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Korean Carriers Comfirm iPhone 5 Coming with LTE

Speculating about the details of the iPhone… seems to have eveolved into a professional sport, but when carriers weigh in on the subject, that takes things to a whole new level. SK Telecom and KT, have told Korea Times that they’re currently in-talks with Apple

Save the Date? Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event on September 12th?

The most popular question I get asked when people find out I’m a tech blogger is when is the iPhone… 5 coming out?  Well it looks like there is someone willing to stick their neck out with an actual date.  Rene Ritchie over at iMore 

North Korean iPad Clone, Quanta Factory Video leak, Surface Tablet, X-View 2 & iPhone 5 photos – News Round Up

In this weeks news round up with check out a photo of Kim Jong Il holding a N. Korean iPad… clone, watch a video of the Quanta factory that was accidentally shipped on an HP laptop, the Thomson X-View 2 gets a debut date,  Apple’s

The Latest Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Leaked Photo’s Dissapoint

In the latest game of ‘I have the latest iPhone 5 photo’s’ iLab Factory has got photos of an iPhone 5 in pieces and fully put together. AT first glance the phone below looks nearly identical to the iPhone 4S… with the obvious difference of

Sascha’s Commentary: Apple Disappointed at Highest Level – Samsung S3 Breaks Into iPhone Dominated Market

Headlines in business section and on tech websites are all full of concern for Apple. Near apocalyptic comparisons are being drawn despite the fact that Apple had a 3rd Quarter that most businesses can only dream about – it was just lower than in Q2.…

8 Reasons Why Apple’s iPhone 5 Won’t Be a Revolutionary Update

Conjecture and rumor swarm around Apple’s products like flies at a summer picnic. Every potential photo is analyzed, every rumor picked over until its dried up. Only Apple can get this kind of attention in the tech world. Not even Samsung garners this much attention.…

iPhone 5 Rumors, Aspire One 756, Galaxy S3 Clone & T-shirt Winners

Need to get caught up what’s going with in mobile tech news? We’ve got a round up for you that will go over the iPhone 5 rumors, Acer’s new 11.6 inch offering with the business focused B113 and the Aspire One 756 and of course…

Apple iPhone 5 First Leaked Photos?

The UK site Kitguru claims to have the first leaked photos of Apple’s new iPhone… 5. The grainy images show a questionable rough prototype of the iPhone 5, which apparently comes along with the new, larger display  about 4 inches diagonally. The display is in

Samsung to Reach 10 Million in Galaxy S3 Sales by July

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling like hotcakes. There have been more than 9… million pre-orders and the demand is so high that Sprint had to delay the launch of this coveted smartphone. According to Reuters, by the end of July sales are projected to

New iPhone 5 Photos – This Time it’s Assembled

Update: Looks like it’s surfaced that these are rendered photos! It was a good rumor while it lasted.
Another photo has emerged of the next generation iPhone…, the iPhone 5 and this time the case is assembled.  The photos, published by Chinese site iPhone中文网 

New iPhone Casing Rumor: Video Comparison with Predecessor

The new iPhone… and all its accessories remains cloaked in mystery. Minor leaks, rumors and suppositions are floating around the web. The latest, is a video of what will supposedly be the new iPhone casing. Taller, thinner and with a metal back, the new casing

iPhone 5 Processor Details Leaked?

iPhone… 5 rumors seem to be hitting the streets weekly, and the latest is a leak from 9to5Mac that the new handset will be packing a new CPU to provide next-generation speeds.  This really isn’t surprising since no one expected Apple to release a phone

iPhone 5 May Have Smaller Connector, Accessory Manufactures Rejoyce

If you’ve already got a whole bunch of accessories for your iPhone…, you’ll be terrified to hear that the iPhone 5 may have a smaller connctor. Meaning that you’re going to have to pick up a new clock radio or what ever accesories you’ve

Apple iPhone 5 May Come with a 4″ Display- Says WSJ

The rumor mill has been clear that the next generation iPhone… will be coming with a larger display. Now we have the Wall Street Journal reporting that Apple is placing orders for the new iPhone with its suppliers and its display is “at least 4

Weekend News Round Up: iPhone 5, HTC One X Woes, Sony Ultrabooks, & More

Last week was a bit of a news vacuum because of the Samsung Galaxy S3… launch and now that’s over the weekend produced a few stories worth mentioning.  Apple is going after the domain, AT&T is meddling with the bootloader on the HTC One