Best VPN For Fortnite in 2023

Updated on March 3, 2023
best vpns for fortnite

Want to play the hottest free-to-play game right now called Fortnite everywhere you are? There are places where you can’t play this game because of the restrictions that they impose. Oftentimes places like schools, colleges, and other countries like China and Iran, fortunately, you can still play Fortnite with the help of a Virtual Private Network to bypass any restrictions. In this list, we gathered the best VPNs for Fortnite both paid and the best free alternatives.

For those who have restriction problems playing Fortnite then this article is perfect for you, this VPN for Fortnite recommendations are tested and meticulously gathered for your convenience. This is also helpful for players who got banned in the game, changing your IP address is one way to do it. Let’s talk about that and the best VPNs for Fortnite!

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Why Do You Need A VPN For Fortnite?

Fortnite data is saved locally while the VPN doesn’t impact that, anyone can copy your saved data while uploading through the cloud and that is when a VPN comes in handy since it changes your IP address and adds layers of security for data breach protection. And for those who are banned and restricted from playing Fortnite then VPNs are your best shot.

For those who are experiencing high-latency and lags while playing Fortnite, VPNs encrypt your data and let you connect to a server where that games server is hosted so you can play it with smoother gaming experience. Hence, it is one of the best reasons why you should use a VPN for Fortnite.

Since VPNs hide your real IP address, you can bypass IP bans and geo-blocking imposed by your country. The only type of ban that cannot be solved by VPNs is the hardware ban in which they get the hardware ID (HWID) which makes your account unusable. But other than that you need a VPN for Fortnite if you have an IP ban and network restrictions or you just simply want a secured network while playing.

Will VPN Work For Fortnite?

While you can play Fortnite without VPN if you don’t have any restriction issues and your network is stable enough to let you play without lags, but for those who have those issues then VPNs will help you to play Fortnite without a problem.

Basically a VPN will work for Fortnite, depending on your issue or concern you can take advantage of a VPN to help you overcome some obstacles that restrict you from playing Fortnite. But make sure you use the best VPNs for Fortnite which can give you security and bypass any restrictions without causing more problems.

What Other Benefits When Using VPN For Fortnite?

While the bypass of restrictions for you to be able to play Fortnite is great, there are other benefits that you can take advantage of while using a VPN. You can hide your location and you can make it look like you are from another country and vice versa, if you suffer from ISP throttling your connection then a VPN can mask your activity so that your ISP can’t see it and in return cannot throttle your connection.

High game latency and lags while playing? VPN works wonders and lets you connect to the best server available for you to enjoy the game seamlessly. VPNs save you from any online threats and data breaches so you can say that while using a VPN for Fortnite you are also securing your online activities, hackers and other players can easily access your local registry to steal your locally save game files or any important data they might find so VPNs acts as firewall enhancer to keep you secured.

Using a VPN can also save you extra money while shopping, online stores can easily increase prices based on your location based on your IP address so changing it can save you some money, it is also true for airlines, hotels, and car rentals. So to get the best deal you can change your IP address and find the cheapest offer to get the best deals.

What To Look For In A VPN For Fortnite

While not every VPN is the same and not all of them are suitable for playing Fortnite, they vary in speed, support, security options, and many more. To help you decide what you should look for a VPN for Fortnite, this is the criteria we used to identify the best VPNs for Fortnite. 

First is the availability of wide network servers to choose from, since some issue involving Fortnite is geo-blocks and network restrictions. Having a wide range of servers from around the world could easily solve your restriction problems, it can also help you choose the best server to connect in order to play the game without problems.

We also looked for high-speed, low latency connections that VPNs offer, what is the use of successfully accessing the game but having trouble with lags and connection drops? So a VPN that is high-speed and has low-latency server connections is recommended when it comes to VPNs. There are VPN services that are already detected by Fortnite’s anti-cheating system, so we only list the best available VPN you can use for Fortnite.

