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Touchscreen Ultrabook Reference Design Hands on at CeBit 2012

Intel has been talking about their next generation of Ultrabooks and touch screens have been a big part of that world.  Today at their press event at CeBit they showed off a reference design for a touch screen Ultrabook… and as you can tell from

Orange to Sell “Santa Clara”, Intel’s Medfield Smartphone Reference Design

When Intel showed off their Medfield-based Android smartphone reference design at CES 2012, they said that they wanted to produce a reference design to showcase what smartphone manufacturers could do with the Medfield platform.
OEMs could choose to use as much or as little of…

MediaTek’s New Android Platform to Take on Qualcomm & Intel

Taiwanese design house MediaTek has launched a 3G platform codenamed MT6575 which aims to compete with reference designs from Qualcomm and Intel. The platform, integrated with the ARM-licensed 1GHz Cortex-A9 processor and made with 40nm CMOS process, also supports the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich…

Clover Trail Tablet Reference Design with 32nm Chipset [Video]

Intel is showing off a reference design of their upcoming Clover Trail platform in a 10 inch tablet form fctor.  Clover Trail should be released in the second half of 2012 and they appear to be on track to launch right along side Windows 8.…

Qualcomm GameCommander App Demo Running on Snapdragon S4 Reference Tablet [video]

At PEPCOM Digital Experience, Sascha was able to catch a quick look at the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 reference tablet running the Qualcomm GameCommand app available starting today, Jan. 10, in the Android Market.
GameCommand is a free app that features games optimized specifically for Snapdragon…

Lenovo Medfield Z2460 Reference Design Tablet at CES 2012 [video]

It’s day one of CES 2012! We are at the Intel booth and just saw a quick demo of the Lenovo Medfield Reference Design Tablet.

It’s a prototype showing off Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on the new Intel Atom Z2460 processor. Finally, Android running…

5th-Generation Classmate PC Netvertible Hands on [video]

Live from the IDF 2011 show floor, Sascha has a quick look at the 5th-generation of the Intel Classmate PC.

It’s a very ruggedized computer for younger students. The thick plastic case has rounded corners and looks like it can survive some bumps (but don’t…

How long does an Ultrabook Take to Come out of Hibernate?

Ultrabooks are chalk full of brand new technology one of them is a new process for bringing the system out of hibernate.  the technology in question is actually called Rapid Start and it enables Ultrabooks to resume from hibernate and connect to the internet in…

Foxconn Brand Ultrabook Hands On at IDF 2011

At IDF 2011 in San Francisco Foxconn showed off a 13.3 inch Ultrabook… reference design.  The unnamed Ultrabook has three USB 3.0 ports and a SIM card slot for 3G or 4G mobile broadband that goes along with a brushed aluminum finish with a dark

Inventec Ivybridge Ultrabook Hands On at IDF 2011

Inventec, a major ODM  in Taiwan, debut their Ultrabook… reference design at IDF 2011 in San Francisco.  The Ultrabook is 13.3 inches and features Intel’s upcoming Ivybridge processor.  This ultrathin device sports 2 x USB 3.0, multicard reader, a SIM card slot, audio jack, HDMI

Pegatron Ivybridge Ultrabook References Design Hands at IDF 2011

At the Ultrabook… lounge at IDF 2011, Pegatron had two Ultrabook reference of designs which featured the next generation Ivybridge processor.  These two Ultrabook’s didn’t have names but they had different features.  What makes these two devices particularly interesting is that Pegatron is the sister

LG Shuriken Eighteen Ivybridge Ultrabook Hands On at IDF 2011

LG has maintained their sleek Ultrathin bezzel on their brand new Ultrabook… reference design the LG Shuriken Eighteen.  This reference design from LG features the next generation Ivybridge processor which we are expecting in the first half of 2012.   The LG Shuriken Eighteen comes with

Medfield Smartphone and Tablet Demo IDF 2011

At the IDF 2011 keynote with Paul Otellini we briefly saw some much anticipated mobile computing hardware inside a Medfield tablet and smartphone prototypes. The Medfield units are part of Intel’s Computing Continuum… initiative to bring consumers a seamless computing experience as they move across

Freescale i.MX6 Quad-Core Reference Design Hands On

When you think Freescale usually I think eReaders or affordable tablets, so checking out their quad-core reference design puts idea’s of flashier devices in my head.  The Freescale i.MX6 platform supports up to four ARM Cortex A9 processing cores and is going to be aimed…

NVIDIA Tegra 3 Gaming Performance and Demos – Project Kal-El

There were no shortage of tablets at Computex 2011 but there were only a few demo units running Nvidia’s Kal-El reference design. The tablet was running Android 3.1 on a 10-inch 1280 x 800 screen. We wish we could tell you about the ports and…