Best Laptops for Law School Students In 2020

Dario Lemut Updated on May 7, 2020
best laptops for law school

The truth is that following the law lectures without a decent and fast laptop can be a true nightmare. On the other hand, finding the best laptop for law school on your own can be a hassle and time-consuming task.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Especially not for you, now that you’re here with us. If you’re a law majors student who’s looking for a new laptop that won’t let you down – you’re at the right place.

In this post, you will find a valuable buying guide along with the top 5 laptops for law school listed in different categories.

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner From Hours Of Research

Editor’s Choice

LG Gram

LG Gram

Why is it better?

  • All-day battery life
  • Big size yet compact weight
  • Versatile Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Powerful performance

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The Lineup At A Glance

Recommended Laptop Specs for Law school Students


Most law schools will require their students to rely on a laptop to keep up with their lessons and studies.

Therefore, a best laptop for law schools is the one you can easily take with you no matter what class you’re attending, and yet have it open at any desk in the school.

Portability is important because you don’t want to end up carrying a heavy laptop in a backpack, but versatility is as important.

You want to be able to have a compact laptop that will allow you to efficiently work and yet never require a big desk to work efficiently.


Since you will end up doing a lot of writing, you will require a quality keyboard that will allow you to type quickly, and most importantly – have high accuracy.

A keyboard that is made of quality material, offers a great feel to the fingertips without slipping, and doesn’t require a lot of effort to press the buttons is a keyboard you should be after.

Backlit keyboards are also a must-have for students who enjoy studying late up a night. It’s a very useful feature that is now integrated into most laptops and we highly recommend getting this feature.

Screen Quality

Since you will be staring at the screen for a long time and you will have to do a lot of reading – in order to be able to enjoy reading on your laptop, we believe that a high-quality display is important to have.

A decent screen based on an IPS display is recommended, but if the money is not an issue, going for a 2K or 4K display is definitely going to pay off.

Such displays will be very easy on the eyes and you won’t experience “computer headaches” and yet you will get to do your work efficiently.

But sometimes even an LCD will do well.

Reviews Of Best Laptops for Law School Students In 2020

1. LG Gram – With Longest Battery Life

LG Gram

Even though LG Gram is a quite large laptop with a 17″ screen, it’s a really lightweight laptop that features an amazing battery that can last an all day. As law students who don’t want to rely on the charger – you won’t even have to carry your charger with LG Gram.

  • All-day battery life
  • Increased mobility
  • Powerful performance
  • IPS display
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Speakers are average

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Key features & details

All-Day Battery

When the battery is a high concern for you, LG Gram is the way to go. It features an all-day battery (precisely can last up to 19.5 hours) that will get you through the day without ever thinking of charger again.

Thanks to modern technology, this 72Wh Lithium battery is the next great thing for any student who’s looking for unlimited mobility.

Powerful Combination

Even though this laptop is quite large (features 17” display size), it’s still quite thin and lightweight for its size. When we compared it with smaller laptops, LG could definitely compete with an Intel Core i7 processor and Intel HD Graphics 610.

Considering that this laptop has some high-end components, that’s what we exactly like to call a powerful combination where a student will get the best of both sides.

Finest Durability

This thin laptop is everything but not weak and you better not misunderstand it. It is made from a mil-std-810g which is a military standard durability material.

If you take care of your laptop, there is no small bump or accident that will destroy it or damage its looks.


Hardware specifications for LG Gram
Processor8th Generation, Intel Core i7-8565U (1.8 GHz)
Storage256GB SSD, 512GB SSD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 610
Display17”, 16:10 IPS display
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery LifeUp to 19.5 hours
Weight2.95 lbs
Other FeaturesFingerprint reader, Thunderbolt 3 port

2. 12″ MacBook 2017 – Best Macbook For Law School

12 inches MacBook 2017 8GB DDR4 Core m3

If you aren’t a big fan of Windows, yet are looking for a laptop that can handle both performances, and yet still be easy to take with you to any class – the latest MacBook laptop is the right laptop for law students. It’s pretty well optimized for students and it’s a better model than the Apple MacBook Air.

  • Powerful performance
  • Decent battery life
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Retina display
  • Fanless architecture
  • Pretty versatile and compact
  • Only one USB-C port

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When you are looking for a combination of performance and lightweight & sleek design, MacBook laptop is the right choice. It’s a laptop that combines both air and pro models, focusing on both performance and portability.

