amazon Fire 7

Why is it better?

  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Solid performance and fast speed for low price
  • Extra Amazon features like Alexa and Prime

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The Lineup At A Glance

Rank Image Name Category Rating Shop
1 Amazon Fire 7 High Performance 87.4Check Price
2 Ematic Quad-Core EGQ347BL Cheap Android Table 87.0Check Price
3 Premium RCA Voyager 7 With Extra Storage Space 86.4Check Price

Review of the best cheap tablet under $50

1. Amazon Fire 7 – High Performance

Amazon Fire 7


  • Best specs at the price point
  • Alexa compatible
  • Google Play store compatible
  • Can’t stream video in 1080p
  • Low quality sound








Comfortable Design


Screen Quality

In terms of entry level tablets for first time buyers, you can’t really beat the Fire 7. With a host of great features, an overall comfortable design, and a very reasonable price tag, this is the best cheap tablet on the market right now.

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Key features & details

Low Cost High Versatility

Although you may think of Amazon devices as glorified eReaders, the Fire really is the best all-around cheap tablet on the market right now.

It handles nearly anything, from reading your eBook library to watching YouTube videos to downloading apps like with any other device.

The 7” display fits comfortably in your hands, and works well for browsing magazine articles or playing apps downloaded from the Google Play store.

There’s one very important thing to be aware of here, however.

While this model has one of the best screens for the price, the Fire 7’s display and speaker quality aren’t as high end as you’d get with a more expensive tablet.

This device simply isn’t meant for high volume audio playback with only a single speaker.

You will need to invest in some headphones if you plan on streaming your Amazon music library or watching movies.

Loads Of Extra Features

The Fire 7 comes loaded with plenty of extra features to make up for that downside.

If 8GB isn’t enough space and you want to store more videos, you get an SD card slot for extra storage.

You can also customize the Fire 7 when buying, as this model comes available in multiple colors.

Best of all?

Since this is an Amazon-branded product, you get a free month of Prime to check out the media giant’s music and video catalog.

The Fire 7 is also Alexa support-enabled, so it can be used to make calls and command your home’s Echo devices.

Hardware specifications for Amazon Fire 7
ProcessorQuad-Core 1.3 GHz
Storage8GB flash memory
GraphicsARM Mali-450 MP4
Display7” touchscreen IPS display, 1024 x 600 pixels resolution at 171 ppi
Operating SystemFire OS
Battery Life8 hours
Weight0.65 lbs
Other FeaturesAlexa support

2. Ematic Quad Core EGQ347BL – Cheap Android Tablet

Ematic Quad-Core EGQ347BL


  • Light weight
  • MicroSD card slot for extra storage
  • Very short battery life
  • Will struggle with advanced Android games








Comfortable Design


Screen Quality

Don’t want to go with an Amazon-branded product and prefer to stick with the straight Android OS? The Ematic will be your best cheap tablet choice, offering the same basic specs as the Fire 7 but without all the eReader focus.

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Key features & details

Lightweight Power

It’s hard to believe you can now get a powerful tablet for $50 or less, but manufacturers like Ematic show it can be done.

While sporting very similar overall hardware specs, the EGQ347BL is actually lighter than the Amazon Fire 7.

If your primary concern is finding a lightweight model for carrying around all day that also has decent performance, you can’t go wrong with this unit.

As with all budget tablet options, note that you can run most games, but some of the more graphics intensive Android apps will be a bit sluggish.

While it ditches all the Amazon bloat of the Fire 7, note that there is one downside here.

This model doesn’t have an IPS screen, so you’ll need to manually find your best viewing angle when browsing news sites or reading eBooks.


At around $45, you just aren’t going to find a more powerful tablet with a better design or screen than this Ematic.

Note that the price on this model fluctuates, however.

As of the time of this year update to the article, it is currently on sale for less than $50, but that may change. If you see it above $50, just wait a few weeks and it will drop again.

Price watching may be a pain, but it’s just a fact that has to be dealt with if you want to stay at this price point.

In order to get a new tablet better an entry level device that can run any Google Play games at full speed, you’ll need to more than double the price.

Want something cheap with similar capabilities that is aimed at kids instead of adults?
You can get a very similar device with rubber edges and handles for toddlers or pre-teens to use with the UJoyFeel 7” Kids Tablet.

