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Acer to Merge Netbook & Ultrabook Category

Acer had an opening ceremony yesterday and commemorate the beginning of the lunar new year and chairman JT Wang they had a few new years resolutions to announce.  This year Acer will no longer be defending its position in the market and warns that they…

Acer: Ultrabooks Will Become Mainstream

Taiwan’s largest gadget show kicked off over taking Halls 1 & 3 of Taipei’s World Trade Center on Saturday. Acer Chairman J.T. Wang spoke at a press conference and said that Ultrabook… prices need to be reduced to about US$699 and that the information technology

Acer: iPad Market Share will Drop from 100% to 20-30%

The tablet form factor is sweeping the market like netbooks did a few years ago, except this time Apple was first. According to Acer’s Chairman JT Wang global sales of tablet PCs are expected to quickly increase to 50 million units per year in 2-3…