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Samsung Series 7 Slate First Impressions [Video]

If you thought you had to wait until Windows 8 to get a Windows tablet you’ll be pleased to know they are still popping up despite the poor battery life Windows 7 offers in the Slate… form factor. Samsung has released the 11.6 inch Series

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Appears in the FCC

We’re big fans of the 7″ form factor because its easier to travel with an use on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7… (GT-P6810) has finally passed through the FCC meaning that its one step closer to an actual release.  Often we see a

Sharp 8K4K Super Hi-Vision 85″ LCD TV is the Display of the Future

Want to know what the TV of the Future is going to look like, and no, we’re not going to show you a 3D display. At IFA earlier this month we got to go eye’s on with the Sharp 8K4K Super Hi-Vision 85″ LCD display.…

PocketBook A10 Quick Walkthrough Video From IFA 2011

Yesterday we reported on an interesting Gingerbread tablet made with e-book readers in mind, the PocketBook A10. It has a 10″, 4:3 aspect ratio screen and hardware buttons for page turning, features chosen because the A10 is primarily an e-reader tablet, with Android tablet functionality…

Coby Tablet Booth Walkthrough at IFA 2011

At IFA 2011 we got a quick walk through ofA quick look at a couple of Coby tablets at IFA 2011. Most of them have an 1GHz Cortex A8 processor and run android 2.3 gingerbread without the android market or google apps.
The MID1125, like…

Intenso 8″ Live Tab Android 2.3 Tablet Hands On at IFA 2011

At only €200 the Intenso tablet is an 8 inch budget wonder running Android 2.3, but as you might have guessed its price does mean that its compromised on performance. Its running a 1 GHz single core processor under its 8 inch capacitive touch screen…

HannSpree 7-inch SN70T1 Android 2.2 Tablet Hands On

We took a look at HannSpree’s top-end 10-inch Honeycomb tablet the other day and left unimpressed and it’s even worse with their 7-inch SN701T tablet, but to be fair, it is decidedly budget. If you like sub 1024 x 600 resolution displays and sub 1GHz…

Pocketbook A10 – Gingerbread E-reader Tablet

With the glut of Android tablets introduced at IFA 2011, it’s easy to get tired of seeing tablets with similar hardware designs. The Pocketbook A10′s design stood out to me among the sea of sameness.

It seems the Sony Tablet S is not the only…

KT SpiderPad – One Phone To Power Your Laptop, Tablet and Handheld Console

KT (Korean Telecom) is showing off a concept at IFA they’re calling “SpiderPad” which’ll remind you of the upcoming Asus Padfone and the bygone Motorola Atrix…. This concept involves a variety of devices, all powered by your smartphone. The showcase here shows a 4.5-inch

HannSpree HansPad SN10T4 Honeycomb Tablet Hands On At IFA 2011

Prior to IFA HannSpree tweeted that some new tablets of theirs would debut at the event, and surely enough their tablets are here. Here’s the highest end HansPad SN10T4 model we’re taking a look at here. Pretty much standard fare Honeycomb, apart from the TI…

Another Ultrabook Round-Up For Your Perusal

Liliputing has a great round-up of specs for the 5 ultrabooks that were introduced at IFA 2011. It’s a nice companion article to the one we posted earlier from This is My Next, since that one mainly had video and lots of photos.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs Galaxy Tab

Before the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 vanished from IFA we got our hands on in, as well as a quick comparison between the 7.7 and the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab…. You’re probably aware of the key differences, which I’ll lay out below anyway, but

Ultrabooks Galore at IFA 2011

It seems that IFA 2011 has ushered in the era of the ultrabooks category of laptops. These Intel-based, Ultra…-thin, and light laptops hope to lure you away from the MacBook Air with their sleek hardware designs, beefy hardware specs, and, most importantly, pricing competitive

Huawei 7″ MediaPad Tablet Hands-On at IFA 2011 [video]

Andrzej has a quick walkthrough video for a 7″ Android Honeycomb (3.2) tablet from Huawei called the Mediapad…. The MediaPad was introduced about 3 months ago in Singapore, but is now debuting at IFA 2011. It should be available in Germany on November 1,

Is Samsung Picking up MeeGo Where Intel Left Off?

While reporting from IFA 2011, it seems that Sascha Pallenberg of has come upon some interesting news: Samsung may take over MeeGo development now that Intel seems unwilling to continue developing MeeGo due to lack of hardware manufacturer interest.
Right now there isn’t much…