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Malata teases new 10-inch Tegra 2 smartbook

Chinese manufacturer Malata has pumped out numerous smartbooks over the years, including an 8.9″ Sony Vaio P clone, a larger 10-inch Vaio P clone and the odd random one like the T9000 and now they’re teasing their latest one, the PC-B1002, at an electronics fair…

Efika MX smartbook price drops to $199

Late last year Genesi USA launched one of the few smartbooks available – the Efika MX – on the market to little fanfare. Understandably because it had outdated specs and there wasn’t much promotion at all. Toshiba’s AC100… getting released at around the same time

Toshiba AC100 Android 2.2 update arrives – better OS experience

Toshiba has finally pushed out an Android 2.2 update for the AC100… smartbook, which was originally promised in late 2010. Chippy at CarryPad tested the update yesterday and confirms version 2.2 brings speed improvements across the board, Flash, better app compatibility and adds the Toshiba

Toshiba AC100 Froyo Update Nowhere In Sight

The Toshiba AC100 smartbook has great hardware (apart from the battery drain issue), flawed software – that’s old news already – we’ve reviewed it and so have many others and we’ve all come to the same conclusion. It didn’t (still doesn’t) help that Android isn’t…

Toshiba AC100 Smartbook Gaming Performance

Sascha takes a look at the Gaming performance of the Toshiba AC 100 and plays Raging Thunder. You can see for your self in the video that playback is flawless and the machine offers playable graphic performance. In addition to gaming the machine was also…

Toshiba AC100 With Ubuntu 10.10 Video Walkthrough

As we saw last week, hackers are working on getting Ubuntu 10.10 working on the Toshiba AC100… Tegra 2 smartbook and Chippy over at Carrypad has been following their progress closely. He’s got the Linux OS working on his AC100 as well. At this early

Ubuntu Making Progress On Toshiba AC100

Last time we heard that folks were working on trying to get Ubuntu working on the Toshiba AC100… smartbook. It’s no easy task and there’s still a ton of work to be done apparently. Chippy over at Carrypad has been following this development and tried

Toshiba AC100 Dismantled, Mostly Full Of Air, Ubuntu A No Go

Ever wondered what was inside the Toshiba AC100… smartbook? Mostly air, well, at least over half of it is, thanks to the compactness and completeness of the Nvidia Tegra 2 system on a chip. Looks quite different from your typical x86 netbook innards no? This

Toshiba AC100 Application Walkthrough – Chippy Approved Apps

Chippy over at Carrypad has still got his hands on the Toshiba AC100… and is waiting out for Android 2.2 to arrive but he’s not finished testing the smartbook just yet, here he’s got a walkthrough of various apps that work well on his Toshiba

Qualcomm Revises Smartbook Definition – Everything’s a Smartbook Now!

Qualcomm, the folks who coined the product category “smartbook” (outside of product branding – Smartbook AG) originally meant for the term to cover netbook type form factors with parts typically found on smartphones. During the Qualcomm event earlier on the company admitted that the smartbook…

Augen 10-inch GenBook 108 Smartbook Goes On Sale

If you were impressed with Augen’s budget GenTouch78 7-inch Android tablet and GenBook78 7-inch smartbook then surely you’ll be impressed with their latest offering, the GenBook 108 which is a 10-inch sized smartbook which we heard about in July. (see Augen’s product page) It’s now…

Toshiba AC100 Now Available in the UK, Froyo Update Coming

Over in the UK and waiting for some smartbook action? You’re in luck as Toshiba UK just tweeted earlier today that you can now officially order the Toshiba AC100… directly from their website priced at 293 pounds. This is the Wi-Fi model. 3G models are

Genesi USA 10-inch Smartbook On Sale, Goes Unnoticed (Update: Hands On Video)

Update: Added a hands on video from Charbax from earlier this year to the bottom of the post.
Little unknown company Genesi USA has a 10.1-inch smartbook but not that anybody knew, called the Efika MX. It isn’t the Tegra 2 powerhouse that is the…

Toshiba Folio 100 Tablet Debuts – IFA 2010

Update: Engadget has a few more pictures in. Nothing new to add though right now.
As expected Toshiba’s Folio 100 tablet has made it’s debut at IFA 2010. This is basically the tablet version of the AC100… smartbook with the same Nvidia Tegra 2 processor

Tegra 2 Benchmarked, Tops Smartphones

Chippy over at CarryPad is working through benchmarks for his newly acquired Toshiba AC100… over in Europe (see his first impressions and hands on videos) and first tests show huge promise in terms of performance – it’s clearly faster than any smartphone out there as