We only made sure to look for VPNs with exemplary encryption and security features, like all of them, have military-grade security, and have top-notch encryption protocols to keep you secured and worry-free while playing Fortnite. Lastly, we opt to get the best VPNs that have a strict logging policy that puts user’s privacy-first for utmost user protection.

Best VPNs For Fortnite 2023



Work on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. It’s also compatible with routers | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Comedy Central, BBC | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 5,400+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 62 | Maximum devices supported: 6 for single subscription

NordVPN is easily one of the best VPN services for Fortnite, with a sheer number of available servers worldwide. It has 5,400+ fast and low-latency servers spread across 62 countries, some of these servers are specifically designed to prevent DDoS attacks so you’ll never have to worry about your privacy and security while playing Fortnite. This VPN is ideal for people who are looking for a general-purpose VPN that is fast and secure at the same time. 

Loaded with necessary security features like 256-bit encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch. Giving you all the necessary precautions in terms of reliable security and security measures to ensure your safe usage of VPN. You can also opt to customize the VPN setting depending on your preference but you must have at least basic knowledge of how they work.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can use it for free for 30 days and discontinue the subscription if you don’t find it helpful at all. It lets you connect 6 devices simultaneously so you can safeguard all of your devices or share it with your gaming buddies.



Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 3,000 | Server locations: 160 | Countries: 94 | Maximum devices supported: 5 for single subscription

One of the best-known VPN service providers is ExpressVPN and that’s because they have more than 3,000+ servers scattered around 94 countries, which means there is always an optimized server for you to play Fortnite wherever you are. Their fast servers enable you to play and stream without buffering since it offers unlimited bandwidth, which makes them one of the best VPN service providers.

ExpressVPN is very easy to use and holds strong security options that are designed to keep you safe online. The default 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, DNS leak protection, and kill switch to automatically stop data transfer when you accidentally disconnect from the VPN. ExpressVPN does not record activity sessions because they have a strict zero-logs policy and offers 24/7 live chat support in case any issues arise.

If you wish to try ExpressVPN they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee offer that lets you try their service first and stop after the said period, risk-free. One single subscription offers protection for up to 5 devices, you can also use it to your router to protect everyone that is connected to it.



Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, and others | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-days money-back-guaranteed | Number of servers: 1,500+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 75+ | Maximum devices supported: 10 for single subscription

For those who are looking for a premium VPN for Fortnite that can accommodate plenty of devices, IPVanish is one of the best VPN solutions that offer protection for 10 devices in a single subscription. A perfect solution for gaming buddies that on the look for a not so pricey VPN that offers a robust experience. IPVansih has been in the market for a while so they already have 1,500 servers scattered across 75 countries so you can have unlimited options.

IPVanish is the best VPN for all online stuff including games and data-sensitive transactions. The protocols include IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN that is considered the gold standard in the community, the IKEv2 is the most popular protocol as it protects and offers you with an extreme level of safety and security especially when accessing a data-sensitive site on mobile devices. That being said, playing Fortnite on a restricted network or country is just one click away.

Play Fortnite, download torrents, or stream media with IPVansih the military-grade security keeps you safe so you don’t have to worry, you can try this VPN for 30 days money-back guarantee offer. They have live chat support that operates 24/4, making them one of the most reliable VPN service providers in the market.

SurfShark VPN

SurfShark VPN

Work on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, FireTV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, and others | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 1,700+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 63+ | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited devices for single subscription

SurfShark offers its service for those who want to play Fortnite safely without spending too much, for only less than $2 you can protect every device you own since it can be used in unlimited devices. If you think that SurfShark does not offer quality service since it’s cheap and offers unlimited usage on devices then you are wrong.

SurfShark has powerful security features like 256-bit encryption, automatic ad-blocking and malware scanning, an automatic kill switch, split tunneling, and WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6 leak protection. They also don’t keep any logs so you can safely assume that your activities can’t be traced back, playing Fortnite and unblocking any site is easy since it has 1,700+ servers located in 60 countries around the world.

