Best VPNs For Discord in 2023

Updated on February 28, 2023
best vpns for discord

Gamers all around the world like to hang out with their gaming friends, Discord makes that possible. Discord is a free online voice and text chat application that is made for communities of online entities including gamers, since online gaming is about teamwork that requires constant communication Discord makes it easy for teammates to communicate while in game. Discord is free and easy to use, but there are certain countries that bans the said application.

If you have a problem with Discord being banned in your country or it restricts you to chat to your teammates, a VPN is the best to solve both of those problems. We’ve gathered the best VPNs for Discord for your convenience, let’s take a look at our list!

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Why Do You Need A VPN For Discord?

Discord itself has a built-in security feature that is specifically designed for gamers, it has a DDoS attack and IP leak protection as well as two-factor authentication. The voice chats are transmitted via end-to-end encryption while all the communications are sent over HTTPS to keep you hidden from your ISP.

If you are using Discord in an unprotected network, hackers or rival gamers could intercept your messages and hack through your device making you vulnerable for attacks and fraud. This is why using a VPN for Discord solves security issues.

For those who installed Discord but weren’t able to use the chat feature or your country banned the application, you need a VPN to be able to use Discord. A VPN lets you connect to a secure server anywhere in the world, so if you plan on going for a trip this holiday to a country that restricts Discord a VPN is your friend. This allows you to bypass any network bans and use the app wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Also, if you want privacy for your Discord activities a VPN can add a layer of protection from data eavesdropping and other online threats that are looming around you. Discord is free and all but if you run into any trouble accessing the application or any VoIP problems the VPN can solve your problem.

Will VPN Work For Discord?

If you are using Discord without any problems then you might don’t need to worry about using a VPN, for those who are having problems then yes a VPN will work for Discord. Not only VPN solves the geoblocking problem, it also enhances your network traffic so you get a faster connection and a seamless online experience.

Also, the easiest way to keep your Discord conversations secure is to use a Virtual Private Network, bypassing any restrictions to communicate freely can be solved by VPN too. So to make our point, VPN will work with Discord without any problem since the use of VPN is legal aside from a few exceptions like the country of Iran.

What Other Benefits When Using VPN For Discord?

Aside from bypassing bans, VoIP and landline problems, VPN offers online security so you don’t need to worry about getting data breaches or any other online threats. Since you are using Discord then we can safely assume that you are gaming as well, VPN greatly reduces the game latency and ping by connecting to servers that are closest to the game server for a faster connection. It would greatly affect your gaming experience and Discord communication at the same time.

If you happen to do online transactions that involve sensitive data such as bank accounts and such, a VPN will protect you from data breaches and other threats that hackers impose. So aside from bypassing any restrictions and boosted gameplay, VPN keeps you safe from any attacks online.

But keep in mind that not all VPN is capable of protecting your online activities, you need a powerful enough to do all this so we made the effort to introduce the world’s leading VPN service provider that invests in the latest technology to keep you safe and anonymous online.

Best VPNs For Discord 2023



Work on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. It’s also compatible with routers | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Comedy Central, BBC | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30 day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 5,400+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 62 | Maximum devices supported: 6 for single subscription

NordVPN is pretty popular and almost present in any VPN review blogs since this VPN offers so much for its price, known as one of the highest-rated VPNs on the market making it one of the best VPNs for Discord. This provider offers an all-around VPN package that surely any gamers or security-conscious person cannot resist. With military-grade security and powerful servers around the world, you’ll never face any downtime and problems when using Discord.

Some of the best features of NordVPN is the AES-256 encryption, automatic kill switch, strict no-log policy, and IKEv2/IP Sec protocols to keep your hidden in any network and your traffic secured. NordVPN uses double VPN to offer twice as strong encryption, making sure even the best hackers will have a hard time cracking up your activities. The  5400+ servers around the world make sure you can bypass any geoblocking restrictions with ease since NordVPN uses special obfuscated servers that are designed to bypass stricter restrictions that are stricter than just geo-restrictions.

NordVPN is so confident about their service that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who want to try their VPN, risk-free. You can protect 6 devices for a single subscription but you can opt to use the VPN to your router and protect everyone who connects to it. Also, they have superb customer support available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Pure VPN

Work on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. It’s also compatible with routers | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Comedy Central, BBC | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 7 days trial for $0.99 | Number of servers: 2,000+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 140+ | Maximum devices supported: 10 for single subscription

PureVPn is one of the best VPNs for Discord since it offers maximum security for minimal pricing plans, with over 2000+ servers dispersed around the world in 140+ countries that is dedicated to giving you a blazing fast and secure connection. Unlike other VPN, PureVPN is away from 5 and 14 eyes since they are based in Hong Kong and they are not required to store any data from its users.

PureVPN offers a kill switch for data leak protection just like any other premium VPN on the list, the military-grade security ensures you have complete anonymity while accessing any restricted contents anywhere you are. Since the 2,000+ servers are strategically placed globally, PureVPN helps you bypass any restrictions while still providing robust internet speed. With over 300,000 anonymous IP addresses that they use, you’ll never have to worry about getting banned in Discord since you will have a legitimate IP address as they know it.

