Best Laptops for Medical School Students 2020

Dario Lemut Updated on May 25, 2020
Best Laptop For Medical School Students

Let’s face it, medical school isn’t easy. But not having the best laptop for medical school to help you out with your studies and classes can make your schooling even harder.

College laptops are replacing notebooks, and you’ll need to equip yourself with a suitable laptop to help you out with your studies. However, you won’t have to waste your precious time finding the perfect laptop for yourself.

Because, you wouldn’t want to make your schooling any harder than it is, right?

That’s why, in this post, you will find some of the top laptops you can have to help you out through your medical school.

Best Laptops For Medical School In 2020

The Lineup At A Glance

Review Of Best Laptops For Medical Students In 2020

13.3″ MacBook Air – Top Apple Choice

Apple 13.3" MacBook Air

For someone who loves working on a go and always take their most valuable information with them, along with the power to deal with any tasks that come up – the latest redesigned MacBook Air is the perfect choice.

  • Touch ID
  • Stereo speakers
  • Upgraded light design
  • Retina display
  • Redesigned keyboard
  • Camera quality isn’t the best

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Sturdy Lightness

MacBook Air laptops have always been very popular and known as the lightest laptops available, and now, Apple has introduced a redesign to Air model which even improves everything this laptop stands for.

Apple describes it as a lightness that strikes again. It’s even lighter than ever before, yet features a better components and a lot more features. Also, it’s available in 3 different colors that go amazingly well with the sleek design of the Air.

The MacBook Air has new features integrated in the new design such as Touch ID, better Retina display, and even the latest-generation keyboard.

What’s even better yet, the complete iconic aluminum design has been created from a 100% recycled aluminum. This isn’t only the lightest MacBook ever made, but also the greenest one.

With an all day battery life and a solid performance, you will be able to take the new Air anywhere with you, without worrying about taking care of it. The MacBook Air takes care of itself very well.

Hardware specifications for 13.3” MacBook Air
ProcessorIntel Core i5, dual core, 1.6GHz (Turbo Boost – up to 3.6GHz)
Storage128GB SSD
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 617
Display13.3”, Retina display
Operating SystemMac OS X
Battery LifeUp to 12 hours
Weight2.75 lbs
Other featuresTouch ID

LG GramWith the Longest Battery

LG Gram

LG Gram is probably one of the best laptops with the longest lasting battery life ever. It easily beats any laptop within its price range, and even far more than that. It offers ultimate configuration setup that doesn’t drain the battery too quickly, so you can use this laptop almost anywhere for a full day.

  • Ultra-light
  • Very long-lasting battery
  • IPS touchscreen display
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
  • Ultra-fast
  • Speakers are located at the bottom

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Key features & details

Premium Performance

The newest version of LG Gram laptop comes with some serious updates, where the processor update definitely stands out.

It’s a laptop based on the performance which will give users the power and experience they look forward to in order to handle their everyday tasks everywhere they go.

LG Gram is packed with one of the latest Intel Core processors, dual-channel DDR4 memory, and even features two SSD drives.

You’ll never run out of space, while Windows 10 OS will make the front runs smoothly and that the components and everything LG offer is represented well.

After you lay your eyes on the full HD IPS display and take this laptop for a “test drive”, you won’t want to give it up for even a second.

Proven Durability & Portability

Even though this laptop is very well known for its ultimate performance and one of the longest lasting laptop batteries on the market – the fun doesn’t stop there.

The proven durability and portability gives users the chance to take Gram anywhere and enjoy doing what they love the most.

LG has taken this laptop through 7 industry-standard tests and this laptop has proven to be trustworthy in both performance and durability.

What we liked the most is the nano carbon magnesium full metal body that doesn’t only give a premium look and feel to this laptop, but it also gives it one of the toughest protection there exists.

Considering everything LG Gram features, this laptop is still incredibly lightweight (and even thin). Believe us, even if you work in your office – you’ll never stop looking for excuses to take Gram out of the office and do your work on the go.

Feature Packed

We love to think that the number of features LG included in Gram laptop is just a great addition to what makes this laptop a very powerful & versatile machine.

If you’re used to working in dark environments or throughout the night – you’ll love the updated backlit keyboard which is very quality made so you’ll never have to deal with bleeding key lighting ever again.

The touchpad supports up to four-finger multi-touch gestures so you’ll have an easier way to multi-task and even access anything on your laptop within a few seconds.

However, one of the greatest things we loved is the camera. Usually, laptops with very narrow bezels place the camera in awkward positions, but LG did not do that. They still managed to place the camera on top of the screen bezel which is just incredible.


