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Korean Carriers Comfirm iPhone 5 Coming with LTE

Speculating about the details of the iPhone… seems to have eveolved into a professional sport, but when carriers weigh in on the subject, that takes things to a whole new level. SK Telecom and KT, have told Korea Times that they’re currently in-talks with Apple

iPhone 5 Processor Details Leaked?

iPhone… 5 rumors seem to be hitting the streets weekly, and the latest is a leak from 9to5Mac that the new handset will be packing a new CPU to provide next-generation speeds.  This really isn’t surprising since no one expected Apple to release a phone

iPhone 5 May Have Smaller Connector, Accessory Manufactures Rejoyce

If you’ve already got a whole bunch of accessories for your iPhone…, you’ll be terrified to hear that the iPhone 5 may have a smaller connctor. Meaning that you’re going to have to pick up a new clock radio or what ever accesories you’ve

Apple iPhone 5 May Come with a 4″ Display- Says WSJ

The rumor mill has been clear that the next generation iPhone… will be coming with a larger display. Now we have the Wall Street Journal reporting that Apple is placing orders for the new iPhone with its suppliers and its display is “at least 4

Apple Tries to Snag the ‘’ domain

Apple is trying to snag the domain by going through the World Intellectual Property Organization. Currently is a forum for rumors on the up coming smartphone from Apple.   Fusible spotted the domain claim, case number D2012-0951 if you want to do a little…

iPhone 5 Prototypes Spotted at Foxconn Factory

9to5Mac reports that a source at device manufacturer Foxconn says Apple’s next iPhone… is currently ready for production, and a few sample handsets — each slightly different from one another — are floating around the factory.
The Foxconn source says that all of these potential

LG Supply the Display for a 4″ iPhone 5 & a 7″ iPad

Just a few days ago we heard a rumor that Steve job killed the iPhone… 5 because its large 4″ screen would have fragmented the unified iPhone ecosystem.  Now the Korean Times has posted a story that LG is going to be entering into talks

Did Jobs Kill the iPhone 5?

Nothing like a good rumor to start the day, Business Insider has reportedly talked to a source who has had hands on with the iPhone… 5. The prototype had a bigger screen than the current iPhone with a 4″ diagonal increasing the size by 0.5

iPhone 5 Press Invite Sent Out & Samsung Readies Lawyers

Apple has just sent out the press invite for an iPhone… event on October 4th, 2011 at 10am, if you want to check out the event, here it is below. Its an interesting time for the iPhone since Samsung is rumors to be working on

iPhone 5 Allegedly Takes A Photo of Sushi

This has to be one of the stranger iPhone… 5 stories I’ve come across in a while, PocketNow claims to have come across a leaked photo of the iPhone 5′s camera in action. The image below has been cropped to 2235 x 2291, but this

iPhone 5 Concept With Laser Keyboard & Holographic Display (Video)

We’ve heard that the iPhone… 5 is going to be heading our way in October, we can expect a slimmer design and a better camera but there are a few patents that have us dreaming.  San Francisco designers Aatma vision for the future iPhone has