Best VPN For Final Fantasy XIV In 2023

Updated on January 7, 2023
Best VPN For Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the top massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) developed and published by Square Enix. The game takes place in the fictional land of Eorzea which the player must deal with the impending threat of invasion by the Garlean empire from the north.

These addictive games are played by millions of users from countries where accessing the game is not a problem, for some reasons there are countries that bans the said game for whatever reason. Lucky for you can still play Final Fantasy XIV wherever you are with the help of VPN, here are the best VPN for Final Fantasy XIV.

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Why Do You Need A VPN For Final Fantasy XIV

There are certain countries that restrict the game or there are places where the network does not allow you to play Final Fantasy XIV or any game, aside from the fact that you need a VPN if your country restricts the game to be able to gain access and be able to play Final Fantasy, it also increases your security while playing and securing yourself from hackers and any online attacks.

You can protect your account by using a VPN, it could also improve your in-game experience since it encrypts data and lets you connect to the best server. It means improved game-latency and low ping to give a better gaming experience free from lags and sudden connections drop.

If you are using a public network and it doesn’t let you play Final Fantasy XIV, a VPN is a pretty good idea to use too. It masks your activities so any network would assume you are just regularly browsing the net while in fast you are playing the game.

Will VPN Work For Final Fantasy XIV?

A VPN will only help you access restricted games including Final Fantasy XIV and to help keep you safe online, if you don’t have any problem playing Final Fantasy XIV then maybe you don’t need to use VPN but that makes you vulnerable from cyber attacks. A VPN will work for Final Fantasy in terms of bypassing any restrictions and keeping your game profile safe.

The question should be, what’s the best VPN for Final Fantasy XIV? There are 5 major VPN service providers on this list and all of them are commendable in terms of bypassing restrictions and providing top-notch security to keep you safe. But they differ in price and other features so we’ll let you decide what is the best VPN for FFXIV for you based on your budget and preference.

What Other Benefits When Using A VPN For Final Fantasy XIV?

Aside from the benefits of gaining access to FFXIV and increasing your security online, there are other benefits a VPN can offer. If you have any network issues and other problems related to the network, a VPN can help you encrypt your data to avoid a sudden spike in data transmission that could result in ISP throttling.

High game latency and lags while playing Final fantasy XIV or any other online games? VPN works wonders and lets you connect to the best server available for you to enjoy the game seamlessly. VPNs save you from any online threats and data breaches so you can say that while using a VPN for Final Fantasy XIV you are also securing your online activities, hackers and other players can easily access your local registry to steal your locally save game files or any important data they might find so VPNs acts as firewall enhancer to keep you secured.

Best VPNs For Final Fantasy XIV 2023



Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 3,000 | Server locations: 160 | Countries: 94 | Maximum devices supported: 5 for single subscription

For those who want to play Final Fantasy they need to bypass any geo-blocking restriction or just want to have a more seamless gaming experience. ExpressVPN provides a fast connection that doesn’t get you lags and high-latency thanks to its optimized 3,000+ servers that is located in 94 countries, making sure you get the best server for Final Fantasy XIV. ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable VPN connections in the market with 99.9% guaranteed uptime which makes this VPN best for gamers.

It uses a military-grade encryption that makes use of AES 256-bit encryption to make any data transfer completely unreadable to attackers, protecting your activities and account safe from hackers and keeping you safe from identity theft and fraud. There is also a kill switch that prevents any DNS leaks, there are instances where a VPN connections drops and could make you vulnerable from DNS leaks and could compromise your legit IP address, this is where the kill switch comes in handy as it prevents any data leaks while the connection is interrupted to keep you safe. So even if you are accessing Final Fantasy XIV from a restricted place, the traffic is automatically blocked by the kill switch so you won’t get detected.

You can get ExpressVPN with a 30-day money back guarantee offer, it lets you try the service and it’s up for you to decide if it improves your gaming and if not you can cut the subscription within 30 days and they will return your payment. They have 24/7 chat support in case there are troubles with VPN while playing Final Fantasy XIV, a single subscription lets you protect 5 devices simultaneously.



Work on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. It’s also compatible with routers | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Comedy Central, BBC | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 5,400+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 62 | Maximum devices supported: 6 for single subscription

For people who want to save for a long subscription, NordVPN offers a longer subscription that lets you save a few dollars and keeps you protected for a long period of time. NordVPN delivers a fast and secure server connection to gamers and other users, they have 5,400+ servers that are located in 62 countries around the world. This ensures that you’ll never run out of servers for every online game that you play like Final Fantasy XIV. This VPN is ideal for people who are looking for a general-purpose VPN that is fast and secure at the same time.

While you are playing Final Fantasy XIV or surfing the web, NordVPN ensures that you are heavily protected, they use military-grade encryption to keep your traffic safe. A kill switch that protects you from DNS leaks that could reveal your true IP address and sometimes can get you banned from the game, it also offers built-in malware and ad blocking features to keep you safe from phishing attacks and other malicious attacks. 

