Best Large Screen (17 Inch) Laptops [2019 ] With Budget & Gaming Picks

Whether you use your computer for work or play, a desktop machine connected to a wall outlet isn’t always an ideal solution. An easy solution for that will be to find a large screen (17 inch) laptop. With that said, let’s dive in our best 17 inch laptop this year!

Picking The Best 17.3 Inch Laptop

When you know that you want a specific size notebook computer, you can drill down to other hardware specs and find your perfect match in a sea of options.

Keep in mind that all of these contenders usually weigh more than the typical 13 – 15 inch machine. That being said, there are still thin and light options available if you don’t want to lug around a heavy machine all day.

Beyond the size and weight, your main deciding factors should concern the graphics card and number of ports.

If you intend to use your laptop for heavy duty gaming, don’t ever skimp on the dedicated graphics card. For business and home usage, you can skip that feature and go with integrated Intel graphics.

Larger laptops mean more room for extra ports, so be sure to check what options are available in each model. Some may lack HDMI ports for connecting to external displays, while others will include the DVD-RW feature.

Ready to get started? Let’s take a look at what 17 inch models are available for every budget and every type of user!

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner From Hours Of Research

Editor’s Choice

MSI GT75 Titan

MSI GT75 Titan

Why is it better?

Although we’ve found five excellent picks at this size, there are two 17.3 inch models in particular to look at, depending on how you intend to use your computer.

For the gaming crowd, there just simply isn’t a better 17 inch machine right now than the MSI GT75 Titan. If you demand the best graphical presentation, that should be your pick.

Want something thinner, lighter, and more oriented towards business? The Asus VivBook should instead be your top choice.

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The Lineup At A Glance

The Contenders For Best 17 Inch Laptop

1. 2018 Lenovo 330 – Best Budget Pick Under $500

2018 Lenovo 330
  • 8th gen processor
  • Plenty of ports
  • Optical drive included
  • No solid state drive
  • No dedicated graphics card
  • No touch screen

Looking for a solid entry level 17 inch laptop with decent specs at a very low price? This should be your top pick if you need to stick to a lower budget.

There’s no question that this Lenovo model looks like a bare bones, budget laptop from the outside. It packs a surprising level of power on the inside that belies its affordable pricing.

The 8th gen processor and 8GB of RAM are more than adequate for the average home or school user. When you want a nice spacious display and nice specs, this is the way to go.

Lenovo’s 330 isn’t a gaming machine by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, it does feature a bright and clear HD display for streaming video or working on word docs.

Buyers frequently mention the high quality keyboard, but do mention two downsides to the layout in their reviews.

Notably, the keyboard isn’t backlit, which is a problem you’ll find with nearly any computer at this price range.

The Lenovo 330 also includes half sized Page Up and Page Down arrows, which is an odd choice for a laptop with so much room for a non-compact keyboard.

Those two issues aside, you aren’t going to find a better 17.3 inch notebook at this price range.

Hardware specifications for 2018 Lenovo 330
ProcessorIntel Core i5-8250U (1.6 – 3.40GHz)
Storage1TB HDD
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 620
Display17.3-Inch HD+ Display, 1600 x 900 Pixels Resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64 Bit
Battery Life5 hours
Weight6.17 lbs

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2. MSI GT75 Titan – Best For Gaming

MSI GT75 Titan
  • Top shelf graphics card
  • Plenty of ports
  • Individual RGB keys
  • Extremely expensive
  • Very heavy compared to other 17” models
  • Very short battery life

Do you demand graphical excellence and solid frame rates no matter game you are playing? This bad boy should be your top pick, although you may need to sell an organ to afford it!

Long story short, there really isn’t a better gaming laptop available right now than the MSI Titan. In terms of both processor speed and raw graphical power, the Titan can’t be beat at the moment.

The GTX 1080 graphics card will openly laugh at high system requirements, and it easily beats some of the best desktop gaming rigs.

Gaming machines aren’t just about the video card though, and the Titan shines in other areas. With both an SSD and an HDD, you get a truly massive amount of storage space for installing your full Steam library.

MSI’s star gaming notebook isn’t lacking in ports either. There are no less than five USB ports, in addition to a card reader and an Ethernet port for LAN parties.

So what are the downsides here? First off, this beast of a laptop is hideously expensive. You could place a down payment on a brand new luxury vehicle for the same price.