Retina display is going to make reading easy on your eyes, and the powerful specifications powered by the latest Mac OS X will speed up any task you’re performing.

It features the Intel Core M3 processor with a Turbo boost feature, 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 615, and a 256 GB SSD. Such specifications are pointing to speed and performance.

Combine it with the sleek, thin, and lightweight body, you get a perfect laptop for law major. If your budget is tight, just consider Apple MacBook Air as an alternative. MacBook Air is less powerful but durable and long battery life are its pros. In case you can invest more for a laptop, Macbook Pro 13.3-inch will be suitable for law students.


Hardware specifications for 12” MacBook 2017
ProcessorIntel Core m3, (up to 3.0GHz)
Storage256GB SSD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 615
Display12”, 2304 x 1440 pixels
Operating SystemMac OS X
Battery LifeUp to 12 hours
Weight3.4 lbs
Other FeaturesSleek and thin design, second-generation butterfly keyboard mechanism

3. HP 2018 Model – Best Cheap Law School Pick

HP 2018 Model 1 for law school 4GB DDR4

This laptop comes with everything necessary to keep you up to date with your work and studies. It might not offer the decent performance, but considering the price, it offers all you need. It might be upgradeable as well if you have some technical knowledge.

  • A lot of ports
  • Responsive touchpad
  • Decent performance
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Very cheap price
  • Lightweight design and durability
  • Only comes in one (red) color

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Students are often limited by a budget, and it creates problems. But with us, you won’t have a problem getting a decent laptop for cheap.

HP 2018 is the latest model offered by HP. It offers a 15.6″ full HD display, Intel Pentium N3540 processor, 4GB of RAM, Intel HD Graphics card, and a 500GB HDD.

You might not get some of the best specifications, but considering the price, this laptop offers a decent value for the price it costs.

But here’s the crazy part.

HP 2018 model laptop has 3-cell lithium battery featured which offers a long lasting battery life. It’s perfect for students that are looking to take the laptop to classes.

Can you guess what we liked about it?

It’s the Windows 10 Professional that comes together with the laptop for the price. It adds up incredible value.


Hardware specifications for HP 2018 Model
ProcessorIntel Pentium N3540, (up to 2.66GHz)
Storage500GB HDD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
Display15.6” full HD, 1366 x 768 pixels
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery LifeUp to 7 hours
Weight5 lbs
Other featuresRed color, a lot of ports

4. HP X360 – 2 In 1 Top Pick Laptop For Law Students

HP X360 i5 processors 8GB

When you’re looking for a quick laptop that you won’t even feel in your backpack, HP X360 is one of the top 2-in-1 laptops you could get. And the price is really reasonable which makes this even a better deal.

  • HP pen is included
  • Powerful performance
  • Amazing display
  • Great sound
  • A lot of ports
  • Long lasting battery
  • Affordable price
  • The keyboard isn’t detachable

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2 in 1 laptops are very versatile and are a best choice for students who are looking to combine both performance and versatility.

HP X360 is one of the best 2 in 1 laptops on the market that offers an amazing experience through both speed and compactness.

Here’s the deal.

It offers the 360-degree flip and fold design which works really well with a decent IPS screen size of 15.6″.

Edge-to-edge design makes it really comfortable to work on it for hours, and the touchscreen is just a bonus that makes work enjoyable.

But guess what?

Inside such a thin body, HP has placed some of great components you can find on the market. That’s incredible, and it might sound too good to be true, but it’s really worth the price! It features 7th generation of Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon 530 graphics card, and a 128GB SSD.


Hardware specifications for HP X360
ProcessorIntel Core i5 processor -7200U, (up to 3.1GHz)
Storage128GB SSD
GraphicsAMD Radeon 530
Display15.6” full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixels
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Battery LifeUp to 8 hours
Weight4.72 lbs
Other featuresDedicated graphics card, 360-degree flip and fold

5. Huawei MateBook X Pro – Best Lightweight Choice

Huawei MateBook X Pro i7 processors 16 GB

If you’re all about the portability and versatility, and you hate carrying a heavy laptop everywhere you go – look no further than Huawei MateBook X Pro – one of the lightest laptops on the market. Other than being the lightest laptop, it’s packed with very powerful components and an amazing display.

