The Best Hidden Cameras for Fall of 2022: What You Need to Know

Updated on July 25, 2022
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Why Hidden Cameras?

We at have compiled a list of the best hidden cameras on the market because there are many different reasons to take advantage of the unique designs and jaw-dropping technology that can be found in today’s hidden cameras. In this article you will find hidden cameras that work best indoors and some that work best outdoors. You will find some that look like everyday items and others that you can wear on your body. You will find some that work in your vehicle and others that are so tiny that they can be used pretty much any way that you prefer.

Our thorough research and reviews have taken all of the guesswork out for you so that you can easily make the smartest buying choice possible based on your particular situation.

Our Recommendations for Best Hidden Cameras December 2022

Reviews for Best Hidden Cameras December 2022

Best Indoor Hidden Cameras

EatasCam Mini Spy Camera

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The EatasCam Mini Spy Camera has many great features that make it one of the top choices for a hidden security cam. Firstly, the 1080p filming capabilities make identifying anyone an easy task – even at night, thanks to the night vision feature. You can access the footage from your own SD card, or view live footage from your phone.

  • It’s small, hard to notice from a distance, and won’t be seen unless the individual is looking for it.
  • It has a long battery life, and you won’t have to worry about it running out when you need it the most.
  • It’s easy to remove, or rotate, making it useless if it’s been spotted.

Best Outdoor Hidden Cameras

Arlo Doorbell Security Camera

Arlo Doorbell Security Camera
A camera that looks and functions like a doorbell.

A camera in the shape of a doorbell is useful for many reasons, especially when it shares all the same functionality as a regular doorbell on top. You can set this camera up to call your mobile when someone uses the doorbell, allowing you to see who is on the other side. It’s fitted with a motion sensor, and night vision – so you’ll never be unaware who’s outside your door at any time of the day.

  • It’s discreet and looks like a doorbell. The video is also in HD, meaning you won’t have to deal with an unclear picture.
  • It’s wired, meaning that you won’t ever have to worry about it running out of battery – even when you’re away from home.
  • It’s easy to spot if others are aware of the design already. 

Bosch Smart Home Eyes

Bosch Smart Host Eyes
A camera installed into an outdoor light - perfect for night recording.

The Bosch Smart Home Eyes camera is the perfect installation for the walls around your house and can double as a lighting fixture. The light functions with the motion sensors installed in the camera and can be adapted to ignore your pets or other moving parts.

  • It’s a camera that works as an outside light too. It’s not intrusive to look at, and can easily be mistaken as a simple light from a distance.
  • It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa, making it convenient for smart homes.
  • It’s not hidden away and can be recognized as a camera up-close.

Best Hidden Cameras in Everyday Objects

Amyway Hidden Pen Camera

Amyway Hidden Pen Camera
A functioning pen with a hidden, battery-powered camera.

There’s nothing more discreet than a pen, and it’s easily overlooked, whether you’re using it or leaving it around for surveillance.

This hidden pen camera comes with a 1080P camera, 32GB of memory, and can record video and audio. It’s the perfect camera if you need to take hidden recordings in places where you need to be discreet.

  • It has a large amount of storage, making it possible to record long videos.
  • A high-quality camera means you can take clear recordings, even with such a small device.
  • It’s battery-powered, making the time you’re able to record limited – you’ll have to keep an eye on how long you record for.

WEMLB Hidden Alarm Clock Camera

Temporarily unavailable

The WEMLB Hidden Alarm Clock Camera is a camera hidden inside a generic-looking alarm clock. If you’re looking to record footage around the house, or need to keep an eye on someone when you’re not home – this is the perfect installation.

It’s fitted with a 145 degrees angle camera, has WIFI access, and can record in 1080p, even at night!

  • It looks identical to a digital clock, and it’s not something that could be noticed – even upon inspection.
  • It’s not hidden and would have to be placed somewhere that makes sense for it to be effectively secret.

DivineEagle Spy Camera Charger

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A lot of modern households feature USB charging stations, making this a great disguise for a camera. If you’re worried about what others are doing in your home while you’re away, this discreet installation can put your mind at peace.

