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Netbook News Product Database is Live with More Than Just Netbooks

If you’re thinking about buying a Netbook, Ultrabook… or Tablet we’ve just launched our Product Database which will give you way more than just the product specifications.  Our product information pages give you a chance to review many aspects of a device.  We’ve pulled together

Acer to Merge Netbook & Ultrabook Category

Acer had an opening ceremony yesterday and commemorate the beginning of the lunar new year and chairman JT Wang they had a few new years resolutions to announce.  This year Acer will no longer be defending its position in the market and warns that they…

Acer & Asus: Optimistic About the Success of Ultrabooks

Digitimes is wrong again! Not entirely shocking but when I saw the headline I had to wonder since just yesterday Acer confirmed to its investors that they would be pushing Ultrabooks since they are a higher profit margin item.  Acer is in fact planning on…