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Stripper Robots take the Stage at CeBit 2012

Think you’ve seen it all? At CeBit we had a first, two stripper robots working the pole. We’re not really sure what the company does that put these gyrating soulless robots to work and really we don’t care, anyone that programs pelvic movements like these…

Vodafone SmartTab 7 Android Tablet Hands On

We got to go hands on with Vodafone SmartTab 7 which is a ZTE branded tablet. Under the hood we have a qualcomm snapdragon 8260 which is a ARM cortex A9 processor with a adreno 220 GPU. It’s has a 1280 x 800 display 16GB…

Vodafone SmartTab 10 Android Tablet Hands on at CeBit 2012

We got to go hands on with Vodafone SmartTab 10 which is a ZTE branded tablet. Under the hood we have a qualcomm snapdragon 8260 which is a ARM cortex A9 processor with a adreno 220 GPU. It has a 1280 x 800 display 16GB…

Touchscreen Ultrabook, Windows 8 & Applications – Nicole Scott & Chippy Battle it Out

Hanging around after the Intel press event at CeBit Chippy from Ultrabook… News and I got to spend sometime with the touchscreen Ultrabook reference design and while playing around dive into the Ultrabook ecosystem. We had a lively discussion about the future of Ultrabook and

Touchscreen Ultrabook Reference Design Hands on at CeBit 2012

Intel has been talking about their next generation of Ultrabooks and touch screens have been a big part of that world.  Today at their press event at CeBit they showed off a reference design for a touch screen Ultrabook… and as you can tell from

Joyplus M10PQ 10″ tablet with PixelQi display hands-on video at CeBit 2012

We’ve been following Pixel-Qi display’s for quite some time but seeing actual products on the market has been something that we haven’t been able to do do much reporting on. At CeBit 2012 we found a Chinese Shenzhen manufacturer, Joyplus that has come out with…

IPS Display for $120? Viota M970 9.7″ Android 4.0 Tablet

CeBit is full of interesting tablets many of which aren’t worth the screws they’re put together with, but Viota has come out with a tablet that so far looks like it’s worth the money…and maybe more! The Viota M970 is a 9….7 inch tablet

Archos 80 G9 and 101 G9 Turbo with Android 4.0

Archos had a few wares on display on Day 0 of CeBit 2012, Andjez from got to spend some time with the the Archos 80 G9 & it’s 10 inch big brother the 101 G9… Turbo.
The two new Turbo tablets have come with

Viota M700 7″ $100 Tablet with Android 4.0 & 1.5 ghz Boxchip A10 at CeBIT 2012

Chinese manufacturer Viota has come out with yet another budget Android tablet that comes in at 7 inches and $100. Even though this is a budget tablet we think it’s defiantly worth a look since it comes with a Boxchip A10 which is running at…

Fujitsu Lifebook Premium Ultrabook Hands On Video & Photos

Fujitsu is clearly looking to position itself as a high end Ultrabook maker with their Lifebook, which will likely be the first to market with 4G/LTE. The details we vague but the device is gorgeous, it’s 14 inch frame comes with the Ultra… thin bezel

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer 3D Plus glasses Demo’ed with Architechture Applications in Mind

3D glasses that let you interact with virtual world’s aren’t exactly new, but trying the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer 3D Plus glasses at CeBit today we forgot exactly how cool they are. The demo we saw was more robust than most because it had a commercial…

MSI U180 Cedar Trail Netbook Hands On

MSI has come out with another updated Netbook with the Wind U180…, which actually doesn’t look very different than MSI’s last half dozen or so netbooks. Since it didn’t actually change the design, you’ll find most of the changes are under the hood. It

Fujitsu Lifebook Premium Ultrabook with 4G/LTE Press Event Photos at CeBit 2012

We are currently at the Fujitsu press conference and the Japanese company just teased the new Fujitsu LifeBook Ultrabook… have imagined. It will have a 14 inch device with a frameless display, we’re guessing similar to the LG Shuriken display technology and will weigh less