Is Alienware Laptop Good – 2023 Brand Rating

Updated on January 8, 2023
Is Alienware Laptop Good - 2020 Brand Rating

When we hear the word Alienware, we automatically linked it to gaming, and that’s pretty true. Their niche is focused on gaming laptops with a beautiful futuristic design that appeals to every gamer. Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell, while both companies have an excellent reputation when it comes to building quality computers, Alienware is focused solely on gaming and has been sticking to its root since then. Alienware is the very first brand to introduce the first fully upgradeable gaming laptop, yes you can upgrade nearly everything including GPU and CPU. When it comes to scads of customization, Alienware got it for you.

Back when laptops were still chunky Bois and PC’s were limited still in performance, there was quite no market for gaming laptops, I mean why would they? You’re carrying a tank that only juices out little power. Yet, Alienware did not care and they strove hard to push portable gaming as they knew it was the future, because of Alienware that we have such gaming laptops today.

How much does Alienware Laptops Cost

Comparing Alienware to other brands, Alienware doesn’t come in cheap. The cheapest Alienware laptop is the Alienware m15 gaming laptop that starts at ,199.99 that comes with Core i5 CPU, GTX 1660 Ti, and 8GB of RAM, so why are Alienware laptops so expensive? 

Well, Alienware laptops do not use ordinary RAM they fitted their laptops with video RAM for extreme gaming, aside from quality build system, Alienware motherboards are customized with hundreds of quality features and the brand claims that the engineering and manufacturing of Alienware laptops uses top-notch expensive components that provide a first-class quality build gaming laptops.

What would you get from these expensive laptops? First is the quality, these machines are of great quality, performance-wise, built wise and superb design. Second is the customization, you can choose the specifications of your laptop entirely, from RAM, Operating System, graphics card, screen size, battery size, display type, and display resolution!

Aside from the above mentioned, Alienware’s Accidental Damage Warranty which comes bundled with Premium Support for up to 4 years. Whatever you break, your screen, keyboard or you drop the machine and the laptop gets halved, they fix it. And there is no limit on how many times you can call them for fixing the machine. So, basically, they are expensive because apart from quality and high performing laptops, they got you covered in all areas.

Who makes Alienware laptops?

Mainly Dell is the company that is making the Alienware laptops. Dell is producing many things in the field of tech and gadgets, computers and its components are the main working areas of Dell. Alienware laptops are so popular because of its gaming capacity. Dell’s brand in the name of Alienware is their gaming niche, so you can see most of the gaming PC rigs and gaming laptops with the tag of Alienware.

As time passed by, most companies started the production of specific activity items. How? That is the real question if you see around most of the companies are making electronic devices precisely according to the interest of the users. Companies are now intelligent enough to measure the interest of the customers and target their interest in making different types of equipment according to the user’s experience.

For gaming, the laptops and computers designed by the companies are separate in specs and features. Even if they are specifically designed for gaming performance. Alienware is a gaming brand, it is made with the aim of the customers who are gaming junkies and that is the reason these machines are coming with expensive price tags.

Is Alienware Laptop Good – 2023 Brand Rating

Alienware Strengths

  • Innovative Design: Alienware laptops are stunning and innovatively designed to let you swap components easily which gives you the freedom to choose what’s best for your machine and what you need it to be.
  • Customizable: Consumers can build their dream system, from the size of the screen to almost anything you want if the price tag is not an issue.
  • Robust Performance: It is undeniable that Alienware laptops have high-specs to suffice every gamer’s need.

Alienware Weaknesses

  • No Cheap Laptops: Although Alienware had impressive laptops, you cant find a cheap one. This is one of the downsides of Alienware for many.
  • Bulky and Heavy Laptops: Alienware laptops are bulky and heavy, for they are built for hardcore gaming.

Top-rated Products

Alienware Area 51M– Best Desktop Replacement

Alienware AW17R4 – Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Design (26/30)

Alienware has mastered the design of their gaming systems, each product that Alienware produces is visually distinct in a way that other laptop brands can not match. Their machines are crafted with stylish edges and line that makes the laptop look much more sci-fi and out of this world theme that compliments very well with their brand name. Alienware laptops are easily recognized by their lights and other visual additions that enhance the appearance and style and the famous alien head logo that gamers will instantly recognize.

The way Alienware made their laptops are heavy and bulky for they are built for hardcore gaming and not for everyday work machines that needs portability, well, they are portable than desktop but not by much as what other laptops can offer. Alienware laptops favor power than portability.

But as time goes by, Alienware made some changes and offered a machine that is lighter more portable without sacrificing its performance, the Alienware m15 and m17 gaming laptops are the lightest Alienware laptops that they offer in their respective size range and the m15 is also the first to incorporate a narrow bezel design to give more real state display, despite the effort of Alienware in trimming their laptops, it is still not enough to match competing systems.

Support and Warranty (28/30)

As Alienware is part of Dell, it has the advantage of being backed by Dell’s service and support. Dell has a high reputation when it comes to support and warranty services, they are second to Apple in the industry. This reputation extends to Alienware products and the company tends to favor expensive products more than its less expensive ones.

Alienware laptops can extend their warranty for up to four years, upgrading memory and storage won’t void the warranty and they offer accidental damage protection that costs a little more to spend.

Innovation (9/10)

The Alienware Area 51m is undeniably the most powerful gaming laptop money can buy with an upgradeable CPU and GPU backed by a stunning cooling system that complements its design.

Alienware transitioned from bulky gaming laptops to thinnest and lightest 15-inch and 17-inch notebooks and introduced its first 15-inch OLED gaming laptop, the effort of Alienware to deliver more portable gaming laptops is commendable. Aside from efforts on the physical aspect, Alienware Command Center now enables GPU overclocking and auto-tune game profiles on their updated interface.

When it comes to innovation, Alienware always delivers something new as they continue to produce out of this world gaming laptop.

Value and Selection (15/30)

We all know that Alienware focuses on gaming, so they don’t have a large selection of laptops, and they are expensive. However, they make quality laptops that add value to their lineup. The most affordable Alienware gaming laptop is the Alienware m15, which starts at $1,199 that comes with a Core i5 CPU, GTX 1660 Ti and 8GB of RAM which is pretty expensive for those components compare to what other brands can offer, but hey, you’re paying for the quality of the machine that comes with a sleek design, vivid display, and long battery life.

The most powerful Alienware machine is the Alienware Area 51m which starts at $1950 and could go up to $,5000 depending on the configuration you want, while the Alienware 15 R4 starts at $1450. Alienware ditch the Nvidia Max-Q in effort to slash price for their Alienware m17 and Alienware 17 R5 which starts at $1250 and $1255 respectively.

The Alienware 51m can be upgraded and can have an overclocked 9th Gen Core i9 desktop CPU, RTX 2080 GPU and 64GB of RAM which is pretty powerful and expensive at the same time, while an upgraded Alienware R4 can go up to $4800 which is stuffed with 8th Gen Core i9 laptop CPU, backed by GTX 1080 Max-Q GPU and 32GB of RAM, a good upgrade for $370 price difference.

Alienware laptops are 20 to 25 percent higher than comparable laptops, while they justify expensive products through quality components and build, Well, there are not many negative in buying Alienware machines, but the pricing of these laptops should be the next move of this brand, to offer more affordable gaming laptops that the masses could afford.

Overall Verdict (78/100)

Alienware laptops are beast in performance, it has a quality build and gorgeous design. But the main problem is the expensive price. If you happened to be in the hunt for a gaming laptop then Alienware is considerably a good choice, if the price tag is not an issue and you value quality over price.

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