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Apple’s A5X Processor vs Nvidia’s Tegra 3 – Was Apple Right?

During the new iPad… launch Apple made a claim that their new A5X processor was 4X faster than Nvidia’s newly released Tegra 3 processor. It didn’t take long before the benchmarks came out and Avram over at LaptopMag always reliably puts his gadgets through the

New iPad Appears in Comparison Video with the iPad 2

Apple’s new iPad has already been unboxed and now we’ve uncovered it on Chinese site PCM for a comparison with the iPad 2…. This is the first time we’re seeing video of the new iPad up against the iPad 2 since Apple was very

New iPad Compared to iPad 2, Transformer Infinity & the Playbook

The New Apple iPad… was released and it’s got a new wicked quick quad core A5X processor which they claim is 4 x faster than Tegra 3 and it’s got a crazy high resolution display of 2048 x 1536. We’ve got a whole list of

Assembled iPad 3 Parts Give Us a Idea of What We Can Expect

Apple’s event is taking place on Wednesday and of course we’ve got a couple of interesting early leaks. The team over at M.I.C Gadget got their hands on a collection of iPad… 3 parts, allowing them to give us a look at what the new

Windows 8 vs iPad – Feature Comparison Video

Windows 8 had an official release at Mobile World Congress last week and it’s clear that the industry believes that they’ve got an iPad… competitor on thier hands.  iOS 5 and Windows 8 share a few similarities, but the user experience is fundamentally different and

HTC One S Vs Samsung Galaxy SII – Comparison Video

The HTC One S is the new ‘mid range’ handset from HTC, in my opinion the only reason it’s being called mid-range is because of it’s smaller form factor, the NTC One X come is at a much larger 4.7 inch display. I’m inclided to…

iPad 3 Prices May Be Up to $80 More Than Last Year’s iPad 2 Debut Pricing

Chinese social network site, Sina Weibo, has some unsubstantiated rumors regarding iPad 3 pricing. According to a chart that has been posted, debut pricing for the iPad 3 could be up to $80 more than iPad 2… prices from last year.

In general, Apple has

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S2

HTC had their press conference at Mobile World Congress announcing their HTC One line of phones — the One X being their flagship Android phone with HTC Sense 4.0, and high-quality 8 MP camera. Interestingly, there will be two versions, one running a quad-core, NVIDIA…

Ultrabook Roundup and Overview – Compared to Pricey Sony Vaio Z Series

With the rise of Ultrabooks, the market for expensive ultraportable laptops in the $3000 to $4000 range like the Sony Vaio… Z is quickly dwindling. Ultrabooks are thin and light laptops in the 11-inch to 13-inch range (so far), some with premium features and fashionable

2011: Year of the Smartphone, PCs Overtaken, Tablets Continue to Gain Ground

According to global shipment number estimates from Canalys, smartphone shipments overtook total client PC shipment numbers for the first time in 2011. The so-called “total client PCs” category includes tablets, netbooks, laptops, and desktops.

Total smartphone shipments in Q4 2011 grew 57% over the same…

Is iOS More Stable Than Android?

Have your phone crash on your sucks. No two ways about it. The question that often comes up is which operating system is more stable, iOS or Android?  Crittercism, a research startup that analyzes mobile app crashes, has published some data that will end the…

ASUS Transformer Prime GPS Signal Test – Comparison to Tablet S & Galaxy Tab 10.1

Recently, a new software update was made available for the Transformer Prime, which alleges to fix the GPS location problem affecting some units. We decided to put the ASUS Transformer Prime head to head with the Sony Tablet S & the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1…

Display Comparison: Fire vs iPad vs Nook, And the Winner is…

There are three tablets that are going to show up under under the tree in a few days, The Amazon Kindle Fire, the Barnes & Noble Nook & the Apple iPad 2…. Dr. Raymond Soneira is President of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation took the

Samsung Mocks Apple Fanboy’s in Latest Galaxy SII Commercial

If you really love Apple you might not find Samsung’s latest commercial that funny but if you have waited in line for an Apple product and can laugh at your self, Enjoy. In their latest commercial for the Galaxy SII Samsung blatantly puts their phone…

iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S Camera – Test Shots

While many iPhone 4 owners aren’t likely to upgrade to the iPhone 4S… for various reasons — mainly that their 2-year contract isn’t up until next June if they got the iPhone 4 at launch — it’s interesting to see a telling comparison between the