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Computex 2012 Wrap Up Video – Predictable Yet Significant

Computex 2012 is one of my favorite shows of the year, not only because it’s on my home turf but because it gives us a good idea of what the back to school and Christmas shopping line up is going to look like. This years…

AMD Shows of Compal Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet *Hands-On Video* Computex 2012

Hybrids are the trend at this year’s Computex in Taipei. While we are familiar with the idea of hybrids thanks to the ASUS Transformer, the new wave of hybrids with Windows 8 that we’re seeing now are very exciting. Intel has distinguished itself above all…

Convertible Tablet Ultrabooks on the Way

Intel has set out specific guidelines for their Ultrabook… line up, the most significant being that they contain an Intel processor. There are others including thickness 18 mm for 13.3″ and smaller displays, 21 mm for 14.0″ and larger displays and 23 mm for convertible

Dell XPS 12: Tablet-Ultrabook with 12.5 Inch Full HD Display

Tablet-Ultrabook… hybrids are becoming a very popular solution to the computer portability problem. Dell’s XPS 12 can mutate from ultrabook to tablet effortlessly. A leaked slide shows that the convertible ultrabook will have a 12.5 inch full HD display- 1920 x 1080 pixels- and

ASUS Padfone, Ultrabooks Galore, Flipboard & CTIA – News Round Up

Curious what happened this week in tech? We’ve got a news round up for you that’s focused on Moblie computing news, we go touch on the ASUS Padfone which we got some extensive hands on time with, the ASUS Zenbook UX32VD and the HP Spectre…

PadFone Dock is Interchangable with the Original Transformer Dock [Video]

The ASUS Padfone… is a smartphone with Netbook aspirations as it comes with a 10.1 inch tablet (Padfone Station) and a keyboard dock. If you happen to have an original Transformer dock laying around (or can find one on Ebay) you’ll be able to save

ASUS PadFone Detailed Walk Through of Handset, Tablet & Dock

The ASUS Padfone… is the latest hybrid device from ASUS, it is a nice addition to the Tranformer line up because it is a smartphone with a tablet docking station with the option to add in a keyboard. It’s got one more level of functionality

ASUS PadFone Unboxing with the PadFone Station & Station Dock [Video]

The ASUS Padfone has finally made its way on to the Taiwanese market and we’ve gotten a hold of the Padfone… (handset), the PadFone Station (tablet) and the PadFone Station Dock (keyboard).  This is an interesting device because the PadFone actually docks into a 10

ASUS Padfone Unboxing Photos

The ASUS Padfone… was meant to hit the street today in Taiwan but was delayed until May 11th, but it looks like that didn’t stop Cnet Asia from getting their hands on a unit for Unboxing. The Asus Padfone will sell for 699 EUR, which

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Android Windows Hybrid Laptop Tablet – Is it Coming to Market?

Remember the Lenovo IdeaPad U1? It was the hybrid tablet with keyboard docking station that went from Windows 7 while docked and Android when in tablet form.  We’ve been hearing that it will come to market but when and where is a mystery and to…

GoWorld Slider Ultrabook Hands On at IDF Beijing 2012

Hybrid Tablets or Notebooks aren’t exactly new, last year ASUS launched the unmemorable Slider and they weren’t alone, Samsung also released a convertible tablet. It’s not surprising that we’re seeing the latest product category with Ultrabooks try out the form factor. Chinese manufacturer GoWorld demoed…

Sony “Hybrid” CES Concept Could Be Reborn as Sony Vaio U Series Windows Tablet

Sony’s expansive floor space at CES 2012 (it can’t really be called a booth) was like sensory overload. But luckily we caught sight of their two CES concept computers, “Hybrid” and “Slate…”. Just like concept cars, many of these concept computers never become

ASUS Padfone Gets April Release Date

The ASUS Padfone… is a hybrid smartphone table that was first shown off in June and was officially launched last week at Mobile World Congress by Chairman Jonney Shih with his typical fan fare.  There was no word on pricing or availability but according to

ASUS Padfone Handset & Tablet Detailed Hands On Videos

We’ve been seeing the ASUS Padfone pop up since June of last year and it’s finally been announced.  There weren’t any big surprises since but it’s nice to see it with an official spec sheet, even if it’s exactly what we expected.  We got to …

ASUS Padfone Official MWC Presentation Featuring Jonney Shih

Sacha found him self a home at the front of the ASUS press conference and caught Jonney Shih in all of his glory during the official presentation of the Padfone.  We finally have the official specification sheet for the tablet smartphone hybrid device.

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