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Reliance on SSDs May Be Another Sticking Point for Ultrabooks

Ultrabook manufacturers continue to run into problems trying to design models that have optimal performance, Ultra…-low weight, and ultra-thin chassis, but significantly undercut MacBook Air pricing. The latest sticking point is needing to use SSDs for primary storage in Ultrabooks. They can be used

Acer Aspire S3 Up for Pre-Order for $899.99

Intrigued by all the Ultrabook news of late and are ready to order one of your very own? Acer has you covered with their Aspire S3.
The Aspire S3… is a 13.3″ Ultrabook weighing around 3 pounds, and is .5″ thin. It has an LED-backlit

Another Ultrabook Round-Up For Your Perusal

Liliputing has a great round-up of specs for the 5 ultrabooks that were introduced at IFA 2011. It’s a nice companion article to the one we posted earlier from This is My Next, since that one mainly had video and lots of photos.


Ultrabooks Galore at IFA 2011

It seems that IFA 2011 has ushered in the era of the ultrabooks category of laptops. These Intel-based, Ultra…-thin, and light laptops hope to lure you away from the MacBook Air with their sleek hardware designs, beefy hardware specs, and, most importantly, pricing competitive