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Toshiba ARM Based Windows 8/RT Tablets On Ice – Delivery Problems with TI and Qualcomm CPU’s?

Uhoh, this is not a good sign! The Japanese manufacturer Toshiba has abandoned plans for the introduction of Windows RT tablets and laptops running on ARM-based technology (that is the ARM version of Windows 8). Toshiba officially stated that “delayed components that make a timely…

Toshiba AT200 & AT300 Tablets Getting Jelly Bean Update!

While many devices are still waiting for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update, the rush for Jelly Bean has already begun. Most companies have held off from grand announcements until things are more solid lest they incur the wrath of impatient customers. Toshiba has been…

Video: Toshiba U840W Ultrabook with 21:9-Display in Hands-on – Guest Appearances by Z930 und U840

Our friend Chippy was recently at Toshiba Germany and had the opportunity to get a closer look at the whole ultrabook lineup. He took a look at the first Ultrabook with a 21:9… display, the Toshiba U840W, and checked out how well the 14.4-inch

Toshiba ARM Laptop with Windows 8 RT & TI OMAP 4470 Dual Core In Video

At Computex, Toshiba presented a non functional ARM notebook  with Windows 8 RT. Now, in a video by one of Microsoft’s Windows 8 partners, Texas Instruments, we can see the device in action. The chip manufacturer wants to advertise its TI OMAP 4470 processor, which…

Toshiba Presents New Windows 8 Prototype – Computex 2012

Toshiba introduced several gadgets today, including the real diagonal 21:9… ultrabook U840W. At first glance, especially in regard to Windows 8, it seemed like Toshiba’s competitors were in a better position. But that’s not quite right, because Toshiba has a few prototypes hidden amongst

Toshiba Satellite U840W: First 21:9 Ultrabook *Hands-on Video* – Computex 2012

At Computex Toshiba has presented a real novelty: the Satellite U840W, the first 21:9 Ultrabook…. I mentioned the new Satellite U840W, as it was announced earlier today as part of Toshiba’s new ultrabook line-up. Dozens of other companies are presenting new ultrabooks, but

Toshiba Portege Z930 Ultrabook Hands On (aka Satellite Z930) Video – Computex 2012

The Toshiba Portégé Z930, aka the Satellite Z930, is a 13.3-inch Ultrabook… using Intel’s 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge processor. The device measures in at a mere 8.3mm thick at its thinnest point and weights in at 1.12kg and if Toshiba can believed we’ll be seeing

$49 Desktop Android, Dell Ultrabook, Google+ Update Weekly News Round Up

This week in mobile computing news VIA rocked our world with a $49 Andoird desktop computer, news of a Dell Ultrabook… for business was leaked. The Google+ App for Android got an update and Toshiba announces an end to the Netbook.
I won’t spoil it

Toshiba Ends Their Love Affair with Netbooks, in the US

Netbooks are loosing their luster in developed countries because of the sleek sexy appeal of the Ultrabook…. Toshiba has been a long time advocate for the Netbook making fantastic products and even pushing the boundaries by putting Harman Kardon speakers into the palm rests

Toshiba AT300 Tegra 3 Tablet Has New iPad in its Sights

Toshiba has just announced its latest Android tablet, the AT300 running a quad core Nvidia’s Tegra 3 with 1GB of DDR3 RAM. This 10.1 inch tablet is an impressive 8.95mm thick with an aluminum shell and a Gorilla Glass display with a resolution of 1280…

Toshiba Announces the Excite 7.7, 10 & 13 Tegra 3 Tablets

Toshiba has just announced that they will be adding three Tegra 3 devices to their Excite line up of Android-powered
tablets with 13.3″, 10.1″ and 7.7″ sizes. They all pretty much have identical specs apart from the size and have an aluminum chassis and corning…

Toshiba Releases a Not so Budget, 7″ Budget Tablet

Toshiba is looking to make a name for themselves in the Tablet space but the a newly announced tablet the LT170 isn’t the most impressive model they’ve come out with. The hardware specs and price don’t make that attractive. The LT170 has a 1GHz processor,…

Toshiba 7.7 AT270 Prototype Hands On – 7.7″ Tablet with Tegra 3 & ICS

Toshiba showed off the AT270, the 7.7 inch tablet at CES and now we’ve seen it again here at Mobile World Congress, it’s still a prototype but it runs flawlessly. It seems like Toshiba is feeling pretty confident about the design we saw at CES,…

Toshiba Netbooks Get Cedar Trail Update But Forgets the HDMI Port

Toshiba has a great line up of Netbooks, but for what ever reason in Japan they have seen an up grade the Toshiba NB520 to the latest Cedar Trail Atom CPU, the N2800 with out adding an HDMI port.  Intel’s previous generation of processors did…

Toshiba AT200, 10-inch Honeycomb Tablet On Sale in UK at Carphone Warehouse

Toshiba’s update to the Thrive tablet, the AT200 or the “Excite X10…″ (as it will be known as in the US), has gone on sale in the UK as a Carphone Warehouse exclusive.

It has a 10.1-inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, and