Hardware specifications for LG Gram
Processor8th Gen, Intel Core i7-8565U
Storage2 x 512 GB SSD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 620
Display15.6”, Full HD IPS touchscreen display
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery LifeUp to 18.5 hours
Weight2.44 lbs
Other FeaturesFingerprint sensor, Thunderbolt 3

Acer Aspire 1 – Budget Pick For Medical School

Acer Aspire 1

When the money’s tight, we don’t think that there’s a better deal than Acer Aspire 1. It offers a very decent performance for the price, is very quality when it comes to the built, and it even comes with 1-year free Microsoft Office 365 package.

  • Sleek and stylish design for the price
  • Responsive touchpad
  • Decent performance
  • Long battery life
  • Price is very cheap
  • Doesn’t Have A CD/DVD Drive

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It’s usual for students not to have a lot of money to spend since the student expenses can get quite high. But that doesn’t mean medical students can’t find a decent laptop for the cheaper price.

Acer Aspire is a 14″ laptop with an HD display that is powered by Intel Celeron processor, a 4GB of RAM, and a 64GB of flash memory.

The specifications aren’t amazing, but for the price Acer Aspire 1 sells, this is really brilliant and just enough for the students. On top of that, one of the better things is that the battery life is up to 7 hours.

But you didn’t even hear the best thing yet!

Acer Aspire 1 comes with a Microsoft Office 365 package for one year! It’s perfect for students.

Hardware specifications for Acer Aspire 1
ProcessorIntel Celeron N5000 (up to 2.6GHz)
Storage64GB Flash Memory
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 600
Display14”, 1920 x 1080 pixels
Operating SystemWindows 10 S
Battery LifeUp to 6 hours
Weight3.64 lbs
Other featuresFull HD display, Microsoft Office 365

Asus VivoBook S – Best Overall Laptop

Asus VivoBook S

If you’re looking to do many hours of research, type a lot, follow the lectures with ease, work on presentations and different project while carrying it around – Asus VivoBook S is really offering the full package.

  • Compact performance
  • Very portable
  • Quality display
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Isn’t overpriced
  • On/off button is near delete button which is inconvenient

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When you aren’t looking to spend a lot, but aren’t limited to the budget – Asus VivoBook S has everything for the right price.

It’s very slim and lightweight which increases the portability.

But here’s the deal:

It’s equipped with the latest 8th generation of Intel i5 processor, has a full HD screen, 256 GB SSD, and even 8 GB of RAM. It’s really surprising how such powerful components fit inside the slim body of this laptop.

We really liked how it the battery holds up considering the fast speed it offers. Also, it’s full of USB ports so you won’t have to deal with any external gadgets.

Hardware specifications for Asus VivoBook S
ProcessorIntel Core i5-8550U, 8th generation (up to 4.0GHz)
Storage256GB SSD
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 620
Display15.6”, 1920 x 1080 pixels
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery LifeUp to 7 hours
Weight3.70 lbs
Other featuresFHD WideView display, Fingerprint sensor

Microsoft Surface Pro 62-in-1 Top Pick

Microsoft surface Pro 6

Medical school requires students to be versatile and there is no better way to do so than getting yourself a Microsoft Surface Pro 6. It’s a laptop that can be used in 3 different modes and is perfect for taking notes, doing homework, research, and a lot more thanks to its powerful configuration.

  • Highly versatile
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight design
  • All-day battery life
  • Can be paired with useful accessories
  • Powerful performance
  • Back of the laptop can get hot

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Key features & details

Ultra-Light & Versatile

Ultra-lightness and versatility is a dream of every medical school student, and if it’s your dream – you’ll be pleased to learn about Microsoft Surface Pro 6 design.

We love how this laptop can be used in 3 different modes and it takes only two seconds to revert it from a laptop position to tablet or studio position.

This makes it very simple to take it anywhere with you and do anything from work to entertainment and even some gaming on a go. Usually, we’ve found ourselves trying to adapt to laptops – but we believe this is the ultimate 2-in-1 laptop that adapts to you instead.

Therefore, we really think that with Microsoft Surface Pro 6, you get to use your laptop your way.

Power for Any Idea

Whatever your typical laptop use is, no matter for how many hours straight you use your laptop, whether you focus on tasks or take things on a creative way – Microsoft Surface Pro 6 has enough power to accommodate any type of task.

This laptop features a next-generation configuration and components that don’t only offer power but also speed no matter what it is you do.

