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Tablet Wars: Around the Tablet World in Under 20 Minutes!

It all started with a single tablet. Then there were two. And before we knew it, there was a mountain of tablets. Instead of being overwhelmed by this discovery, Sascha decided to make our tablet obsession official. Thus, the Tablet Wars video was born.


Samsung Patents Dual Screen Tablet – Galaxy Tab with Two 7″ Displays Coming Soon?

Samsung has tablets in pretty much every form factor available and now that they have exhausted their options it appears they have their sites set on a dual screen tablet. A recently discovered patent proves that Samsung has a few tricks up its sleeve when…

Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) Review Round Up

The Galaxy Tab… 2 (7.0) has just hit web and the verdict is good, I thought I would pull together the veditics from some of my favorite reviews.  It comes in at a very reasonable $249 and offers an average 7:40min of battery, under the

Is Google Coming out with a 5 inch Phablet as Well?

Samsung released the Galaxy Note, which is quickly becoming the must have handset in Taiwan, LG just announced the Optimus Vu… which seeks to go head to head in the “Is it a Phone? Or, is it a Tablet?” ecosystem.  Chris Davies over at

Samsung Galaxy Tab running ICS – Android 4.0 on the 1st Generation Galaxy Tab P1000

Ice Cream Sandwich is popping up everywhere and will see official releases over the next few weeks on a lot of cool devices like the ASUS Transformer Prime. But if you’ve got an original 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab… you’ll be pleased to know that

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Not in Best Buy Until September 27th

There was a report going around the net that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9… was going to be made available for sale in Best buy on September 22nd.  It seems after some careful investigation today at a California Best Buy that they won’t  be actually

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Android Tablet Unboxing

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is meant to be available from Best Buy on Thursday but we were able to pick one up in Taiwan to unbox it for you. Samsung has been claiming that the Tab 8.9… is one of the world’s thinnest

Samsung GalaxyTab 8.9 Arrives at Best Buy This Week

The US is pretty lucky it doesn’t share the same fate as Germany when it comes to the sale of Samsung Tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the top 10″ Android tablet on the market and the Galaxy Tab 8.9… is about to hit

Samsung Galaxy Tab Permanently Banned for Sale in Germany

Apple has won its lawsuit against Samsung who has now lost the right to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany because it looks too much like Apple’s iPad 2…, the district court in Düsseldorf ruled on Friday.
This ban actually restricts Samsung Germany

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs Galaxy Tab

Before the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 vanished from IFA we got our hands on in, as well as a quick comparison between the 7.7 and the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab…. You’re probably aware of the key differences, which I’ll lay out below anyway, but

2001 Space Odessey Inspires Samsung Tablet According to Patent Suit

A German court granted Apple a preliminary injunction blocking the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… in the European Union. Samsung hasn’t given up and rightfully so, If you actually look at Apple’s Patent, it could stop any tablet from going to market. It

Best Buy to offer free Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets with Samsung TVs

Are you shopping for a TV? Do you like Samsung TVs? Well Best Buy might be the place to check out next week because the retailer has put out an ad (via Slick Deals) showing an interesting deal taking place throughout next week. Purchase a…

7″ Super AMOLED HD “confirmed”, refuels hopes of AMOLED Galaxy Tab

At the start of this month, Korean based site etnews stated Samsung would begin production of high resolution Super AMOLED displays in a 7-inch form factor which would be improved over the Super AMOLED displays shown late last year which had a resoluton of about…

Grab a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi 16GB for $430

eBay Daily Deals has offered this particular deal numerous times – $70 off the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, this time, it’s the Wi-Fi 16GB model in Gray. It normally costs $499.99 but today you can grab it for $429.99 with free shipping. If you’ve got…

Samsung halts TouchWiz UX update for Galaxy Tab 10.1

For the time being, no more TouchWiz UX update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as Samsung has stopped pushing it temporarily to “assess progress” and ensure that everything works well for customers. There’s no other explanation offered nor any date when we can expect the…