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News Round Up: Import Ban on Apple Prodcuts? Samsung vs Apple Trail End, Surface Gets Price Point & Cyanogen Mod 10

This week Post PC Nation takes a closer look at the possible import ban on the Apple products in the US, the end of the Samsung Apple trail as well as pricing for the Windows RT edition of Microsoft’s surface tablet and Cyanogen mod 10…

Tablet Wars: Around the Tablet World in Under 20 Minutes!

It all started with a single tablet. Then there were two. And before we knew it, there was a mountain of tablets. Instead of being overwhelmed by this discovery, Sascha decided to make our tablet obsession official. Thus, the Tablet Wars video was born.


Apple Reveals Quarter 3 Sales Figures: 9 Million Less iPhones Sold Than in Q2 2012

The 3rd quarter is finished and already Apple has announced their new numbers. Even though the numbers are somewhat weaker than in the second quarter, Apple was able to increase their profits when compared to the corresponding quarter in 2011: $ 35 billion in revenues…

iPad Mini Aims to Take on Nexus 7

There has been chatter of an iPad… mini for quite some time and rumors seems to be back in full swing with Google’s release of the Nexus 7.  Apple’s mini iPad is meant to be 7.85″, Chinese site MyDrivers claims that Sharp is supplying the

Apple Pays 60M to Setting iPad Copyright Claim in China

Apple is getting a taste of their own copyright loving medicine as the Californian company has agreed to pay Proview $60 million to settle a dispute over ownership of the iPad… name in China.  If you haven’t been following this case, this hickup is why

Muppets Come to Life with Band-Aid Magic Vision App – Uplinq 2012

Does a singing, swinging muppet make a boo-boo feel better? Johnson & Johnson certainly think so. Their Band-Aid Magic Vision App uses augmented reality technology to recognize the image on a band-aid and bring Kermit the Frog to life. Simply scan the band-aid and Kermit…

Moboto: Transforming iOS Devices into the Ultimate Sidekick

Did you ever wish your iPhone… had more personality? Would you like to give your trusty sidekick an eye, a mouth, arms, a name? Well if Mark Solomon’s kickstarter project Moboto is successful, you’ll be able to choose a personality and a number of features

Apple Presents iOS 6 with New & Improved Apps: WWDC 2012

At WWDC Apple’s presentation of iOS 6 was naturally full of jabs and jokes at Android’s expense. The comparisons between Android Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS were stark. With over 365 million iOS devices sold worldwide, and a near monopoly over the market- Android has…

ION iCade Arcade Cabinet Brings Atari’s Greatest Hits Back- Father’s Day Gift Idea

Looking for a gift for your Dad? Well I bet he’d like to relive a bit of his youth with the iCade Arcade Cabinet for his iPad….What you’ll be getting him is this awesome old school arcade like stand complete with joystick and red

DAGi iCard Transfers Data Through Capacitive Touch like Magic

Computex pre-press events have already started and today’s main event was the Taipei Computer Association’s Best in Show award ceremony. We have to admit we haven’t really figured it out, but a Taiwanese company DAGi has an information transfer storage and transfer solution called iCard.…

Apple iPad Mini: Thinner & Better Thanks to New Touch-Technology

Are we actually still talking about whether a small iPad… aka iPad Mini will come? Or are we now sure it will come and so we only discuss what it will look like and the specifics of the design? Either way, the rumors keep flooding

Apple Changes Name of New iPad, Drops the 4G

Apple is not a company know for bowing to consumer or regulatory pressure but they have renamed the 4G version of the iPad…. Apple has dropped the 4G fro the name and opted for iPad WiFi + Cellular. The original name “WiFi + 4G”,

iPad Mini – New Rumor Points to October Release for $200-250

Rumors of a smaller iPad, the so-called iPad mini, have haunted the media for a long time and no one wants the source of the rumor to dry up. We have reported for a good month now on the alleged 7.85 inch display. It’s high…

Spotify Gets iPad App – Was it Worth the Wait?

Spotify finally has an iPad… app! The streaming music service has launched a native app for the iPad and it’s free to download. Like the company’s existing mobile apps, it requires a premium subscription to really use. The app supports Apple’s AirPlay technology to stream

The Avengers: Iron Man – Mark VII – iOS App Walk Through

Fan of Iron Man? If you are there is a free app that you’ve just gotta download, Marvel’s The Avengers: Iron Man – Mark VII. It is an interactive comic that goes through the design logs of super hero Tony Stark as he journeys from…