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Personal Robots on the Way, DragonBot Powered by Android

At Droidcon in Berlin Adam… Setapen, Roboticist at MIT’s Personal Robot Lab explained how he hopes to use Android to release personal robots into the wild. Personal robots that are capable of learning have been around for a few years have been around for a

NAO Robot Dances Thanks to its Intel Atom Heart

Intel and Aldebaran have collaborated to created NAO, a robot with a heart powered by Intel Atom. He’s only 53cm (21″) in height, and weighs 4kg (9lbs). You can just imagine the things this little guy can do if he can dance up a storm.…

Robotic Netbook Goes Mobile with a Lego Chassis!

Evan, Phil and Ron of the University of Vermont show off their Computer Science Final Project. They used an Acer Aspire One and built a Lego Chassis and this Rover Robot gets a tour of campus! They used a Wii remote over a wireless network…