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Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) Review Round Up

The Galaxy Tab… 2 (7.0) has just hit web and the verdict is good, I thought I would pull together the veditics from some of my favorite reviews.  It comes in at a very reasonable $249 and offers an average 7:40min of battery, under the

CUPP Computing’s PunkThis Heads to Tablets

Every once in a while comes a product that peaks the interest of the modding community, the Punkthis module is one of those products. We first saw it in a Macbook Pro where it could switch between Android and iOS, then we saw it in…

Amazon Kindle Fire Building Millions More Due to Demand

We’ve finally got a tablet that’s positioned to take on the iPad, and only a hand full of people have had a hands on with it! The Amazon Kindle Fire… looks like a winner, mainly due to its aggressive price point and its decent

Novero Solana Cedar Trail Netbook with Rotating Screen Hands on

The Novero Solana is a cedar trail netbook which is inpsired by the Dell Inspiron Duo… which we saw at last years IDF. Cedar Trail is the next generation platform for netbooks and its rumored to be late because of driver issues around Windows 7.

Hands on with Dell’s 7″ Slider Prototype with Split Keyboard

Until software catches up having a physical keyboard is just more productive, that’s probably why tablets sales declined from last quarter and netbook sales rose. Dell is playing with the idea of a 7 inch slider tablet with a keyboard built for thumb typing with…

AMD Desna Leaked in Tablet Roadmap

AMD has been upping the ante in the mobile computing space since it released its Fusion line up to compete with Intel’s Atom CPU. We’ve been expecting news of AMDs tablet intentions for a while now so the leaked slides don’t really come as a…

Freescale Tablets Roundup at CES 2011 – Part 2

Well, we can’t say this isn’t a wee bit late, but we were going through some old footage and we discovered this Freescale Tablet round up from CES 2011. Just by virtue of being a tablet round up its worth watching! Robert Thompson of Freescale…

Robert Scoble Interviews Sascha Pallenberg & PtPt

The guys over at What’s up Android caught a few minutes of video of an interview Robert Scoble conducted with our own Sascha Pallenberg and he isn’t shy about making some pretty big statements about the future of Android tablets.
If you want to see…

White Apple iPad 2 Unboxing & White iPad 2 Hands On

The Apple iPad 2… is not necessarily a revolutionary leap beyond the original tablet but it does have enough new features to tempt many consumers. It features a dual-core A5 processor that promises to be twice as fast as the first tablet as well as

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Slightly Thicker Than an Audio Jack

Samsung isn’t finished with its tablet line up and CTIA is meant to be the unveiling of their 8.9… inch tablet. The new image shows what appears to be their thinnest tablet yet as the photo is scaled by the presence of a head

MSI Windpad W100A Running Tegra 2 at CeBit 2011

The Windpad… variations that have been popping up have us wonder if MSI’s strategy isn’t to do them all and see which on sticks! At CeBit 2011 we’ve got another variation on top of the 110W running AMD C-50 and the W100 with Intel’s Z530

Viewsonic ViewPad 10 Pro Android & Windows 7 Dual Boot Tablet

Viewsonic is holding their press conference next week at Mobile World Congress as LG. All we can say is that its going to be an exciting week for hands on with tablets. To entice people to split their crews between the two press conferences Viewsonic…

MyPad P1 7 inch Android Tablet Hands On

Taiwan Mobile has a 7 inch tablet for sale with contract called the MyPad P1. Its as thick as the Galaxy Tab… which is also for sale and we’ll get to a size comparison in the hands on video. This Android 2.1 tablet comes with

iPad Mandatory in Knoxville Private School

Figuring out what technology is going to be used in the classroom is a question that we’ve been asking for a while. Its not only cost of adoption but its getting the teachers to change their ways and integrate new tools into their existing educational…

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Commercial Leaked

With Mobile World Congress around the corner leaks are going to be plentiful over the next 3 weeks, the latest in the Samsung Galaxy Tab… 2 leaks is a commercial.

We’ve heard the leaked specs before so they are rounded up for you below the