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ASUS Transformer Pad Tablets Receive PlayStation Games

Boom! ASUS has just ignited a giant bomb. As the company has just announced via Twitter, the ASUS Transformer Pad… series will soon have PlayStation certification. Sony and ASUS have also signed a deal that ensures that a variety of games from the Sony PlayStation

Sony May Bring Vita OS to Mobile Phones & Tablets

Sony is going through some changes in its upper management with Kazuo Hirai stepping in as their new President and CEO. During a Q&A in Japan AV Watch reports that Hirai was not shy about pointing out that the Playstation Vita OS has more potential…

PS Vita Ridge Racer Hands On and Preview

If you think you can have a PS Vita and not own Ridge Racer, we’re prettty sure you’re violating atleast one of the Playstation rules. Namco Bandai’s arcade-style racing game has been a staple on the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PSP, and PlayStation 3′s. So it’s…