If you want to try PureVPN you can have a 7 day trial period for $0.99, it lets you connect 10 devices for a single subscription. They have 24/7 customer support so you can always talk to them if there’s a problem with your VPN. This VPN is perfect for those who want to try a premium VPN first before purchasing for a longer period of time, you can share this with your peers and gaming buddies since it can accommodate up to 10 devices simultaneously.



Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 3,000 | Server locations: 160 | Countries: 94 | Maximum devices supported: 5 for single subscription

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN in the world, with over 3,000 servers in 94 countries. A perfect VPN for shooting messages between your team in an intense multiplayer brawl, the optimized servers in over 160 locations will ensure that lags and delays in your Discord communication is non-existent. With features like split tunneling, Zero-knowledge DNS, Network lock, and other countless features they offer. With all that features ExpressVPN is kinda pricey but worth the investment.

ExpressVPN’s superfast servers are backed by airtight, world-class security to ensure you are hidden from any data leaks, hacks, or geo-blocks. The unlimited bandwidth will keep you going without limit, play, download stream, and browse the internet without restrictions or limitations. Keep your original IP address hidden while using the pre-existing IPs from servers all around the globe, use Discord, and any other application without restrictions. You can also use ExpressVPN for your games since it decreases game latency and improves ping for the better gaming experience.

For those who want to try ExpressVPN, you can avail of a 30-day money-back guarantee subscription that can support up to 5 devices simultaneously, the VPN app for router lets you protect the whole network at once. This VPN is not that cheap but it seriously offers a bunch of features that any gamers and security enthusiasts can never live without.



Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Dedicated streaming profile with servers optimized for: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Comedy Central, Eurosport, ESPN, and others. | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 45-days money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 7,100+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 90+ | Maximum devices supported: 7 for single subscription

CyberGhost is simply one of the best VPNs for Discord with its 7,100+ servers around the world, you’ll never have to worry about geo-blocks and VoIP problems in your country. When you are gaming and at the same time using Discord, CyberGhost VPN allows you to secure all of your devices. With more than 7,100+ servers all around the world, you’ll never have to worry about any geo-blocking restrictions. With all these features that CyberGhost offers, this VPN is much cheaper than NordVPN and ExpressVPN making it one of the budget-friendly VPNs in the market.

CyberGhost VPN is one of the most trusted VPNs all around the world since it is not in the jurisdiction of the EU Data and Retention Directive and safe from the Eye agreement, meaning they don’t share data with any nations and hides your IP address from anyone. Aside from that CyberGhost is well ranked as one of the best VPNs for Discord since it uses 256-bit encryption on the OpenVPN protocol and a kill switch feature which is considered the top-tier, say goodby to restrictions and VoIP problems.

If you want to try their VPN service, they offer a 45-day money-back guarantee subscription that allows you to cancel anytime. And if you found out that using a VPN is indeed a good choice you can opt to continue your subscription. Since this VPN is cheaper than others on the list, this is a recommended option for beginners that want to try using a VPN for Discord.

SurfShark VPN

SurfShark VPN

Work on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, FireTV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, and others | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 1,700+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 63+ | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited devices for single subscription

For those who are looking for VPNs that could accommodate all of your devices in just a single subscription then SurfShark VPN is simply the best VPN solution for you. Now accessing Discord and other restricted applications in your country is as easy as ever, with 1,700+ servers that are optimized for faster and secure end-to-end encryption that doesn’t affect your internet speed. Tailored to accommodate all your needs, SurfShark VPN offers military-grade encryption, DNS leak protection, and strict no-logs policy. The kill switch feature protects you from sudden connections drops, it also offers customizable VPN modes and settings for your convenience. 

Surely you are using more than just 3 devices and more if you are living with your family so having unlimited access to VPN is a good idea. While paying and using discord you must protect all of your devices to be safe from any threats, and if you happen to live in a country where Discord is restricted then you can bypass anything using this VPN.

SurfShark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for only $1.99 much cheaper than NordVPN, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN. So if you just need a VPN for Discord and other gaming stuff this VPN is the best entry-level solution.


Even users from other countries that don’t support Discord are finding ways to have access to it since most gaming communities use this app for communication, and in order to gain access, a trusted VPN is a must. Since you already know about these VPNs you can surely pick something that could possibly satisfy your needs and preferences.

What we listed above are the best VPN for Discord so feel free to ask some questions if you think we missed something, we will gladly take your suggestions. Share this post to your Discord buddies if you find it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use  A Free VPN For Discord?

Well to be bluntly honest with you, free VPNs don’t work. So using any free VPNs doesn’t really protect or bypass any geo-blocking restrictions and if you find a decent free VPN that works it has limited bandwidth and will just allow you to use Discord for 1 or 2 sessions.

Also, free VPNs tend to collect data from their users for profit since they don’t profit from the product itself so they make a profit from users’ data, if you care about your privacy then stay away from free VPNs.

Since most legitimate VPN service providers offer a money-back guarantee subscription, make use of that and try to find the best VPN for your needs.

Does Using A VPN For Discord Safe?

The use of VPNs is legal in most countries so yes using a VPN for Discord is safe and it adds more protection so it is much safer. Discord itself has built-in protection and using a VPN could double that layer so you get more security.
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