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Intel Develops New Celeron CPUs for Cheaper Ultrabooks in the Fall

This fall Intel will bring several new processors to the market with the intention of driving the price of ultrabooks down. There are two chips in the Celeron series, that are traditionally in the lower-end. The new CPUs are set to be installed in the…

HTC One V Unboxing – Benchmarks – Gaming performance and Walk-Through

HTC has released the One Series line up of phones and so far we’ve been hearing about the One X & One S handsets, but there is a budget brother, the HTC One V, that has also been released and we found it on sale…

Third-Generation Apple TV: Integrated Netflix, 1080p HD Content, Still $99

Today Apple announced the third-generation Apple TV. The main differences between the newest version and the Apple TV 2 is 1080p HD video playback, and tight integration with Netflix.
Netflix was already a service available on the second-generation Apple TV, but according to Netflix’s latest…

IPS Display for $120? Viota M970 9.7″ Android 4.0 Tablet

CeBit is full of interesting tablets many of which aren’t worth the screws they’re put together with, but Viota has come out with a tablet that so far looks like it’s worth the money…and maybe more! The Viota M970 is a 9….7 inch tablet

Viota M700 7″ $100 Tablet with Android 4.0 & 1.5 ghz Boxchip A10 at CeBIT 2012

Chinese manufacturer Viota has come out with yet another budget Android tablet that comes in at 7 inches and $100. Even though this is a budget tablet we think it’s defiantly worth a look since it comes with a Boxchip A10 which is running at…

11.6″ HP Pavilion DM1z with AMD Neo K125 gets Official

Once again its time for another AMD-based Ultra…-thin notebook that makes the future of netbooks look a little harder. The Hewlett-Packard Pavilion DM1z has been seen with an AMD alternative of the Intel-based DM1 which has the same case as the already popular HP