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Updated on January 14, 2023
best tablet for seniors

Everyone pays attention to their choices, and when it comes down to the best tablet for seniors, it’s important to even take even more precautions.

The reason for that is in order to match the needs seniors have, and also, nobody uses the tablet in the same way and for the same purpose. Therefore, it’s important to get the things right from the beginning.

If you’re looking for a perfect tablet for seniors, you’re in the right place. Because, in this post, you’ll find the list of the most suitable tablets for seniors. We’ve spent hours making the list, testing the tablets, and writing this review – so no matter which choice make, it’s impossible for it to be a bad choice.

Stay tuned, because, review of tablet for seniors post, you’ll find only the best tablets any senior would love to use, and the decision in general, will be a lot easier.

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Reviews of the Best Tablets for Seniors In 2023

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – Best Tablet For Seniors

Microsoft Surface Pro 6
The best tablet for elderly people is definitely Surface Pro 6 because of its versatility, different ways of use, and the performance which is combined very well with the thin and lightweight body. It might be on a pricier side, but it’s totally worth every penny.

What’s great about this tablet is that it can be used in 3 different ways. As a tablet, as a laptop, or in a studio mode suitable for on-table use.

It’s exactly what a senior would love to get from a tablet and it’s definitely the best tablet for elderly to use, in any mode.

Since Surface Pro 6 is really thin and ultra lightweight, it is one of the most portable tablets on the market.

Luckily, this tablet features both great and portable design in combination with a powerful performance.

This tablet is equipped with the latest configuration which makes it even more powerful and faster in every aspect, which is again, perfect for elderly people who don’t really like waiting or being slowed down.

Along with that, it eases eye strain and offers a fantastic resolution that adds up to the reasons of being the best tablet for seniors.

Recommended Configuration For Microsoft Surface Pro 6

CPU: Intel Core 8t-Gen i5| Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620| RAM: 8GB RAM | Screen: 10-inch PixelSense display| Storage: 128GB SSD| Operating System: Windows 10| Battery Life: up to 9 hours | Weight: 2.65 lbs

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite – Best Budget Pick For Seniors

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite
Being on a budget isn’t fun, but you’ll be more than happy to grab a deal on this tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite features is a very compact and affordable tablet that offers a decent performance which makes it the best affordable tablet for seniors. Definitely one of the best tablet computers for the elderly.

This tablet is one of the smallest and yet the most portable tablets featuring 7″ display. It’s a perfect option for a senior who’s looking for a compact tablet that can do everything a large tablet can.

Along with its portability, it’s the best affordable tablet for seniors which is a great deal.

The initial memory is only 8 GB, but it’s expandable up to 256 GB through a microSD card. It’s a great feature that will allow the elderly to store as many photos and memories they wish.

Even though Galaxy Tab E Lite is a very compact tablet, it is still as fast as any larger tablet. It offers a decent configuration that offers fast performance.

It’s also very easy to operate, making it ideal for seniors who aren’t tech-savvy, yet know how the stuff works a bit.

Recommended Configuration For Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

CPU: Quad-Core 1.3GHz| Graphics: Integrated GPU| RAM: 1GB RAM | Screen: 7-inch HD display| Storage: 8GB Flash Memory| Operating System: Android| Battery Life: up to 9 hours | Weight: 0.68 lbs

Samsung Galaxy View – Best Large Tablet For Seniors

Samsung Galaxy View
If you’re going after the biggest tablet out there, yet still don’t want to sacrifice the quality – Galaxy View is the right choice. It features super-large display, is equipped with powerful configuration, and is very easy to use considering its size. No doubt this is one of the best tablets for seniors and elderly person. We all know that tech devices for seniors can be complicated if you aren’t making sure to look for the tablet that’s really easy to use.

Even though this is a super-large tablet, 4G LTE capability allows seniors to take it with them anywhere, and still have the internet connection which is very useful.

If you’re going to use this tablet for entertainment and watching movies and shows, you couldn’t find a better tablet. Its 17.3″ display is larger than most laptops nowadays.