With 30-days money-back guarantee offering, SurfShark lets you experience the power of their VPN ensuring that if you don’t like it then you get a full refund for your subscription. In terms of coverage and security SurfShark can compete with known VPN with the edge of unlimited device connectivity. Now nothing can stop you from using a VPN for all of your devices.



Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Dedicated streaming profile with servers optimized for: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Comedy Central, Eurosport, ESPN, and others. | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 45-days money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 7,100+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 90+ | Maximum devices supported: 7 for single subscription

CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPN services that are very easy to use, they’ve been long in this industry so you can make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy. With more than 7,100 servers that are located in more than 90 countries, so you’ll never have to worry about a shortage of servers while playing Fortnite. 

CyberGhost uses military-grade encryption technology and security protocols to ensure that any user’s information is safe from any threats. CyberGhost VPN is one of the most trusted VPNs all around the world since it is not in the jurisdiction of the EU Data and Retention Directive and safe from the Eye agreement, meaning they don’t share data with any nations and hides your IP address from anyone. Aside from that CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs for Fortnite since it uses 256-bit encryption on the OpenVPN protocol and a kill switch feature which is considered the top-tier, say goodby to restrictions and ban problems.

For those who want to try their service, they offer a 45-day trial period in which you can have your money back if you don’t like the service. A single subscription offers protection for up to 7 devices simultaneously, you can also use it in your router and protect everyone who is connected to it.

Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS | Streaming sites unblocked: Unblocks any site with limited bandwidth | 24/7 support: No | Trial period: 7 days free trial | Number of servers: Unknown | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: Unknown | Maximum devices supported: 1 device per free trial

The free version of Betternet offers only on US servers which can access Fortnite without a problem, but you are only allowed to use 500MB daily so it will only give you up to six hours of gameplay. Six hours per day of gaming is not that bad for a free VPN, but there are major issues regarding this VPN. Betternet cannot be installed on your router so you can only use it on your PCs and mobiles. As we said earlier, it only allows you to access one US server and it has a huge drop-offs in download speed depending on your location.

BetterNet free version allows you to connect 1 device at a time, it uses AES-256 bit encryption to scramble your IP address and it has a strict no-logs policy which is rare for a free VPN. Another downside of using this free VPN is the annoying ads that pop up randomly, since you don’t pay for it they get their revenue on ads.

But if you just need a VPN for browsing activities then BetterNet is a great free alternative, it actually provides security but with limited notions. Overall Betternet is a decent free VPN that you could use temporarily.

Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix & Youtube | 24/7 support: No | Trial period: unlimited days free trial | Number of servers: 5 | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: Unknown | Maximum devices supported: 1 Opera browser per device

For those who are playing Fortnight in-browser, Opera VPN that is a built-in VPN for the Opera browser. This built-in VPN actually uses AES 256-bit encryption but it only operates as a proxy rather than standalone; you can’t really be sure if all your activities are protected. This free VPN  offers unlimited bandwidth, so you can game all day. But the major issue of this VPN is that it only works on PCs and mobile devices and you can only bypass browser games like BlastArena or War Brokers.

If you are a console gamer, then this VPN is not for you. The good news is that the Opera VPN can give you a fast server connection and lag-free gaming experience since it offers 5 worldwide servers to choose from. Though you can’t say that it is a full-service VPN, for a free VPN it is reliable enough, if you want an advanced, private, and stable VPN, we suggest checking out NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

To use this free VPN you need to download the browser from their website or apps store and sign-in. Setting up the VPN is easy and you can choose the free features that you want.

Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Opera, Chrome | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix & Youtube, Spotify | 24/7 support: No | Trial period: unlimited days free trial | Number of servers: 20 | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: Unknown | Maximum devices supported: 5 devices per free trial

TunnelBear is an easy to use free VPN that allows you to play Fortnite, it uses AES 256-bit encryption that shields your IP address. Though it really works to bypass or have better access for Fortnite, it only gives you 500mb data allocation per month. This data allocation seems very limited, 500mb does not let you enjoy the game for hours so you can opt to subscribe to premium VPNs that we listed above if you want unlimited data allocation.

TunnelBear is not compatible with routers, so even if the free version offers protection to 5 devices you cannot protect everyone that connects to your router. For PC gamers that seldomly play Fortnite, TunnelBear might come in handy since the 500mb data allocation only allows you to play the game for like 5-6 hours per month.

While this VPN is very limited, it offers some good security features that include malware blocking, Vigilant mode that protect you from sudden connection drops. But with mediocre data allowance and poor device compatibility, we recommend this VPN for seldom gamers.

Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Opera, Chrome | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Kodi | 24/7 support: No | Trial period: unlimited days free trial | Number of servers: 20 | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: Unknown | Maximum devices supported: 1 device per free trial

While free version only offers protection for 1 device at a time, it has pretty good router compatibility. This free VPN can be installed on DD-WRT compatible routers and it supports major protocols, which means you can protect all of your Fortnite gaming sessions with just one VPN. but here’s the catch, it has a limited data allocation of 2GB per month which is not bad for a free VPN. A 2GB data allocation can actually give you more or less 24 hours of gaming, a perfect free VPN for those who love to casually play Fortnite. is one of the trustworthy VPNs that even the free version gives you AES 256-bit encryption, IP leak protection, and an automatic kill switch. Additionally, the 24/7 technical support gives guidance even for free version users, a great feature for a free VPN should we say.

If you want to try this free version of you can download the app with the link given above, there are also paid plans that cover many more features. The paid plan offers premium protection as they have 1,800+ servers in 72 locations worldwide.

Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Opera, Chrome | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Kodi | 24/7 support: No | Trial period: 7 days free trial | Number of servers: 632 | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 44 | Maximum devices supported: 1 device per free trial

ProtonVPN is a premium service VPN that offers a 7-day free trial, so you don’t really need to spend a single cent to try this one. The free version of this VPN offers unlimited data allocation, simply means that even the free version users can play Fortnite 24/7! You can also use the free version to routers and protect everyone that connects to it, a pretty amazing free VPN but with limited days of usage. After the 7 day trial, you can’t use the free version but you can opt to continue your subscription or drop it.

The 7-day trial gives you access to 632 servers that are located in 44 countries, which is plenty of servers for a free version. You get AES 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch. But they limit the speed to encourage free users to upgrade to the premium version. It also does not support torrenting, but if you only play Fortnite then the speed limit won’t be an issue.

You can try for a 7 day trial on their website which is linked above, this is all risk-free. You can end your 7-day trial without spending a penny so it is worth a try. If you like the free version then you can opt to proceed for a premium version that offers more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Banned For Using VPN On Fortnite?

Epic games deploy an anti-cheat mechanism that detects the so-called prohibited purposes, they can terminate your account either temporarily or permanently without prior notice. Luckily, VPN is never mentioned as a violation of their game mechanics so it is safe to assume that using a VPN cannot get you banned.

Will A VPN Help In Gaming?

Using a VPN while gaming not just opens the restricted games but it also enhances your gaming experience since most premium VPNs have fast servers all around the world. Those servers allow you to connect to the nearest game server available so you can have a stable gamer server connection. It also decreases the network lag and game latency for the better gaming experience.


It is quite disappointing to be banned from Fortnite or experience some network issues caused by an unsecured network, while your gaming friends are enjoying the game without you. That is why you need a trustee and premium VPN that would enhance your gaming experience to get back into action.

Above are the best paid and free VPNs for Fortnite, it is up to you to choose from those best VPN for Fortnite listed above. Though we always recommend choosing a premium one which is not free, there are free VPNs that surely work but with limits or should we say that free VPNs are for trial only.

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