  • One of the lightest laptops
  • Powerful components inside
  • 3K touchscreen display
  • One-touch power button
  • Increased security
  • Touchpad is average
  • Battery charges slowly

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Key features & details

Incredible Screen

Huawei MateBook X Pro features a unique 13.9” screen size which is backed up with a 3K touchscreen display that doesn’t only reach high resolutions but offers 91% screen-to-body ratio.

Very narrow bezel helps this laptop end up a perfect solution for a home theater, additionally thanks to 1500:1 contrast ratio and 260 PPI.

Light as a Feather

If carrying a laptop in your bag all day seemed like a hassle, try carrying MateBook X Pro and you’ll even forget that you’re carrying a laptop in your backpack. Yes, it’s that light. In fact, it’s almost one of the lightest laptops on the market so far.

Light on the outside, powerful on the inside with the 8th Generation, Intel Core i7 processor – 8550U and NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card – it has everything you need to power through your college.

One Touch Security

As security is very important to every law student, MateBook X Pro enables users to power on the laptop and do anything from logging in to making a purchase with a one-touch feature.

It features a fingerprint scanner that saves you time logging in, typing in your passwords, or approving a purchase.


Hardware specifications for Huawei MateBook X Pro
Processor8th Generation, Intel Core i7-8550U, 1.8 GHz
Storage512 GB SSD
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce MX150
Display13.9”, FullView 3K IPS touchscreen display
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery LifeUp to 12 hours
Weight2.93 lbs
Other FeaturesDolby Atmos sound system, one-touch fingerprint feature

6. Asus ZenBook 13 – Best From Asus For Lawyers

Asus zenbook 13

If you mainly decide to pick the lightest, thinnest laptop for easy carrying, Asus ZenBook 13 absolutely should be your choice. As its design brings you a professional outlook that every lawyer want.

  • Good battery life
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Fast fingerprint sensor
  • Good Touch screen
  • Not VR-Ready
  • Normal hard drive

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Key features & details


Asus ZenBook 13 is the combination of the 8th generation Intel i5-8250U (1.6 to 3.4 GHz), RAM 8GB DDR3 RAM, storage 256 GB SSD, graphics GeForce MX150. It’s easy to deals with a range of assignments from college tasks to even gaming when students need to relax.

Lightweigt and long battery

Buyers constantly mention the responsive trackpad and unbelievably light design of the ZenBook 13 when reviewing their purchase When doing lighter tasks, like surfing the internet, college assignments, It gets about 7-9 hours. Definitely fine not taking the charger.

Touch screen

Built-in fingerprint sensor with one-touch login via Windows Hello feature. Some buyers comment that they even don’t expect to have a touch screen but it does. Surfing to read law documents with this touch screen become amazing than ever.


Hardware specifications for Huawei MateBook X Pro
Processor3.4 GHz Intel Core i5
Storage256GB SSD
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce MX150
Display13.3 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Battery Life50 Watt Hrs, 4S1P, 4-cell Li-ion
Weight2.47 pounds
Other Features3 USB 3.0 Ports

7. Dell XPS 15 9575 – Best 2 in 1 Pick

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 9575

Are you in love with the 2-in-1 hybrid design but want to get a decent configuration as well? This laptop should easily be your top pick for the best laptop for those who work in law field!

  • Extremely high-end configuration
  • Plenty of storage space
  • All-day long battery life
  • Quite Expensive
  • New keyboard layout

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Key features & details


Dell XPS 15 9575 comes with the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, a full 16GB DDR4 RAM of memory, and plenty of 512GB SSD (solid-state drive) for storing document which is really necessary for lawyer and law students.

Very long battery

Lawyers or even students are those who work in courts, lawyer’s offices, colleges or meet customers every day. Thus, they usually work under an unchargeable condition. Dell XPS 15 provides 15 hours battery that they actually need.


Hardware specifications for Dell XPS 15 9575
Processor8th Gen Intel Core i7-8705G Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.1 GHz)
Storage512GB SSD
GraphicsRadeon RX Vega M (4GB)
Display15.6-Inch FHD Infinity Edge Anti-Reflective Touch Display, 1920 x 1080 Pixels Resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64 Bit
Battery Life15 hours
Weight4.36 lbs
Other FeaturesHD webcam with 4 array digital microphones

Picking The Best Laptops For Law School Students

Form / Design

As a lawyer in a law field, you’ll need a laptop that is, other than being decent in performance, is versatile in size, shape, design, and form.