The two other issues most often brought up by gamers who went with this model are the weight (which is twice what you’d find with other models) and the low battery life. Those are problems you have to put up with if you want the most gaming power.

There are other options if you don’t have so much money to spend. The Eluktronics Pro-X Gaming Laptop is extremely highly rated, and available for a whopping $1,600 less than the Titan!

There are some trade offs going that route though, as you lose out on the GTX 1080 and drop down to the GTX 1060. That card is still more than capable of running brand new games at stable frame rates on very high graphics settings, however, and is even VR ready.

Hardware specifications for MSI GT75 Titan
ProcessorIntel Core i7-8750H (2.2 – 4.1GHz)
Storage512GB SSD + 1TB HDD
GraphicsNvidia GTX 1080 (8GB)
Display17.3-Inch FHD Anti-Glare 120Hz 3ms Display, 1920 x 1080 Pixels Resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64 Bit
Battery Life2 hours
Weight9.92 lbs

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3. 2018 HP Flagship Notebook – Value Pick Under $1,000

2018 HP Flagship Notebook
  • Optical drive
  • Plenty of RAM
  • Full size keyboard
  • No touch screen
  • Smaller storage capacity

Looking for a well rounded 17 inch machine for school or work? This should be your top pick if you want great specs and a large keyboard!

A 17.3 inch laptop in the $800 – $1,000 price range should essentially serve as a full desktop replacement.

You want great specs, a full size keyboard, and plenty of options for connecting peripherals. HP has all those features covered for you with their 2018 flagship 17 inch model.

Although you don’t get an 8th gen processor, the i7-7500U is still more than capable of smoothly running the vast majority of programs. With 16GB of RAM, you are covered for nearly any school, work, or home usage.

Best of all, you get a full complement of ports and a DVD-RW drive. The other big draw here is the full sized keyboard, which includes the full 10 key section and doesn’t reduce the size of any keys.

Two potential downsides may lead you in other directions from this particular model. HP’s entry in our list of contenders isn’t a touch screen, and it also has slightly less storage capacity.

Need more storage space than a 256GB solid state drive can offer? If you are willing to go above $1,000 this same model is available in 512GB and 1TB versions at Amazon.

Hardware specifications for 2018 HP 17.3 Inch Flagship Notebook
ProcessorIntel Core i7-7500U (2.7 – 3.5GHz)
Storage256GB SSD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 620
Display17.3-Inch HD+ SVA Display, 1600 x 900 Pixels Resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64 Bit
Battery Life5 hours
Weight4.98 lbs

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4. Asus VivoBook Pro Thin & Light Laptop – Top Large Srceen Business Ultrabooks

Asus VivoBook Pro Thin & Light
  • Lightweight
  • Dedicated graphics card
  • Great specs
  • No touch screen
  • No fingerprint reader

Want a high end laptop with amazing specs and a large screen that’s still lightweight? This should be your top pick!

For the best 17 inch business laptop, you should be looking at increased portability over other models and top-quality specs. For that particular combo, your best bet is the Asus VivoBook.

While you still get a full size display and a 10 key style keyboard, this model is under five pounds and extremely thin. If you have to pack a notebook computer around on business flights or frequently setup for meeting presentations, that’s a big plus.

The VivoBook doesn’t disappoint on the hardware specs either. With an 8th gen processor, a dedicated graphics card, and 16GB of RAM, you can run any high end software without lag.

There are plenty of extra features here that work well for business usage as well, like the backlit keyboard and HDMI port.

Of course, the VivoBook may not be the best choice for absolutely every business. Notably, it doesn’t include a touch screen. This model also lacks a one touch fingerprint login button.

If a touch screen and fingerprint reader are necessities for your business applications, you’ll need to look elsewhere. For any other business usage though, the VivoBook excels at nearly everything.

Hardware specifications for Asus VivoBook Pro Thin & Light Laptop
ProcessorIntel Core i7-8550U (1.80 – 4.0GHz)
Storage256GB SSD + 1TB HDD
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (4GB)
Display17.3-Inch Full HD Display, 1920 x 1080 Pixels Resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64 Bit
Battery Life8 hours
Weight4.6 lbs

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5. Dell I5770 – Best 17 Inch Laptop For Photo Editing

Dell I5770
  • Lots of storage space
  • Beautiful display
  • Less RAM
  • Fairly heavy

Want a high end machine at an affordable price for editing large image files? This should be your top pick if you don’t need a touch screen!

