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Zephyr Jailbreak Tweak for iPhone/iPod Touch Adds Multitasking Gestures

I’ve gotten pretty dependent on the gestures on the iPad/iPad 2 to bring up the recent apps list and switch between apps that are “running” in the background. Unfortunately, these gestures aren’t present on the iPhone…. It’s understandable, given the much smaller

LG Switch Concept Phone Flips for Multitasking…Literally. [video]

The LG Switch concept phone takes a different approach to dual-screened multitasking on a smartphone. The Kyocera Echo didn’t make much of a dent in the market, but this LG concept might fare better, if it ever reaches production.
This concept phone has two screens,…

Watch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus & Ice Cream Sandwich Event Here

If you have even remotely been checking out any technology site, then you’ll know that there was big news! So in case you wanted to watch the Hong Kong event for yourself we’ve got the full Samsung Galaxy Nexus… unveiling and the launch of its

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Official Presentation [Video]

Google and Samsung have officially released the Samsung Galaxy Nexus… running Android 4.0 in an event in Hong Kong.  If you wish you were there, you’re in luck since we’ve got the official presentation below.  We’ve got the full run through of the presentation of

Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich – Essentials You Need to Know [video]

Are you sitting comfortably? You should be, because this is a mega-post containing just about all you need to know about Ice Cream Sandwich!
Interestingly, the Samsung-Google announcement for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus… and Ice Cream Sandwich was weighted very much toward talking about Ice

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 – Thinner & lighter than the iPad 2

CTIA is the launching ground for Samsung’s latest tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which menas their lineup will come with a size for everyone: 4, 5, 7, 8.9 to 10.1 inch. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is turning out to be a

GDC 2010: Mali 2D & 3D + Multitasking 2 videos on a big screen

Broadcom Persona Tablet Ecosystem & MWC Tablet Stack