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Raspberry Pi Release Date Pushed, Delay Explained

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced that the production of their boards are slightly delayed but will be available on February 20th. Before this HD capable goodness shows up on your front door they are to be shipped to the UK where they will…

Nextbook Elite Dual-Core Android 4.0 Tablet Heading to CES

If you haven’t heard of eFun, you’re not missing much, they make budget tablets with underwhelming specs. Today we heard that they are unwrapping a ‘premium’ tablet running Android 4.0 at CES in a few days.

The eFun Nextbook Elite 10 will feature a 9…

Broadcom Announces Android Compatible Dual-core Processor

Android is getting alot of love from chipset manufacturer Broadcom with the announcement of its second Android-ready processor. The new BCM28150 is a big step up from its predecessor that’s only been on the streets since December of 2010.  The new processor sports a dual-core…

Broadcom Crystal HD Video Accelerator Alternative Hits the Streets

Looking to upgrade your netbook with an HD video acclerator? Anyone who was looking to grab the Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator knows that the price of the cards went through the roof when Boradcom introduced its 2nd generation card and supplies dwindled.
We now…

ASUS Eee PC 1005PR with Broadcom CrystalHD – Promo Video & Hands On

ASUS has issued a press release today talking about it Eee PC Seashell 1005PR. This multimedia centric netbook is sporting a with Broadcom CrystalHD which will deliver smooth HD online viewing experience. We’ve seen this netbook on the market for months now, but it’s always…

German ‘Anti-iPad’ the WePad Interface Walk Through

Sascha and Roland were able to attend the WePad conference during Republica and posted this video with the applicaitons and interface of the german “Anti-iPad…” that is to be sold by Neofonie in cooperation with content publishers and mobile carriers.
The video shows

WePad “Hands On” & A Few Impressions

The WePad conference which Roland, our partner in crime over at described the event as one of the strangest he’s attended in all his years as a Journalist! The WePad was running a scripted demo so the guys didn’t have a chance to get…

Mobile World Congress 2010 Awards Show – Netbook Nation #15

Netbook News awards the best in show as well as the best hardware, future technology and future platform at Mobile World Congress 2010.…

Flash 10.1 Beta 3: Support added for Intel GMA 500 & Broadcom Crystal HD

Hallelujah!!! Flash Player 10.1 Beta 3 is here bringing hardware video acceleration to owners of netbooks with Intel GMA 500 graphics. This should make Hulu and YouTube HD usable on machines like the ASUS Eee PC T91MT, Sony Vaio… P & VAIO X, the

Broadcom Persona Tablet Ecosystem & MWC Tablet Stack

Atom Pine Trail M HD chip supports Flash Player 10.1

Since Intel didn’t come to the tablet with an HD decoder chip that could play HD in 1080p for its Atom platform, it reached out to one of its competitors, Broadcom and used their HD chip.
Intel’s latest Atom platform codenamed Pinetrail M can play…

Meet Mobility Podcast 38 CES 2010 Warm-up

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast.
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.
Click to download mp3 1:10:51
Show notes: Podcast 38:
On the podcast:
Sasca Pallenberg –
Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine –
We will be live at CES2010.…

Intel Atom N450 Specs Leaves Door Open for Nvidia & Broadcom

The N450 is the new Intel Atom-based chip that will be used for the highly anticipated ‘Pineview’ netbooks in 2010. We have been seeing early previews leading up to CES over the past few weeks. We now have some documentation to lay those rumors to…

Broadcom’s Crystal HD aimed at N450-based netbooks – Computex ’09 Sneak Peak Video

NVIDIA’s Ion technology is definatley catching the spotlight on the advanced graphics in the netbook ecosystem, but Broadcom’s no stranger to the space either. After giving Acer’s Aspire One HD playback capabilities that it could only dream of just months prior, the company’s newly announced…

Broadcom Crystal HD demoed on video

Broadcom has kindly uploaded a video that demos its new Crystal HD netbook add-on card which allows for full 1080p HD video playback on pretty much any netbook, although it has some limitations.
At the moment you’re stuck using only a few video playback applications,…