You have a 1080p resolution camera hidden inside, with motion detectors and loop recording. You will receive notifications on your phone when the motion detectors pick up movement.

  • It’s a well-disguised camera, and can easily be mistaken for a USB charger.
  • It has to be placed near an outlet if you want the disguise to be effective.

Best Hidden Cameras For Vehicles

Petzio Dash Cam

Temporarily unavailable

Whether you’re on the road or leaving your car for the night, a hidden camera can benefit you greatly. The Petzio Dash Cam provides Full HD recording capabilities, night vision, and a large 170 degrees wide-angle field of view.

  • You can switch out the SD card, making the storage size something you can pick.
  • It can prove your point of view in traffic disputes.
  • It keeps your car safe from intruders.
  • It’s not invisible and can be found if someone was looking for it.

Best Hidden Cameras For Body

BOBLOV Body Camera

BOBLOV Body Camera
A camera that clips securely onto your body.

The BOBLOB Body Camera is a tiny camera that you can put securely on your person, making it easy to use in most situations. It has motion detectors and can record in Full 1080p HD. It’s very light and can record until the memory card is full.

  • It has a clip, making it easy to keep in place and secure.
  • It stores the recordings on an SD card, meaning that you can replace or update the memory as you see fit.
  • It’s not passed as another object and will be noticed if you wear it too obviously.

Hereta Spy Camera Glasses

Hereta Glasses with Hidden Camera
Glasses with an unnoticeable camera installed.

The Hereta Spy Camera Glasses make the perfect tool for taking secret recordings. You can ensure that your camera is pointing exactly where you want it to be, as it will record everything that is in your field of view. They feature a 1080p Camera and are able to take recordings and pictures.

  • A sensitive microphone makes it easy to record audio.
  • Having a camera fitted on your face makes it easier to record exactly what you want to.
  • They can take high-quality images.
  • You need to wear them, making them non-discreet if you’re not usually someone who wears glasses.

Smallest Hidden Cameras

Facamword Mini Spy Camera

Facamword Mini Spy Camera
A miniature unnoticeable camera that you can carry on you.

If you’re looking for a very small camera to record surveillance in any scenario, the Facamword Mini Spy Cam is a great choice for you. It takes SD cards as storage and records in 1080p. It can also be connected remotely via your phone or digital devices.

  • It’s very small and discreet and can be used in a large number of scenarios.
  • It won’t be noticed at all and could be placed in your house or on the body.
  • It’s battery-powered and you will need to monitor your usage.


What are hidden cameras used for?

Hidden cameras can be used for a number of reasons. Mainly, if you’re concerned about your privacy or property being endangered, hidden cameras can be used to monitor your belongings, and identify anyone who intrudes on your property.

Are hidden cameras legal?

It depends on the situation. If you intend to have cameras in your own private space, you do not need the consent of others to record.

How can I hide a hidden camera?

You have many options when it comes to hiding your cameras. You don’t want them to be identified, but you want them to have an effective view of your room. Making sure it’s not somewhere out of place is a good start. If you have a disguised camera, putting it somewhere it doesn’t belong will make it stand out.

Do hidden cameras need WiFi?

Not all hidden cameras need WiFi, but there are some that require WiFi access if you want to access them online. Can see what they see through your phone or tablet if they have that feature included.

How long do hidden cameras record?

A lot of the time, the recording time is up to the user, otherwise, they will record until the storage space is full.

Do hidden cameras make noise?

No, hidden cameras do not make noise, as that would make them ineffective. Just like a normal camera, they are completely silent when recording.

How can I detect a hidden camera?

Some hidden cameras are too discreet to detect, but you can sometimes see a lens in devices, much like the lens on a phone – which can be a giveaway.


In conclusion, there are many different reasons to explore and utilize the best hidden cameras on the market. From home security to keeping an eye on your pets and everything in-between, hidden cameras can play a vital role in your safety and peace of mind. Hopefully our reviews and recommendations of the best hidden cameras will help you to make the purchase that makes the most sense for you and your unique situation.

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