Combine this with an all-day battery and you’ll never have to look for a perfect laptop to take to school with you.

And if you enjoy using a touchscreen, you’ll be able to take the full advantage of this laptop which won’t only help you do your work in a more efficient way, but you’ll be able to multi-task as you’ve never done it before!

Make it Your Own

Microsoft has created a lot of accessories for Surface Pro 6, and even though they have to be purchased additionally – you shouldn’t take this as a downside.

Believe us when we say that these additional accessories are worth every dollar they cost. Why? Because they allow you to take the full advantage of this laptop wherever you go.

It even makes things simpler when you’re in a hurry or studying in inconvenient places (which happens a lot to students).

The Signature type cover is a must-have accessory to take notes wherever you go. The keyboard is really decently sized and is very responsive, yet compact which makes typing on a go very easy.

However, investing a bit in Surface Arc Mouse or Surface Pen is never a bad idea.

And yes, the accessories are as versatile as the laptop is.


Hardware specifications for Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Processor8th Gen, Intel Core i5
Storage128 GB SSD
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 620 (S)
Display12.3”, PixelSense display
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery LifeUp to 13.5 hours
Weight4.57 lbs

How To Choose A Laptop For Medical School In 2020

Not every student requires the same laptop, and you being a medical school student, it’ll require you to have a specific laptop that will never let you down and yet will always be there for you in the most critical times.

You’ll most likely end up being some type of doctors, but believe us when we say that we’re “doctors” for laptops and we know exactly what you’re looking for.

Therefore, here are 4 most crucial things to look out for in your next laptop (and rest assured that laptops in this post offer these things).


You might be buried in Microsoft Office suite for most of the time, but you’ll definitely need the full power of the laptop to help you run some important software.

Therefore, going for at least Intel i5 processor of 7th or 8th Generation is the way to do. While the graphics card might not be so important for you, settling with Intel HD or UHD type of integrated graphics card will do just fine.

On the other hand, make sure to max out the RAMs and get a decent amount of SSD storage for the best work efficiency.

Versatility & Compactness

As a student, you’ll work on an actual desk the least of your time (and you probably know this by now). You’ll find yourself studying, taking notes, doing homework, and even some important work mostly on a go (from your dorm room, on a train, in the school library) and that’s why you need a laptop that will be comfortable wherever you use it.

If you have a look at any of the laptops introduced to you in this post, you’ll notice two things they have in common. They’re all very light and thin – and that’s something you should go for.

Ease of Use

Even if you get a laptop that has pretty powerful configuration and is versatile/compact, you’ll need it to be easy to use.

When we say easy to use, we mean on everything from its keyboard, trackpad, even software. You want to be comfortable with a laptop and get a laptop that will inspire you to do everything on it, rather than a laptop that will give you headaches.

It’s true, you’ll need to get used to mostly any new laptop you get, but laptops listed in this post are made with ultimate precision so you know you’ll never have a single problem using it.

Additional Features

Not every student will need the same features, and that’s why additional features which are sold separately are a great thing.

Surface Pro 6 is a great example of a laptop that has many accessories available to be purchased separately, and it’s up to you to decide which ones will you need the most.

For some students, it’s most likely going to be a mouse or maybe a pen, while other students will need a lot more than that.

Knowing what you need before purchasing a laptop will help you a lot along the way.


Being a student, you’re most likely looking for a laptop that will serve you for a purpose. Therefore, it’s really simple to choose the laptop once you know what will you use it for.

If you choose any of these laptops from the list, you won’t be wrong. But it’s important to choose the one that suits your style and offers everything you’ve been looking for.

Whether it’s the longest battery life or a 2-in-1 laptop that offers touch screen – the choice is yours. Whatever your choice of the best laptop for medical school is, stick with it and you’ll do great!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good medical school laptop?

You’ll want to get a laptop that is very reliable, starts up quickly, offers fast and smooth performance, and is lightweight and even thin so you can carry it wherever you need to go. Studying and doing school work on a go will be often as much as using your laptop in a class, so it has to be versatile.

The most important components for a medical school laptop?

Investing in a laptop that features a quality screen is definitely one of the most important components since you’ll be staring at your laptop for hours sometimes. Other than that, investing in a laptop with a great CPU and SSD will offer a decent performance worth your time.

Are additional accessories necessary?

Additional accessories aren’t necessary, but depending on your use of the laptop – they’re useful to have. Some of the most common accessories are a mouse, a mousepad, and a great pair of noise-canceling headphones.

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