You’ll want a laptop that isn’t going to make your neck and back hurt throughout the day as you’re most likely going to be carrying your laptop with you in the class.

Luckily for you, modern laptops and technology introduce very thin and lightweight laptops which are still powerful enough to power you through your daily tasks.

It’s exactly what you should be looking for as it combines versatility and portability in a laptop that will be able to handle all your tasks and needs throughout the day.

Therefore, you can consider form & design to be a part of the reliability of the laptop you’ll use for your need. And you only want to have the most reliable device.


You’ll be typing for quite a lot of time, when you’re at home, at class, or any other place – you’ll need to use the keyboard for either creating presentations, working on projects, writing essays, and basically writing anything else which is required by your need.

Making sure you end up using a laptop with a keyboard that won’t give you a headache is important. You want a keyboard that offers decently sized keys that are made of great material, and most importantly, feature a great key travel.

You don’t want the keys to be too soft but neither too hard. There’s a great balance in between and that’s what you should be looking for.

Most laptops nowadays come with a backlit keyboard feature and we highly recommend you get a laptop with the following feature. It’s going to make typing in the dark rooms and environments a lot easier.

Battery life

You most likely have a academic schedule but you’re most likely never be able to be sure when will you have the time to charge your laptop. If you have to charge a laptop throughout a day, that’s bad because you’d need a laptop that comes with a better battery.

Charging your laptops two times or more throughout a day is even worse and you should stay away from it. Ideally, a laptop that comes with a powerful battery that can hold a charge for quite a long time is crucial.

Since you won’t be dealing with any hard-processing tasks, the laptop’s battery will be able to last for quite a long. If you aren’t on a budget, getting a laptop that comes with an all-day battery is your an ideal thing you should do.

However, a battery that can last at least 6-7 hours is a great choice.


Files and documents don’t take up a lot of space but believe us, they’ll quickly add up for law students and the last thing you want to experience is lack of space.

While the speed of the storage drive isn’t as crucial or important, we highly recommend you to go with SSD since it will be able to store your files faster and whenever you copy & paste files – it’ll do it in lightning speed. However, relying on the fastest RPM’s HDD hard drive isn’t a bad idea either, especially if you’re on a budget.

What’s important is to get the right amount of storage space which will last you for long without having to use a secondary external storage drive. If you’re going to use your laptop for both learning and entertainment – we recommend you get twice as much space!

Fingerprint ID

Fingerprint ID is a very unique feature that we see very often in the newest laptops. It’s not a necessary feature to have, but it’s something we highly recommend.

As law students, you’ll be working on a number of different things, and the closer you are to graduation – the better cases you will be working on. Therefore, having a fingerprint ID is going to increase the security of your laptop drastically and if you never want to rely on your passwords ever again – this is the solution you should look into.

Not only you won’t have to use a password to log into your operating system, but making anything from purchases online to logging into campus sites and social media – you’ll never have to type anything. That’s pretty useful when you’re in school, surrounded by people and wouldn’t rather type in your password. This is crucial when you use public Wi-Fi’s too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best laptop size for Law School?

The best laptop size will depend on how much work do you handle and whether the screen size is important for you, other than the compactness.
We would recommend sticking with the laptop of size anywhere between 11″ to 15″. Anything larger than 15″ will have an impact on the portability, weight, and even different cooling systems.

Can I go With the HDD Instead of SSD drive?

You definitely can go with the HDD instead of SSD, especially when you’re getting a laptop on a budget. However, if you aren’t on a very tight budget, we’d recommend to always go for the SSD when you get a chance. It offers up to 4 or 5 times better speed and it’s something you don’t want to sacrifice, no matter the difference in price.

Is 4GB of RAM enough?

4 GB is okay for lightweight users, but as law students, you’ll be working on a lot of documents and will require a few software open at the same time, sometimes.
We recommend getting at least 6 GB of RAM so you’re on the safe side and you never experience lack of speed and slow performance due to the lack of RAM.


Choosing the best laptop for law school can be a bit difficult, especially if you aren’t familiar with some of the latest laptops in this year.

However, in this post, you can find everything you need to get the best laptop that will offer great experience, yet won’t break your bank.

If you choose any of these laptops, you won’t go wrong, but just make sure you choose the one you might find the best fit for your needs.

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