For those who want to test out NordVP’s service, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can use it for free for 30 days and discontinue the subscription if you don’t find it helpful at all. It lets you connect 6 devices simultaneously so you can safeguard all of your devices or share it with your gaming buddies. You could also use the application for VPN supported routers and protect everyone that connects to it, in case there are problems with the VPN they have 24/7 chat support that is there to solve your VPN problem.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Comedy Central, BBC | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 3,200 | Server locations: 52 | Countries: 46 | Maximum devices supported: 10 for single subscription

Developed by Kape Technologies, Private Internet Access VPN is simply one of the best VPN for Final Fantasy XIV. With a great collection of servers that is over 3,200 and located in 46 countries around the globe, you can safely say that there is a server for any games you like to play. With this number of servers you can have a peace of mind since you can always connect to the least crowded server for optimum connection.

This VPN can also help you bypass ISP throttling, the strict zero-logging privacy policy preserves your anonymity online. With military-grade encryption in place, you can stay safe while accessing any restricted content on your location. It also supports P2P and L2P for legacy users, making it ideal for torrenting. The kill switch gets you protected from sudden disconnection, keeping you safe. They also added an ad-tracker blocking tool that blocks those pesky ads plastered on websites, other ads may be harmless but others are clickbait for phishing sites and other fraudulent sites.

Setting up this VPN is pretty easy too, after installing the application on your devices you can choose your desired location in one click and voila you’re connected. You can now play Final Fantasy XIV and other online games more smoothly and stream sites without content restrictions, they don’t have a free trial but they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it after a month then they’ll refund your subscription, that is how confident they are for their VPN.



Work on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux | Streaming sites unblocked: Dedicated streaming profile with servers optimized for: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Comedy Central, Eurosport, ESPN, and others. | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 45-days money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 7,100+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 90+ | Maximum devices supported: 7 for single subscription

For those who are looking for a user-friendly VPN that is one of the best choices for playing FFXIV, CyberGhost is one of the best options. CyberGhost VPN has the most numbers of servers which even exceed ExpressVPN and NordVPN though it is not as geographically diverse as those two, these servers are in places which almost every game and other streaming sites are hosted so it lets you access any games and contents. This VPN can grant access to geo-restricted content and offers high-speed connection that lets you stream and play without a buffer.

This Romanian based VPN service is not EU regulated and is not in the jurisdiction of Eye agreement, making them one of the most trustworthy VPN service providers in the market. They don’t need to comply with any data from any government since they are outside its jurisdiction, also they don’t keep logs so there is no datas to be kept in the first place. They offer IP leak protection, kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption to give you the best service and keep you safe while playing Final Fantasy XIV.

If you want to try their service first before deciding to get a premium subscription, you can subscribe for a 45-day money back guarantee offer. Pay if you’re satisfied and leave with your money if you’re not. A single subscription can protect 7 devices simultaneously so you can play Final Fantasy while protecting your other devices, it also boasts a 24/7 chat support that takes care of problems for you.

SurfShark VPN

SurfShark VPN

Work on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, FireTV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox | Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, and others | 24/7 support: Yes | Trial period: 30-day money-back-guarantee | Number of servers: 1,700+ | Server locations: Unidentified | Countries: 63+ | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited devices for single subscription

SurfShark is one of the newest VPN service providers on this list but they are quickly gaining reputation as they are offering a reliable VPN service for a very budget-friendly price. And guess what? A single subscription can be used to unlimited devices! This is why they are quickly gaining popularity since they offer secure VPN for unlimited concurrent connections allowance. This means you can play Final Fantasy and use any of your device simultaneously without limit, keeping all of your owned devices safe.

When it comes to security, SurfShark uses powerful security features like 256-bit encryption, automatic ad-blocking and malware scanning, an automatic kill switch, split tunneling, and WebRTC, DNS and IPv6 leak protection. It also uses “Multi-Hop” features that route your internet traffic through two VPN servers for increased protection, all of these features and protection for a very reasonable price.

If you want to try SurShark VPN for Final Fantasy XIV, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee subscription, you can try this if you want to test the VPN before buying it. They have 24/7 chat support that will fix any problems with the VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A VPN Cause Lag In Final Fantasy XIV?

For those who are playing Final Fantasy XIV without issue the VPN is not necessary if you just want to bypass anything, but if you have issues with your network like ISP routing problems or ISP throttling then a VPN could be helpful. VPN does affect the latency and ping of the game based on your connection from the game server, that’s why choosing the best server for Final Fantasy XIV could help ease the lag and network problem. So the answer is, it depends on your VPN setting so make sure to set it correctly.

Does Using A VPN Get You Banned?

Using a VPN in the US and other countries is legal, so it does not get you banned from FInal Fantasy. The only thing that can get you banned is software that gets you boost from skills or any other in-game manipulation that can cause game imbalance and since VPN only helps you to access the game or to decrease the game-latency it is not considered malicious software. Thus, you can’t get banned from using VPN while playing Final Fantasy XIV.


Final Fantasy XIV is a very immersive role-playing game that is played by millions of players around the world, the game is so addictive that even players from countries that restrict the Final Fantasy XIV are desperate to access the game. This is why we listed you the best VPNs for Final Fantasy XIV to give you the freedom to play the game and be secured at the same time.

Play Final Fantasy XIV or other online games and access any blocked sites in your country by using these premium VPNs that we gathered just for you, feel free to share to you Final Fantasy XIV gaming buddy.

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