Since you can take this tablet anywhere with you, a long-lasting battery life of up to 8 hours is a very decent amount of time you can spend away from a charger. Therefore, its portability has increased drastically.

Recommended Configuration For Samsung Galaxy View

CPU: Octa-Core 1.6GHz| Graphics: Samsung Exynos 7| RAM: 3GB RAM | Screen: 17.3-inch HD IPS display| Storage: 64GB Flash Memory| Operating System: Android| Battery Life: up to 8 hours | Weight: 0.68 lbs

iPad Mini 4 – Easy To Use Tablet For Seniors

Apple iPad Mini
The easiest tablet to use for seniors is definitely iPad Mini 4 due to its smooth and easy-to-learn operating system, but also its size. It’s a powerful mini tablet that takes only minutes to learn how to use it.

Retina display is one of the most beautiful displays when it comes to technology. It’s very bright, colors are vivid and other than the quality, your eyes will never get tired – which is really important.

The reason this is one of the easiest tablets to use is Apple’s smooth iOS operating system that is easy to learn, and yet even easier to use once you get used to it.

For the best FaceTime and Skype experience, you will benefit from not one, but two HD cameras that give a crystally clear image at front and rear.

Recommended Configuration For Samsung Galaxy View

CPU: A8 Chip| Graphics: 64-bit Architecture Graphics Processor| RAM: 2GB RAM | Screen: 7.9-inch Retina display| Storage: 128GB SSD| Operating System: iOS| Battery Life: up to 10 hours | Weight: 0.65 lbs

Apple iPad – Best iPad For Seniors

Apple iPad
For the best entertainment experience, seniors will love the Apple iPad which is very convenient to use, is easy on eyes, has dual speakers that have a great audio quality, and yet is super-quick & can handle anything you throw on it.

The security is stronger than ever, and if you’re worried about your information and data, the fingerprint sensor will keep your stuff safe even if you lose the tablet or get it stolen.

With the revolutionary Retina display, you get the best entertainment experience possible, whether you’re watching a video, a movie, or just reading a book. It’s really stunning and is easy on the eyes.

With the latest A10 Fusion chip, Apple has taken the performance of tablets to another level. Therefore, you can play the latest games, multitask without anything slowing you down, and enjoy the tablet to the fullest without any lag.

Recommended Configuration For Apple iPad

CPU: A10 Fusion Chip| Graphics: A10 Fusion Graphics Processor| RAM: 4GB RAM | Screen: 10.2-inch Retina display| Storage: 32GB SSD| Operating System: iOS| Battery Life: up to 10 hours | Weight: 1.1 lbs

Kindle Oasis E-Reader – Reading Pick For Seniors

Kindle Oasis E-Reader
If your main purpose for a tablet is to read eBooks and be able to carry as many books as you wish with you, Oasis E-reader is the best one out there. It’s waterproof, very durable, and is ergonomically shaped to fit well in a hand. Along with that, it has an anti-glare feature so you can read even under the brightest sun.

Oasis is the most modern E-reader from Kindle lineup of tablets, and now you can take it absolutely anywhere, even in a pool to read your favorite book thanks to the IPX8 rating protection. The tablet’s design is sealed so it’s made waterproof.

Therefore, this makes it one of the best E-readers to buy for seniors, since most of the accidents are prevented.

This tablet is made for reading which ergonomic design suggests too. You will feel comfortable even after hours of holding the tablet in hand thanks to the design which is made to fit well in a hand.

Reading even under the brightest sunlight is not going to be a problem. This tablet features a paper-like display that is going to make you wonder is it really a paper or just a screen.

Recommended Configuration For Kindle Oasis E-Reader

CPU: Dual-Core 1GHz| Graphics: Integrated Graphics| RAM: 512MB RAM | Screen: 7-inch Paper-like display| Storage: 32GB ROM| Operating System: Fire OS| Battery Life: up to 7 days| Weight: 0.35 lbs

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – For Internet Browsing

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
If you’re looking for the quickest and fastest performance, which includes internet browsing, the best bet is the Galaxy Tab S4. It features powerful configuration, amazing display, and even comes together with a Stylus pen.

