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Barnes & Noble Puts an End to Side Loading on the Nook Tablet

It was only a matter of time before Barnes & Noble closed down the side loading functionality on their Tablet. They would continuously stop rooting on the NOOK Color… tablet so it’s no surprise that they made the same move on their tablet.

The recently-released

Reinvigorate Your Samsung Galaxy Tab By Turning It Into a Kindle Fire

Feel left out by not buying the Kindle Fire from Amazon, but you happen to have an original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab? If you’re feeling adventurous enough, you can use the Kindle Fire… system files from the XDA Developers forum and load them onto

Get Amazon’s Instant Video Streaming App Working on Your Android Tablet

Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Tablet have been getting a lot of hacking love this week. The Kindle Fire… got a 1-click root solution, as well as a workaround to load the Android Market onto it, opening the Fire up to a