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Android to Take Over Apple’s iPad in 2016

According to research firm Informa Android will take over Apple’s iPad… in 5 years time.   Apple currently holds 75 percent market share and Informa predicts that it will fall to 39 percent in 2015, when Android market share growing to 38 percent.
“From 2013, as

Mobile Monday: “The Smartphone Revolution: Who will Profit from It, and How?”

At Mobile Monday Taipei our very own Sascha Pallenberg took the stage to give a 30 minute speech about “The Smartphone Revolution…: Who will Profit from It, and How?” With tablets and Superphones entering the market there are many people wonder how the chips

ARM President Outlines “Three Phases” of the Tablet Market

Tudor Brown, the President of ARM discussed tablet today and affirms that tablets are a big deal and that they are far from meeting their full potential. To Brown, the current tablet market is simply ‘phase one’ of three total stages. We are currently in…

Mobile Monday Taipei: Netbook Applications, MeeGo & iPad = Fail

Nicole Scott will discuss porting your iPhone… games onto Netbooks. Also, get the run down on the netbook application ecosystem and answer questions like: Who are Netbook users and What kind of apps are they buying? And if you were wondering about tablet ecosystems, well

WePad & WeMagazine Ecosystem for publishers

You may have noticed we like covering iPad… Alternatives here at Netbook News and we have uncovered a little beauty called the WePad. It is just another tablet but lets take a look at what it has to offer, its a little bigger at 11.6

Broadcom Persona Tablet Ecosystem & MWC Tablet Stack