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Evigroup SmartPaddle Pro “First Tablet with Windows 8″ (Windows 7 in Dual Boot!)

The French company Evigroup recently announced that their Intel based tablet, SmartPaddle Pro, will be available with Windows 8 and Windows 7 dual boot configuration. Of course, this so-called “first Windows 8 tablet” is not running Windows 8 proper, but rather the preview version. Once…

Sony VAIO E 11.6 Inch Notebook with AMD E2-1800 Dual Core From $450

The Japanese manufacturer Sony will launch a new 11.6 inch notebook that at a comparatively low price with a new AMD platform. At prices of around $450, the new Sony Vaio… E 11 can be pre-ordered now in the U.S.. The system is based on

Jetway Windows 8 & Windows 7 Tablets with Intel Atom N2600 & N2800 *Hands on Video*

Once again-Jetway! The Taiwanese motherboard specialist now is in the business of making tablets. In addition to the Android models, Jetway is showing off the ALFAR101 ALFAR910, two Windows tablets with the latest Intel Atom N2600 or N2800 processors. While the first model was demonstrated…

Clevo W110ER Windows 7 Netbook *Hands On Video – Computex 2012

And here’s another little netbook from Computex! The new Windows 7 Clevo W110ER, which is based on the Intel Atom N2800 was on display at Computex today and Nicole got a chance to check it out. It has a Core I7 processor and a GT6540M…

Clevo W217CUQ Windows 7 Netbook *Hands-on Video* – Computex 2012

With the “catchy” name W217CUQ, Clevo introduced  a 10.1 netbook with an Intel Atom N2800 processor at Computex. The display dissolves 1024 × 600 pixels and the camera has 1.3 MP. The operating system Windows 7 Starter is installed and up to 4GB of RAM…

Buying a Windows 7 PC? Get Windows 8 for Only $14.99

No one wants to buy a computer right before the processor or operating system gets upgraded.  Microsoft knows this so if you’re thinking of picking up one of the many Ivy Bridge PCs that are hitting the street this month the operating system won’t be…

Gigabyte S1081 Windows 7 Tablet Unboxing

The Gigabyte S1080 has gotten an update to the S1081… and we’ve decided to unbox it for you as well.  The upgraded 10.1 inch tablet is nearly identical to the S1080 apart from a Cedar Trail processor bump to the N2800 processor.  The processor change

LG Xnote Z330 Ultrabook – Thinner Than a Macbook Air [Video]

At CeBit 2012 we got to spend a bit more time with some of our favorite Ultrabooks and on the top of our list is the LG Xnote Z330….  At its thinnest point, the Xnote Z330 is thinner than the MacBook Air. It weighs

$799 Novero Solana Dual-Boots Windows 7 and Gingerbread

We’ve seen the Novero Solana and its interesting easel form-factor a few times already, but it popped up again at Mobile World Congress showing off a new trick: it dual-boots Windows 7 and Android Gingerbread.

The Novero Solana has a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N2600…

ViewSonic ViewPhone 4s is Android Smartphone with “Retina Display”

Viewsonic, in announcing their device lineup for Mobile World Congress, has shown their ViewPhone 4s which has basically the same display as the iPhone 4/4S: a 3.5-inch screen with 960 x 640 resolution.

Obviously ViewSonic is gunning for the iPhone 4S…. They’ve even aped

Acer Aspire One D270 Cedar Trail Netbook Hands On Video

Acer held a few events in Germany and showed off an upcoming Cedar Trail Netbook, the Acer Aspire D270.  This 10.1-inch device has a matte display and is standard with a 49Wh six-cell battery. Under the hood we’ve got the new Intel Atom N2600 or…

Gigabyte’s Windows 7 Tablet Gets an Update with the S1081 Update: Video

If you’re a fan of Windows 7 tablets then you’ll be happy to know that the Gigabyte S1080 has gotten an update to the S1081….  It is nearly identical to the S1080 apart from a Cedar Trail processor upgrade to the N2800 processor.  The

Skytex X-Series Windows Tablet Running Cedar Trail Hands On

We’ve been seeing a lot of budget Android tablets this year, but we’ve also been seeing the promise of a lot of Windows 8 tablets. Skytex has a brand new Tablet at CES this year with the new X-Series Windows 7 Tablet PC.

The Skytex…

Toshiba Portégé M930 Convertible 13.3-inch Notebook Hands-On at CES 2012 [video]

At CES 2012, Toshiba showed off a convertible Windows 7 notebook called the Portégé M930 with a pretty interesting articulating hinge to switch between notebook and Slate… mode.
The M930 is definitely NOT in the Ultrabook range of laptops, weighing in at 4.2 pounds, and

LG Xnote Z330 Ultrabook with Shuriken Display Hands On

LG has just announced their entry to the Ultrabook category, the 13.3″ Xnote Z330…. While the outside cover has a concentric circle, etched pattern similar to that of the ASUS Zenbooks (although more subtle and originates from the corner instead of from the center