For photo editing, you are looking for a very specific set of features. Storage space is critical, as is an 8th gen processor for running high end photo editing tools.

One of the most overlooked features in a photo editing machine is the array of ports. That’s where this Dell model beats the competition.

The 17 inch version of the i5770 is fully loaded up with a ton of input ports for transferring over photos or backing them up to external storage.

If you need to plug in an external mouse or extra displays, you are more than covered with USB, card reader, HDMI, and optical drive options.

The only real downside here is this model features less RAM out of the box than many of our other contenders. You can manually expand this laptop to 16GB if you need that much memory, however.

One other issue could scuttle your choice to buy the i5770, depending on how you edit photos. This model doesn’t include a touch display, which may be a problem if you frequently use a stylus for touching up images.

Need a touch display? The HP Envy is also available at just under $1,000 and includes a touch display.

There is a trade off though — the Envy doesn’t include an SSD for booting Windows at faster speeds.

Hardware specifications for Dell i5770
ProcessorIntel Core i7-8550U (4.0 GHz)
Storage128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
GraphicsAMD Radeon 530
Display17.3-Inch FHD Anti-Glare Display, 1920 x 1080 Pixels Resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64 Bit
Battery Life7 hours
Weight6.15 lbs

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Who Needs To Buy A 17 Inch Laptop?

Most manufacturers are making their notebook computers consistently smaller and smaller. While 15 inch used to be the norm, 13 inch devices are quickly overtaking that spot as top seller.

If the industry is constantly going smaller, why should you buck that trend and go bigger? There are clear advantages to a larger laptop, but only for specific types of users.

First and foremost, 17 inch laptops are aimed squarely at the gaming crowd. Just because you want the freedom to game anywhere you go doesn’t mean you want to skimp on the display size!

It isn’t just gamers who should go this route, however. If you regularly engage in image or video editing, a larger display is obviously a big plus.

Finally, a 17.3 inch screen means that your laptop essentially functions as a desktop replacement. If you don’t mind a heavier model, anyone who wants a fully outfitted computer that can travel between locations could potentially pick one of these five contenders.

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  • 5 Best 15 Inch Laptop (With Budget & Gaming Picks)
  • What Are The Main Downsides To A 17 Inch Laptop?

    Notebook computers are designed for mobility, letting you work or play where you happen to be at the moment. That’s why units with a smaller chassis and shorter display are becoming more popular.

    You have to give some of that portability up when you pick a 17 inch model. By adding an extra two inches, the weight typically jumps into the 6+ pound range.

    Weight isn’t the only consideration here, either. With increased size comes a need to buy a new laptop case, as 17 inch models won’t fit most normal sized carrying bags.

    In terms of specs, battery life is going to be your big bottleneck if you buy a larger computer. With high end screens consuming more power, you can’t expect to get 10+ hours on a single charge.

    Exceptions exist, but 17 inch models less frequently include touch screens than smaller notebooks. That feature is now becoming the norm for smaller laptops, but you’ll miss out on it with most of our contenders.

    Are There Other Features To Consider In 17 Inch Laptops?

    Bigger screen size is a nice feature, especially if you are a gamer or spend a lot of time editing photos. Display size isn’t the only consideration with a 17.3 inch machine, however.

    When the display size goes up, the chassis also has to bump up a size category. That means there’s often room to fit in an optical drive and extra ports.

    Many users still have plenty of DVD install discs, music CDs, and data discs filled with family pictures. If you don’t want to go digital and give up your physical media, that can be the deciding factor in picking a larger laptop.

    Hybrid computer fans have more of an issue when going with this size, however. There are a few hybrid 2-in-1 machines at a full 17 inches, although they tend to be bulky and hard to use in tablet mode due to the extra weight.

    Finding A Spacious Display In A Portable Computer

    From heavy office use to hardcore gaming and even just regular old web browsing, there’s a 17 inch laptop that can meet your needs.

    Did you find the perfect choice in our list of the best 17 inch laptops? Let us know if you plan to buy any of our picks, and give us a shout out if you see any other models that should be included in our list of contenders!

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