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New MacBook Line-up Calms Wintel’s Fears of a Mac Takeover

Wintel-based notebook vendors heaved a big sigh of relief after Apple announced their new MacBook line-up at WWDC. Apple only introduced new Intel Ivy Bridge processors and a retina display for one MacBook Pro. Whewee! Nothing too huge, and the prices are still much higher…

Watch Out Intel: Apple Comes Bearing New Ultrabook Patents

Come on, you’re not serious right? We’re all tired of the patent debates circling around smartphones and tablets like vultures. A non-Apple device can’t come to market without fear of a patent struggle? This is crazy. Even the Galaxy S3… is in a battle trying

Netbook Navigator Nav13X is Netbook and Ultrabook Mashup

Netbook Navigator created a laptop called the Nav13X that has Ultrabook looks with a netbook processor.

As you can see, the Nav13X looks a lot like a MacBook Air or an ASUS Zenbook UX31. It has a 13-inch screen with the typical Ultrabook… screen

New Macbook Air Models Arriving Q1 2012

Ultrabooks are beginning to look like a viable product with price points coming in at below $1000 and Apple is reportedly set to launch its new 11.6″, 13.3″ & 15″ MacBook Air series in the first quarter of 2012. Digitimes reports that upstream players have…

Apple to Launch 15″ Macbook in March – Acer & Asus also Making 15″ Ultrabooks

Component manufacturers in Taiwan have already begun supplying parts for Apple’s new 15″ Ultra… thin notebook. Its still unclear if its going to be a thin Macbook Pro or a larger Macbook Air.  The launch of this new Apple MacBook with 15-inch screen is expected

Apple Reported Testing New Macbook Air/Pro with 15″ Display

Apple is apparently about to finish the development of a MacBook Air with 15-inch display. The U.S. company has recently completed work on an important “test component” for the display of the new Ultra…-thin notebooks, according to a report from Japan. The MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air Patent Could Have Ultrabook’s in its Sights

Today I attended the Intel Ultrabook Press conference where I learned about a 300M fund spuring innovation around the new Ultra portable category.  As I listened I could help but wonder if Apple had patented this category too when they created the Macbook Air.  The

11.6-inch MacBook Air mid-2011 refresh with Sandy Bridge launched

The Sandy Bridge update to Apple’s MacBook Air range has been rumored about pretty much every second day since as far back as I can remember – just like any other upcoming Apple product. Anyway, they are here, Apple has gone official with both the…

New MacBook Airs Are Boxier, With 50% More Battery, Specs Listed

Over the weekend we saw some leaked shots of the inside of what was possibly a new MacBook Air from Apple, the 13-inch sized one. There is of course an 11-inch one supposedly coming as well, confirmed numerous times from various sources. This time, a…