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Netbook News Has Moved to Mobile Geeks!

It is the end of an era, we still believe in the Netbook, but our love of Mobile Computing has us following the times with the Smartphone, Tablet & Ultrabook… coming up to grab the limited an coveted space in our bags an pockets. The

Netbook News Product Database is Live with More Than Just Netbooks

If you’re thinking about buying a Netbook, Ultrabook… or Tablet we’ve just launched our Product Database which will give you way more than just the product specifications.  Our product information pages give you a chance to review many aspects of a device.  We’ve pulled together

Netbook News First Video Hits 1 Million Views!

Its finally happened, we’ve achieved a new personal best on our You Tube channel where our top video has finally crested 1 Million views! The popular pick is of a Transparent OLED display from Samsung which if you haven’t checked out, you should take the…

The new look for Skype on webOS

The Skype integration on webOS look has been reveled. Like Google Voice on Android, the ability to route all international calls through Skype is provided along with the option to ask every time you make a call. On O2 in Germany? No problem, it will…

Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover – Protection? Not at all! *Update*

The iPad 2… cover has gotten rave reviews but it seems that our own Sascha Pallenberg has discovered that its all hype and no protection! After standing in line for hours at SXSW to get this coveted tablet after just a week of use it

Hands On Video: Toshiba NB520 Netbook With Harman/Kardon Speakers

We got a sneak preview at IT Month 2010 a few days ago and now its official, the Toshiba NB500 and the Toshiba NB520 with with Harman/Kardon Speakers is going on Sale this Saturday! The NB520 is a 10.1 inch Netbook running an Intel Atom…

JCP KPC-JCP330i aka Foxconn netBox 330i Unboxing

VAX Barcelona Netbook Bag & Waterproof case

MSI 7″ Dual Screen Proof of Concept EReader

LG X200 Netbook at CES 2010

Tegra Tablets at the Nvidia Booth: CES 2010

Hanvon 10.1″ Touchpad at CES 2010

Archos 5 unboxing & Hands on

The Archos 5 4.8″ touchscreen tablet has an ARM® Cortex™ processor and the Adobe Flash™ 9… video support. It also comes with a 60G-250G Hard Drive is capable of recording video & audio and is running on a linux operating system. Widgets

Filipino Netbook: Qube M1 $175 with a 1024x 600 Resolution

Unboxing: Gigabyte S1200