Hardware specifications for Ematic Quad-Core EGQ347BL
Processor1.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Storage8GB flash memory
GraphicsIntegrated GPU
Display7” touchscreen display, 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
Operating SystemAndroid 5.0 Lollipop
Battery Life4 hours
Weight0.58 lbs


3. Premium RCA Voyager 7 – With Extra Storage Space

Premium RCA Voyager 7-inch


  • Bigger starting storage space than other models
  • Newer version of Android OS
  • Heavier than other budget tablets
  • Fairly low battery life








Comfortable Design


Screen Quality

While less attractive than the Ematic and more sluggish than the Amazon Fire, you can’t beat the price of the RCA Voyager. If price is your main concern and you just want a cheap tablet for basic usage, this is a good starting pick.

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Key features & details

Entry Level Usability

Not all users need the fancy bells and whistles of an Amazon device or the sleek, lightweight design of a more expensive unit.

If your main goals for a tablet are to check your messages and browse mobile-friendly websites, then RCA has you covered with the Voyager.

This is the epitome of a barebones, entry level tablet, but it offers decent performance for a very nice price.

So why pick this model when some of the others listed above are lighter or faster?

There is one key area where the RCA stands out from the competition — more starting storage space.

If you don’t want to buy a separate SD card, you get more storage space here for saving PDF files, MOBI eBooks, family photos, and so on.

Solid Construction

The Voyager utilizes a different design than the other models above that could be a pro or a con depending on what you are looking for in a tablet.

This unit is a little too heavy and unwieldy to be effectively used as a one handed device.

If you want something lighter that doesn’t require two hands to use, pick one of the other models listed above instead.

On the other hand, some users prefer the larger two handed style. That’s particular true if you are using your tablet as a drone display or hooking up to a security cam.

If you want to hold your device with both hands to get a wider viewing angle, that can be a plus instead of a negative.
If you like the price but want something lighter and available in more color options, check out the Haehne 7” tablet PC as well.

Hardware specifications for Premium RCA Voyager
Processor1.2 Ghz Quad-Core Processor
GraphicsIntegrated GPU
Display7” touchscreen display, 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
Operating SystemAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
Battery Life6 hours
Weight1.1 lbs
Other FeaturesRemove if nothing is found


Criteria Used For Evaluation

1. Performance

While you want a budget option, you should still expect fast touch screen response time and very little lag while web browsing.


In our research, we’ve found that the vast majority of negative reviews for budget tablets focus on slow app load times, freezing when running multiple apps, and general sluggish behavior.

Manufacturers may cut corners when offering low priced models, and you want to avoid all of those issues as much as possible. For most users, we recommend a minimum of a quad core CPU, 1GB of RAM (or more if possible), and 8GB of flash storage for a budget tablet. Anything less than that won’t offer acceptable performance for streaming video or using apps.

2. Versatile Connectivity

Most people buy a tablet as a secondary device rather than their main computer, so you want to pick a model that can do a little bit of everything and connect to other hardware even if you pick the cheapest model available.

Do you plan on using GPS for finding addresses, downloading apps to play games in line at the store, streaming Netflix videos on break at work, or reading eBooks in your down time?

No matter the price, your tablet should be able to do anything a laptop can do and then some. Don’t forget about the connectivity options either, as we recommend picking a tablet that can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, miniUSB, and at least one other type of connection. Whether that’s microSD, HDMI, or a full size USB port is up to your individual needs.

3. Durability

Nearly everyone drops their portable device at some point, so even when picking a tablet based on a limited budget, you want your investment to be able to survive normal wear and tear.

Even if you bought an extended warranty, broken tablet screens are typically more expensive to replace than just simply outright buying a whole new device. Because they are less bulky than a full laptop, it can be easy to accidentally drop a tablet or knock it off a countertop.

4. Comfortable design

You’ll notice most tablets at this price range are the same size, but not all of them are designed in the same way, as some are flat out more comfortable than others.

Whether you leave your tablet on your lap or hold it upright in your hands, you want to be comfortable 100% of the time. Before making your final purchase, you need to make sure your tablet has a comfortable hand design and isn’t too heavy to handle for long periods.

We recommend 7 to 8 inch tablets that are under a pound for maximum comfort if you plan on holding the device directly for long periods.

5. Screen quality

At budget prices you’ll always get lower screen resolution, but you can still find some models that are much clearer than others.

After performance issues, the #2 cause of negative reviews in our research was easily low screen quality that resulted in fuzzy text and eye strain. Be certain not to overlook this critical feature!

We recommend a minimum of an 1024 x 600 resolution and in particular would urge buyers to look for models with an IPS display. If you can find a model with 1080 resolution instead, that will offer much better quality when streaming YouTube videos or watching your Amazon Prime movie collection.


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