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HP Slate 8 Tablet with Windows 8 Pops Up Again

The strange story of the mysterious HP Slate… 8 tablet continues to confound us. It looks like HP is trying to stage a tablet comeback with Windows 8, but nobody knows when the device will appear, what it will come with or how well it

Open WebOS Not Heading to Existing Devices Thanks to HP

The good news: WebOS is making progress. The bad news is that everyone that has a current HP WebOS device won’t be able to run  the official Open WebOS platform. The reason being, the system drivers aren’t open source.

Open WebOS requires a system with…

North Korean iPad Clone, Quanta Factory Video leak, Surface Tablet, X-View 2 & iPhone 5 photos – News Round Up

In this weeks news round up with check out a photo of Kim Jong Il holding a N. Korean iPad… clone, watch a video of the Quanta factory that was accidentally shipped on an HP laptop, the Thomson X-View 2 gets a debut date,  Apple’s

HP Envy 6 Ivy Bridge Sleekbook Unboxing and Detailed Walk Through- Video

The HP Envy 6 Ivy Bridge Sleekbook has finally arrived in our office in Taiwan. We took a look at the 15.6 inch laptop in an unboxing and detailed video walk through. The video features the Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge generation laptop with Radeon…

HP Not Pursuing Windows RT Tablets, For Now

HP has put plans to produce an Windows RT tablet based on an ARM processor on hold and is instead choosing to focus on Windows 8 tablets running on Intel’s X86 platform. According to HP, its customers have said that they prefer to have access…

HP DM1 Gets AMD Brazos Update

HP has upgraded its 11.6 inch DM1 Netbook with an new AMD processor, the E1-1200 dual-core processor running at 1.4 GHz along side a Radeon HD 7310 graphics card. Apart from the addition of a 2.0 Brazos processor not much else has changed, there are…

HP Working on a Windows 8 Tablet

Last week HP had a launch event in Shanghai where they launched the HP Spectre XT Ultrabook… and there was an announcement that HP is planning to re-enter the tablet market. This time with Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet OS instead of WebOS.


HP Spectre XT Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Launched – June Street Date

HP has released the successor to the Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook… the HP Spectre XT, during their launch event in Shanghai they also announced that the Envy 14 & 15 will be available in both AMD and Intel versions.  What this means is that since

HP Prepares 5-7 Ultrabooks for Launch

It looks like HP is feeling good about the performance of the HP Envy 14 Spectre… and is preparing to launch 5 to 7 new Ultrabooks in the 2nd half of 2012. These new Ultrabooks which will launch in April are expected to achieve shipments

webCM9 Gives webOS-Styled App Switching to CM9-Running HP TouchPad

While it is very cool to run Android 4.0 on my HP TouchPad, I do miss a lot of webOS features (though I see a lot of webOS in parts of Ice Cream Sandwich, like being able to swipe individual notifications from the list to…

HP webOS Group Undergoes More Layoffs During Transition to Open webOS

In some unfortunate news late this afternoon, HP has laid off around 275 out of the remaining 500… employees in the webOS group. These layoffs were apparently planned as part of the efforts to open source webOS, but that doesn’t make the news any less

CM9 for HP TouchPad Reaches Alpha 2, Has Netflix Support On-Board

The last time we reported on CyanogenMod 9 for the HP TouchPad, it was at version Alpha 0.6. We missed a couple releases, because now it’s up to Alpha 2. Alpha 2 only brings video playback fixes, most excitingly, Netflix support! It also fixes video…

CM9 Nightly Builds Available for HP TouchPad

If you’re running CyanogenMod 9 build on your HP TouchPad, you might be interested to hear that nightly builds are now available.

Essentially, the branched CM9 builds for the Touchpad… is merged with the main development branch. Whatever updates, bug fixes, or other changes that

HP Continues Their Open webOS Initiative: Isis Browser Source Code Released, JavaScriptCore Integration

Last month HP made the pleasantly surprising decision to open source webOS. In the announcement they revealed their roadmap, listing monthly deliverables. For February they planned

  • Intended project governance model, QT WebKit extensions, JavaScript core, UI Enyo widgets

They’re staying on track with their schedule

HP Envy 14 Spectre Available for Pre-Order, Minus HD+ Radiance Infinity Display Option

We saw HP’s Envy 14 Spectre at CES 2012. It’s an impressive-looking machine, which HP is touting as a “premium Ultrabook…”, which essentially means it doesn’t meet the sub-$1000 pricing requirement for Ultrabooks. Granted, there aren’t yet many Ultrabooks out there that do.