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MSI S20 Ultrabook Slider *Update – Hands-on Video – Computex 2012

MSI is working on a new generation of ultrabooks, which will also be available as tablets. MSI will be showing them off at Computex this week. The S20… will come with Windows 8 and the Ivy Bridge processor. The MSI S20 will be another in

MSI Wind U180 Cedar Trail Netbook Up For Pre-Order in Germany

Netbook’s Featuring the new Cedar Trail line up have been popping up and the latest is by MSI who has updated their Wind line up. MSI first gained recognition for a great build quality on the original MSI Wind, but since has failed to innovate…

MSI Reorganizes Away From Netbooks Towards Gaming & Performance

There have been several rumors about Micro-Star International (MSI), and they commented outlining a new notebook strategy. Rather then throwing in the towel on notebooks all together MSI will focus on launching products for mid-range to high-end gaming markets. They will still continue to produce…

AMD Windows 8 Tablet with “Desna” Fusion APU hands on at BUILD 2011

The Netbook News team was in attendance at 3 different conferences this week! Roland over at was in Anaheim at the BUILD Conference where he got to participate in workshops and check out Windows 8 devices.  We’ve got a video for you of the  

AMD Windows 8 tablet boot comparison “Desna” Z-01 & “Ontario” C-50 Fusion APUs

At the BUILD conference where Microsoft launched their new operating system Windows 8, AMD showed off a pair of slates we’ve seen before, specifically the Acer Iconia Tab W500…, running on the company’s C-50 APU, and MSI’s WinPad 110W, sporting the Z-01 APU. This

MSI Wind Box DC100 Gets AMD E-450 Upgrade

One of MSI’s AMD Fusion powered nettops from earlier this year – the Wind Box DC100 – has been spotted with an upgrade to the recently announced Zacate E-450 processor, over in France. That makes this nettop one of the first to get one of…

MSI WindPad 110W now shipping for $600

I mentioned it the other day tucked inside another post but it deserves it’s own post – the MSI WindPad 110W is now shipping in the US priced at $599.99 – the same price as the Galaxy Tab… Wi-Fi 32GB model. While is still

MSI WindPad 110W 10.1″ AMD Fusion Tablet Unboxing

This is the first tablet to sport AMD’s brand-spanking new AMD Fusion Z-01 processor (5.9W TDP) for tablets is the MSI Windpad 110W…. Feels pretty warm and plenty of air vents on the sides and back to keep it cool. Optical mouse located on

MSI WindPad 110W tablet up for preorder $600 (redux)

Update: The MSI Windpad 110W is now also available to pre-order at for $599.99.
I posted the same news just prior to Computex launching, except at that time the images and specs for the MSI Windpad… 110W were off. Not anymore, and that’s been

MSI WindPad Enjoy 7-, 10-inch tablets priced from $199

Update: NewGadgets is in with a hands-on video of the 10-inch Windpad Enjoy. Added to the bottom.
MSI showcased a couple of low cost Android tablets alongside the AMD Fusion WindPad 120W and Intel Oak Trail Windpad 110W… Windows 7 tablets. Those tablets were the

MSI WindPad 120w (Cedar Trail) tablet hands on

The MSI Windpad 120W has the same tablet design as the Windpad 110W… except it’s powered by Intel’s netbook-oriented Cedar Trail platform rather than AMD Fusion. There’s the same plastic frame surrounding the bezel, splattering of air vents pushing out warm air and optical mouse

MSI WindPad 110w tablet (AMD Fusion) hands on

Update: The MSI Windpad 110W is now also available to pre-order at for $599.99.
The first tablet to sport AMD’s brand-spanking new AMD Fusion Z-01 processor (5.9W TDP) for tablets is the MSI Windpad… 110W. Feels pretty warm and plenty of air vents on

AMD Fusion Z series “Desna” APU for tablets detailed

It was just a couple of days prior to Computex launching that we heard about “Desna” then subsequently saw it leaked in a roadmap the following day. Today, AMD goes over the details of this “Desna”, which is another name for a new Z series…

AMD Fusion MSI WindPad 110W specs, pricing and preorder up

Update: The MSI Windpad 110W is now available to pre-order at for $599.99.
If Acer’s Iconia Tab W500 that quietly went on sale without fanfare a few weeks ago isn’t quite the AMD Fusion tablet you were looking for, MSI’s Windpad… 110W probably isn’t

MSI WindPad 110W (AMD Fusion) launches in July

I’ve got to say, MSI’s tablets are probably the ugliest lot of tablets on the market in recent times, and some even failed to even reach the market. The best looking one is no doubt the Windpad 110W… which is AMD Fusion powered with an