Samsung’s AMOLED display offers a crisp clear image that is bright, features vivid colors, and has a great contrast ratio. Watching movies, entertaining yourself, or simply reading a book is heaven for your eyes with this tablet.

No doubt that this is also might be the best Android tablet for the elderly.

S-Pen comes included with Galaxy Tab S4 to improve the performance, and even enhance the users with a drawing talent. If you additionally purchase the keyboard, you could turn this tablet into a compact laptop.

Even when you’re away from the tablet, you can still control it and use it with the help of your voice, thanks to the virtual assistant. Ask questions, set notes, or even do the shopping list.

Recommended Configuration For Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

CPU: Octa-Core 2.3GHz| Graphics: Adreno 540| RAM: 4GB RAM | Screen: 10.5-inch AMOLED display| Storage: 64GB ROM| Operating System: Android| Battery Life: up to 10 hours| Weight: 1.06 lbs

Amazon Fire HD 8 – Most Compact Tablet For Seniors

Amazon Fire HD 8
If you’re looking for one of the most compact and at the same time durable tablets – Fire HD 8 is the right choice. It’s going to keep you connected to all your apps, books, and other resources in the most simple way – no matter where you are.

Since Fire HD 8 is made by Amazon, you get amazing access to millions of movies, books, videos, TV shows, apps, and much more. It’s a world full of entertainment on a go with this compact tablet.

For the best hands-free experience, Fire HD 8 tablet comes with Alexa virtual assistant integrated, so you can schedule your calendar, play movies, or set a to-do list simply by using your voice.

When you aren’t using the tablet, you can use a show mode and set it on a visible place, so you can take advantage of the tablet itself. It will project time, forecast, and any other information, visible across the room.

This is the best small tablet for seniors too, and the ability to use it in a show mode is just fantastic, considering the size.

Recommended Configuration For Fire HD 8

CPU: Quad-Core 1.3GHz| Graphics: Integrated Graphics| RAM: 1GB RAM | Screen: 8-inch HD display| Storage: 32GB ROM| Operating System: Fire OS| Battery Life: up to 10 hours| Weight: 0.78 lbs

Lenovo Tab M10 – For Video Calling

Lenovo Tab M10
Being away with your parents is sad and lonesome, buying a tablet for them to be able to connect is a good idea. We recommend Lenovo Tab M10 that has a high-quality camera so you won’t miss a moment.

When buying a tablet for your elderly, consider picking something that has a high-quality camera so that you won’t miss any moment especially if your away from them. 

The Lenovo Tab M10 is compactly designed and has great power, inside a sleek looking tablet is a powerful Octa-Core and 2GB of RAM to take on anything you throw at it. While the 32GB storage makes sure you can save files or media files for offline viewing.

It looks so premium with a metal black cover and slim narrow bezels, any senior could enjoy watching movies with its 10.3 FHD display.

And if you want to hand it to your kids, this tablet has Kid’s Mode that has dedicated contents for kids and parental control.

Surely a great value tablet for everyday use and to stay connected with your loved ones.

Recommended Configuration For Lenovo Tab M10

CPU: MediaTek Heilo Core M10| Graphics: Integrated Graphics| RAM: 2GB RAM | Screen: 10.3-inch FHD Display with TDDI Technology| Storage: 32GB ROM| Operating System: Android| Battery Life: up to 7 hours| Weight: 1.5 lbs

Sony Experia Z4 – Waterproof Tablet

Sony Experia Z4
Some seniors are pretty clumsy so when buying a tablet for them consider something durable and waterproof to ensure the longevity of the device.

This durable yet lightweight tablet is perfect for seniors, it features a waterproof design which means spilling a drink or touching the screen with wet hands is not a problem.

This tablet is fully customizable so you can set it for easy use for seniors, though the keyboard is sold separately I doubt you need it for seniors use.

This table is powered by the Cortex A57 processor and 3GB of RAM so multitasking and other activities are viable on this device, you can also use this for video calling since the rear camera features 8MP which is decent enough for video calling.

