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Google IO Round Up, Nexus Ban & Flash – Post PC Nation News

Last weeks news was dominated by Google IO. There were several impressive announcements including Google’s entry into the tablet market with the Nexus 7 tablet, Jelly Bean was announced, Nexus Q showed it’s head and Google glasses wowed everyone.  If there were other announcements they…

ASUS Transformer Prime 1080p Youtube Playback [video]

In the video below, Sascha’s showing off a quick demo of the ASUS Transformer Prime playing back YouTube videos via the Adobe Flash player that’s pre-installed. Running Flash 11.1, it looks like the Transformer Prime has no issues playing back HD content, even up to…

Adobe Flash 11.1 Now in the Android Market With Support For Android 4.0

Adobe has made good on its promised that it would update Flash to support devices running Android 4.0 in 2011. With 2012 just days away and U.S release of the Galaxy Nexus… they got in just under the wire. This is the must have update

Windows 8 to Move from Flash and Silverlight to HTML5

Just a quick, but surprising tidbit of non-IDF 2011 news — Microsoft announced at the BUILD conference, and reiterated in a post on their Building Windows 8 blog, that the Metro style browser in Windows 8 will rely on HTML5 as much as possible to…

Flash 10.2 moves out of Beta for Honeycomb, needs upcoming Android 3.1 update

Flash 10.2 has been out for a while but for Android 3.0 Honeycomb it has been in Beta state, until today. The final version for Honeycomb has the usual bug and security issues, adds 720p hardware accelerated video playback (what about 1080p?) and provides “enhanced…

Leaked Adobe Flash Player for Motorola Xoom (video)

The leaked build doesn’t need root or even a preliminary update to install; apparently you just need to check the “Unknown sources” box under Settings Applications, and sideload the file or download it from the Xoom…’s browse. Engadget took it for a spin and

Motorola Xoom shipping without Flash (update: Ad promo)

Update: Not Flash related but certainly on the topic of Xoom… – yet another new ad has been spotted (added at the bottom). Tip: if  you’re out and about and you ever see a tablet floating in mid-air be cautious about grabbing it, won’t you?

Browser Support Update to BlackBerry PlayBook OS Simulator

BlackBerry’s Playbook… has one of the most compelling web browsing experiences on the market. If you’re thinking of developing for this tablet you’ll be please to know their simulator now offers browser support. Developers can now test their web and Flash applications using the browser.

HP’s webOS Tablets- Touchpad Series with Beats Audio & Tap-to-Share

We’ve already heard that HP is planning a 9… & 7 inch webOS tablet. Opal the 7″ tablet will hit the streets in September & Topax the 9″ in March. We’ve got more leaked information about HPs tablet strategy, first of the name of the

Condé Nast Embraces Adobe’s Publishing Tool & Flash

Publishers have looked at tablets as the 2.0 platform for their withering print publication business. Condé Nast has announced that it will use Adobe’s publishing tools for upcoming tablet editions, rather than taking its own approach. The company has already been using Adobe’s Digital Publishing…

RIM Playbook Press Conference Walk Through DevCon10

If you want to feel like you were actually at Blackberry DevCon10 in San Francisco we shot Mike Lazaridis President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, RIM introducing the Playbook…. The video is under 5 minutes and he goes through point by point all of the

Opera CTO on Support of WebM & HTML5 & What it Means

Hakon Wium Lie CTO of Opera was at Google I/O last month and talked about what WebM & HTML5 were going to mean for the internet.
Google has announced a new multimedia codec called WebM which the search giant is pitching to become the standard…

Netbooks Rejoice! Flash 10.1 Out of Beta and Ready for the Mainstream!

If you had the opportunity to test of the Release Candidate of Flash 10.1 and enjoyed smooth playback then you’ll want to upgrade to the official version. If it didn’t go so well, try again because all the bugs should be ironed out!
According to…

Using HLML5 as a wrapper around Flash, Is it a Possibility?

Could Adobe technically & legally use HTML5 as a wrapper to deliver just the video subset of Flash capabilities using Flash’s file format & proprietary codecs as an alterntive to whatever Apple, Microsoft & Google want to promote? Find out how Opera’s CTO Hakon Wium…

Google I/O 2010 Highlight Reel – Netbook Nation #17

Google I/O 2010 took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco May 19-20. The conference had some interesting revelations, the most significant for netbooks and the Web was Google Annoucing Support for Web M, whose most outstanding feature is the video codec VP8. Micheal…