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News Round Up: Import Ban on Apple Prodcuts? Samsung vs Apple Trail End, Surface Gets Price Point & Cyanogen Mod 10

This week Post PC Nation takes a closer look at the possible import ban on the Apple products in the US, the end of the Samsung Apple trail as well as pricing for the Windows RT edition of Microsoft’s surface tablet and Cyanogen mod 10…

Korean Carriers Comfirm iPhone 5 Coming with LTE

Speculating about the details of the iPhone… seems to have eveolved into a professional sport, but when carriers weigh in on the subject, that takes things to a whole new level. SK Telecom and KT, have told Korea Times that they’re currently in-talks with Apple

The Latest Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Leaked Photo’s Dissapoint

In the latest game of ‘I have the latest iPhone 5 photo’s’ iLab Factory has got photos of an iPhone 5 in pieces and fully put together. AT first glance the phone below looks nearly identical to the iPhone 4S… with the obvious difference of

Sascha’s Commentary: Apple Disappointed at Highest Level – Samsung S3 Breaks Into iPhone Dominated Market

Headlines in business section and on tech websites are all full of concern for Apple. Near apocalyptic comparisons are being drawn despite the fact that Apple had a 3rd Quarter that most businesses can only dream about – it was just lower than in Q2.…

Apple Reveals Quarter 3 Sales Figures: 9 Million Less iPhones Sold Than in Q2 2012

The 3rd quarter is finished and already Apple has announced their new numbers. Even though the numbers are somewhat weaker than in the second quarter, Apple was able to increase their profits when compared to the corresponding quarter in 2011: $ 35 billion in revenues…

Google Tries to Make iPhone Patents Industry Standards

The patent wars rage on and the latest development is from Google has appealed to have a selection of Apple held telecommunication patents that are utilised in the iPhone… to be made standardised systems due to their generic nature and industry wide use. If successful

What’s in Steve Wozniak’s Pockets?

If you run into Sascha or I on the street asking us what’s in our pockets can be a pretty entertaining question. We’ll usually entertain you with the latest tablet, smartphone, Ultrabook… & its accessories along side some other obscure piece of technology However after

Muppets Come to Life with Band-Aid Magic Vision App – Uplinq 2012

Does a singing, swinging muppet make a boo-boo feel better? Johnson & Johnson certainly think so. Their Band-Aid Magic Vision App uses augmented reality technology to recognize the image on a band-aid and bring Kermit the Frog to life. Simply scan the band-aid and Kermit…

Samsung to Reach 10 Million in Galaxy S3 Sales by July

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling like hotcakes. There have been more than 9… million pre-orders and the demand is so high that Sprint had to delay the launch of this coveted smartphone. According to Reuters, by the end of July sales are projected to

Moboto: Transforming iOS Devices into the Ultimate Sidekick

Did you ever wish your iPhone… had more personality? Would you like to give your trusty sidekick an eye, a mouth, arms, a name? Well if Mark Solomon’s kickstarter project Moboto is successful, you’ll be able to choose a personality and a number of features

Siri vs S-Voice: The Showdown with Video

Welcome to the battle of virtual assistants! Today we have defending champion Siri against new comer S-Voice. Get out your foam fingers and grab some pop corn- this battle’s going to be intense.
As you can see, S-Voice and Siri are pretty evenly matched on…

More Than 200 New Features? The Real Deal with Apple’s iOS 6

Marketing, marketing, marketing! We always hear the same thing from Apple: “Over 200 new features!” Okay, sure… so let’s count the ones we know. It’s up to you to decide what’s really new and what’s just a nice update or a mac-ified Android app.


New iPhone 5 Photos – This Time it’s Assembled

Update: Looks like it’s surfaced that these are rendered photos! It was a good rumor while it lasted.
Another photo has emerged of the next generation iPhone…, the iPhone 5 and this time the case is assembled.  The photos, published by Chinese site iPhone中文网 

No iPhone News Means Samsung Has the Summer to Mark Their Territory

A lot went on a WWDC, new Macbooks were announced, iOS 6 got some upgrades, even Maps got some lovn’ in the news department but what didn’t get any attention was the next iPhone….  There wasn’t a peep about its existence or even when

Apple Presents iOS 6 with New & Improved Apps: WWDC 2012

At WWDC Apple’s presentation of iOS 6 was naturally full of jabs and jokes at Android’s expense. The comparisons between Android Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS were stark. With over 365 million iOS devices sold worldwide, and a near monopoly over the market- Android has…