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Ex-Nokia Employees Join Jolla to Keep MeeGo Alive

Key members of the MeeGo team left Nokia last week essentially sealing the fate of the open source operating system.  And then Finnish stat up Jolla confirmed that it’s planning carrying the torch of this once loved Intel Nokia love child. The company includes important…

Nokia N9 Update to Firmware PR1.3 Brings “More than 1,000″ Improvements

The Nokia N9… is currently the only smartphone with MeeGo Linux, but the Finns intend to abandon MeeGo now that they’ve thrown their chips in with Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Nokia wants to maintain an interesting user experience with the smartphone despite their departure from MeeGo.

Nokia Air Mobile Cloud Leaked in Concept Video

Recently Finnish marketing agency Luxus accidentally released a video of a mobile cloud concept from Nokia called ‘Air’. The video was not intended for public viewing and seems to be circa May 2011 based on the news information shown onscreen in the video. Nokia Air…

Nokia N9 Gets (Unofficial) WhatsApp Release [Video]

Opera released a their Mini browser for MeeGo back in April and now WhatsApp has made it on to the Nokia N9 & the N900……unofficially.  Developer Tarek Galal has been working on porting WhatsApp onto the N9 since mid-February so since its unofficial its

Nokia working on Two New low end MeeGo Smartphones

If you’ve never played around with the Nokia N9…, the only MeeGo handset on the market, then you’re missing out. It’s one of those handset that geeks everywhere get a little nostalgic about because MeeGo really was a great operating system. According to an

Why is Nokia Still Working on MeeGo?

During Mobile World Congress last month, Nokia quietly released MeeGo 1.2 “Harmattan” for the Nokia N9 and it is the final official release of MeeGo before the project is “abandoned”. Of the original group that committed to MeeGo Nokia is the only one still actively…

Tizen Caught on Video with a 3D UI That Will Make You Look Twice

If you’re not familiar with Tizen you’re in the majority.  What we have here is an open source operating system that has experieced several iterations, the last was Meego which was a failed alliance between Intel and Nokia. The new Tizen project is being head…

MeeGo Quietly Releases a Cedar Trail Update

Last week Intel quietly released a new version of MeeGo that now offers support for their latest Atom platform, Cedar Trail.  We have yet to see an official release of Tizen, the next iteration of this mutated Linux platform.  So if you’re keeping track, MeeGo…

Nokia N9 Showing Off Android 4.0 On Video

Just three days ago we reported on a photographic evidence of Android 4.0 running on a Nokia N9. The photo was tweeted by developer Alexey Roslyakov, bringing attention to the NITDroid project to get a dual-boot MeeGo/Ice Cream Sandwich solution running on the N9….

Android 4.0 on Nokia N9 Demoed, Dual-Boot Solution with MeeGo In Progress

A project to get Android 4.0 running on the Nokia N9, called Nitdroid, continues to make progress. This photo posted on Twitter shows a tantalizing look at an Android 4.0 home screen on the N9…:

While the overall project isn’t near completion yet, developer 

More Spark Linux Tablet Details Available, Pre-Order February, Shipping in May for $265

Just a few days ago we reported on a 7-inch, Linux-based tablet called the Spark that would be available “soon” at a decent price of $265 USD. More details have been released about the hardware and software the device will be running, as well as…

LG to Launch Medfield Phone Running Android, Says Korea Times

According to a report from Korea Times attributed to Intel Korea chief Lee Hee-sung, Intel head Paul Otellini will be showing off an LG Android smartphone running Medfield to be released in 2012.
This wouldn’t be the first time that LG & Intel have gotten…

Nokia N9 Gets Landscape Mode with N9Tweak

If you’ve had hands on with the MeeGo based Nokia N9…, you’ll be a smitten, but you’ll also be a little annoyed at the fact that you can’t use it in portrait mode. Well, N9Tweak has an unofficial port that works in landscape mode

Nokia N9 Unboxing & Lumia 800 Comparison Video

The Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia N9… might look identical apart from having a different operating system, but in fact under the hood the phone’s have several differences.  The Lumia 800 has a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor paired with 512MB of RAM and 16GB of

Nokia N9 Running 7 Operating Systems [Video]

Ok, so it’s not an official Nokia N9…, but it’s one of the more interesting handsets that we’ve come across recently.  Normally when we come across a knock off its crappier hardware with a few extra’s or subtractions, but finding a knock off with