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Toshiba Netbooks Get Cedar Trail Update But Forgets the HDMI Port

Toshiba has a great line up of Netbooks, but for what ever reason in Japan they have seen an up grade the Toshiba NB520 to the latest Cedar Trail Atom CPU, the N2800 with out adding an HDMI port.  Intel’s previous generation of processors did…

LG Xnote Z330 is New Addition to Ultrabook Category

LG has just announced their entry to the Ultrabook category, the 13.3″ Xnote Z330…. While the outside cover has a concentric circle, etched pattern similar to that of the ASUS Zenbooks (although more subtle and originates from the corner instead of from the center

Cedar Trail increases RAM limit to 4GB, WiDi crippled to sub HD?

Two rumors out on Cedar Trail. One concerns RAM and the other is about one of the new touted features of Cedar Trail – WiDi.
When Cedar Trail netbooks hits at the end of the year, you’ll be able to purchase one, most likely a…

AMD Fusion netbooks / notebooks to get wireless HD video streaming later this year

This looks like AMD’s answer to pre Intel WiDi 2.0 – wireless streaming of video content (up to 720p) from any of your AMD devices to one or more display devices. The demonstration from CES earlier this year demoed an AMD notebook streaming HD video…

Intel WiDi Tablet Demo at IDF 2010 Day 1 Keynote (Video)

The IDF 2010 keynote wasn’t only about CPUs and chipsets we also got to see some pretty fun stuff. Intel showed off WiDi or Wireless Display technology in an on-stage demonstration. Intel showed off a handheld tablet being used with WiDi to Beam… content onto