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Acer to Merge Netbook & Ultrabook Category

Acer had an opening ceremony yesterday and commemorate the beginning of the lunar new year and chairman JT Wang they had a few new years resolutions to announce.  This year Acer will no longer be defending its position in the market and warns that they…

Acer Predicts $899 Ultrabooks Q2 2012, $499 By 2013

Ultrabooks have yet to take a significant hold of the laptop market, but that stands to reason, considering Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors aren’t out yet (they’re expected to be available around March of 2012). However, once Ivy Bridge is readily available, Ultrabook… production will really

Manufactures Looking for CPU Price Drop on Ultrabooks

I saw this one coming a mile away! I’ve been saying for weeks now that Intel should subsidize the end cost of Ultrabooks for the consumer and apparently the manufacturers agree! Both Acer and Compal are looking Intel to help them drop the price on…