The 2K display on the 10-inch screen size tab is perfect for watching movies, the 32GB internal can be stretch via micro SD card for up to 128GB. Perfect for storing large files or downloading movies from Netflix.

Recommended Configuration For Sony Experia Z4
CPU: Octa-Core Cortex A57| Graphics: Adreno 430| RAM: 3GB RAM | Screen: 10-inch 2K HD Display| Storage: 32GB ROM| Operating System: Android| Battery Life: up to 105 hours| Weight: 2.95 lbs

Picking The Best Tablets For Seniors 2023


Seniors require a reading tablet that is simple to use, yet has everything necessary to provide the best solutions possible.

Therefore, the right balance between features is really necessary to make it easier for our elders, yet make it efficient and productive.

Tablets that have a lot of features are fine, as long as those features are easy to use and are made to work together in a combination for the best results.

Screen resolutions and sizes

When you’re choosing the best reading tablet for seniors, you should keep in mind that you’re most likely looking for a tablet that comes with a decent resolution that will make operations and use very simple, even for seniors who have a not-so-great sight.

On the other hand, keeping in mind the size is really important so that the tablet is actually portable and that it can fit easily in their hands. If a senior decides to read an eBook, a larger screen is recommended, even though it’s not a must.

Wifi network

WiFi network is one of a few aspects of a tablet that are very important when it comes to seniors.

A wider range network is definitely a benefit to the seniors can even sit outside on the porch and still get an excellent WiFi connection that will help them browse the internet effortlessly.

Even though this wouldn’t usually be an important criterion you’re looking for in a tablet, it’s an important part of a tablet for seniors.


Seniors might not be the biggest tech savvies out there, and having a touchscreen that is very responsive and features multi-touch and gestures that make the use of a tablet easier will always be a great advantage to have.

Also, a touchscreen that can easily be cleaned and is also a durable one is the most ideal screen you can get. When it comes to the touchpad itself, a keyboard layout should be decently sized and be very responsive.


When you’re looking for a tablet that is suitable for seniors, the last thing you want to get is a tablet with bad battery life.

Seniors don’t like to be slowed down in any way, and a battery that drains very quick isn’t good at all, no matter what the intended use of the tablet is.

Tablet is a portable device and you should always aim for a battery life that combines well with the compactness and the whole purpose of a thin and portable tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a senior, do I need an E-reader or just a regular tablet?

If you’re looking only to read books, then E-reader is the perfect choice since they come with low glare, low power consumption, but don’t have speakers and can’t have apps installed. However, tablets are also great for reading books, yet can let you discover whole another world of options on a go. It depends solely on your needs.

What’s the perfect size for a senior?

This can be a tricky question and it depends mostly on the individual. Seniors would, in theory, benefit from larger screens, and from screens such as Retina or AMOLED that are easy on the eyes. However, they’ll also need a compact tablet that they can enjoy taking with them. Therefore, getting a display size which is somewhere in the middle of the range, that would be about 10″.

How Can I Make My iPad Easier For Seniors?

You can change the font sizes and icons on the setting to make it easier for them to read and navigate.

Open Settings.
Tap Display & Brightness.
Tap Text Size.
In the Text Size screen, drag the slider to the right to make the text larger.
Same goes for icons

What Is The Easiest Tablet For Seniors To Use?

Choose a tablet that has a simple operating system, like iOS devices and Android devices. For iOS, it is been known that its operating is simple enough to understand even for seniors, you just need to teach them the basics and they’re all set. 

While for Android, the operating system of Android is more complex but you can customize it to suits your needs, you have everything bigger for seniors to easy and you can arrange apps according to your preferences.

Should I Buy A Smartphone Or Tablet For A Senior?

Smartphones are little pricey than tablets and a little small for seniors, but if the senior can still see and understand cellphone then why not it’s more usable for communication and all.

Tablets are bigger and easier to use and cost less than cellphones, but mostly relies on Wi-Fi so you always need an internet connection to connect, but it is more friendly for seniors.

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