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ASUS Zenbook UX21A Touchscreen Hands On Video

Last month ASUS launched the Zenbook UX21A that had a glorious 1920 x 1080 IPS panels with a matte finish and excellent viewing angles and the expected Ivy Bridge update. At Computex ASUS showed an update to the unreleased Ultrabook… which features a touch screen.

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A & UX31A with Full HD Display Announced

Ivy Bridge is coming and ASUS is getting ready, yesterday in Taiwan the Zenbook Primes, or the UX21A and UX31A were shown with glorious 1920 x 1080 IPS panels with a matte finish and excellent viewing angles.  Since this was a hands off event we’re…

Asus Zenbooks UX21 and UX31 On Sale Oct. 12, Starting at $999 (UPDATE: Official Video Presentation)

Yesterday Acer released their Aspire S3 Ultrabook for pre-order. Now Asus has officially launched their UX21 and UX31 Ultrabook offerings, which they are now calling “Zenbooks”.
Asus had a launch event in New York to unveil their contributions to the Ultrabook category, the 11.6″ Zenbook…

Another Ultrabook Round-Up For Your Perusal

Liliputing has a great round-up of specs for the 5 ultrabooks that were introduced at IFA 2011. It’s a nice companion article to the one we posted earlier from This is My Next, since that one mainly had video and lots of photos.


Ultrabooks Galore at IFA 2011

It seems that IFA 2011 has ushered in the era of the ultrabooks category of laptops. These Intel-based, Ultra…-thin, and light laptops hope to lure you away from the MacBook Air with their sleek hardware designs, beefy hardware specs, and, most importantly, pricing competitive

Acer Ultrabook Rushing to Join Asus UX21 for September Launch

Asus was gunning to be the first manufacture to market with the UX21 but according to the Chinese language Commercial Times Acer is pushing to get their Ultrabook… the Acer Aspire One 3951 out in September as well. Acer has already changed the spec sheet

Intel’s 300M Ultrabook Fund Includes Cloud Storage & Cloud Sync

Today Intel Capital announced that it has created a $300 Million Ultrabook Fund to spur innovation for this category that’s focused on being thin light and Ultra… portable. The Ultrabook Fund is targeted at technologies that will help deliver new and enhanced user experiences, longer

Intel Releases Material Costs of the Ultrabook Category

Intel has apparently revealed the BOM or bill of materials minus assembly costs for the 21mm ultrabooks which have them ringing in at around US$475-650 and the 18mm models at US$493-710. Sources at Digitimes indicate that Intel is planning on meeting with notebook ODM partners…

ASUS UX31 13.3″ Ultrabook Might Cost Up to $1600

Ultrabook are rumored to be hitting our shopping carts in Q3 and their appeal other than being Ultra… thin is their sub $1000 price point. According to sources over at Digitimes, actual production costs render the hope of hitting this price point impossible.

ASUS UX21 Confirms Q3 Availability in Australia

Ultrabooks are rumored to be going up for sale in the fall and we are pretty excited that the PC world is finally going to have a competitor to the MacBook Air.  APCMag got to spend a little bit of time with the ASUS UX21…

HP Looking to Beat ASUS to the Ultrabook Market

Looks like HP is looking to come to market first with an Ultrabook before ASUS does in September with their UX21, according to Taiwan component manufacturers.  We should be keeping an eye out for two, or more, Ultrabooks from HP using Intel’s Ultra…-thin

Can Intel’s Deep Pockets Jump Start the Ultrabook Category?

Another year another new product category, at Computex 2011 the Ultrabook… category was announced by Intel, in case you missed its meant to sky rocket to 40% of the notebook market by the end of 2012 and they will be will be less than 0.8-inches

Asus Cedar Trail netbooks, UX21 laptops in September?

As the end of the year closes in we can expect to hear more and more about Cedar Trail because we expect next-gen netbooks to start arriving by that time, reassured by a rumor yesterday that Asus will be launching Cedar Trail netbooks in September,…

Netbook Nation #25: Best of Computex 2011 Awards

Computex 2011 has come and gone and we’ve been through every hall and attended pretty much every press conference to figure out what products are hot and what technology is trending. We’ve put together our Best of Computex 2011 awards to give you an idea…