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Why Apple Thinks that People Buy Android Phones

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple rages on and one of the fantastic side effects is that we get a glimpse into the way the companies think about technology.  An internal study from Apple was released during the trail this week that might be…

iPhone 5 Smuggled out of the Foxconn Factory?

When it comes to iPhone… 5 details there is no hotter address then the Foxconn factory to get your intelligence. Gizmodo is reporting that and iPhone 5 has made its way out of the factory and been caught on camera in the following photo.


Google Tries to Make iPhone Patents Industry Standards

The patent wars rage on and the latest development is from Google has appealed to have a selection of Apple held telecommunication patents that are utilised in the iPhone… to be made standardised systems due to their generic nature and industry wide use. If successful

iPhone 5: New Rumors- Obviously

Oh the disappointment! The new iPhone… 5 wasn’t announced at WWDC. Now we’re left to mull over more rumors until Apple finally releases the long awaited smartphone. This time the rumor hinges on “hints” from the new iOS 6. In tiny print on the opening

More Than 200 New Features? The Real Deal with Apple’s iOS 6

Marketing, marketing, marketing! We always hear the same thing from Apple: “Over 200 new features!” Okay, sure… so let’s count the ones we know. It’s up to you to decide what’s really new and what’s just a nice update or a mac-ified Android app.


New iPhone Casing Rumor: Video Comparison with Predecessor

The new iPhone… and all its accessories remains cloaked in mystery. Minor leaks, rumors and suppositions are floating around the web. The latest, is a video of what will supposedly be the new iPhone casing. Taller, thinner and with a metal back, the new casing

iPhone 5 Processor Details Leaked?

iPhone… 5 rumors seem to be hitting the streets weekly, and the latest is a leak from 9to5Mac that the new handset will be packing a new CPU to provide next-generation speeds.  This really isn’t surprising since no one expected Apple to release a phone

Video from inside Foxconn’s iPhone Factory

Well isn’t this a surprise! Apple is a company notorious for keeping its secrets closely guarded, so finding a 4 minute video of the iPhone… assembly plant is a real treat. The video is courtesy of Chinese site iFeng shows a reporter and Foxconn CEO

Apple iPhone 5 May Come with a 4″ Display- Says WSJ

The rumor mill has been clear that the next generation iPhone… will be coming with a larger display. Now we have the Wall Street Journal reporting that Apple is placing orders for the new iPhone with its suppliers and its display is “at least 4

iPhone Loosing its Market Share in Mainland Europe

Looks like the Apple iPhone is starting to loose its steam. It looks like market share is declining in the majority of Europe except for the UK, they’re still loyal Apple fanboy’s. According to research firm Kantar the October release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S…

iPhone 4S Setting Outgoing Calls on Mute, Pathetic Work Around Available

The iPhone 4S has another bug, this time outbound calls have no in coming audio and its across all three carriers. The problem seems to revolve around some sort driver issue between the iOS software and the iPhone… 4S hardware. People have no issue with

Apple Vs Motorola: Small blow for Apple – No iPhones/iPads for Germany?

A court in Germany has issued a preliminary ruling in a patent case between Apple and Motorola Mobility which could impact the availability of the iPhone and iPad… in the country.
Intellectual property and patent case expert Florian Mueller posted a German-language PDF document from

Apple iPhone 5: Slim Design Thanks to Virtual SIM Card?

The jury is still out on whether or not iPhone 4S is a big hit or just a tired placeholder until Apple actually released a new iPhone… – the iPhone 5. However, there is consensus that there will be a significant leap between 4S and

Siri Up & Running on Jailbroken iPhone 4

Siri the AI based personal assistant recently launched on the iPhone 4S has made the leap on to other iOS devices.
It didn’t take long to get Siri up and running on the iPhone… 4, but getting her to talk with Apple’s servers was a

Drop Test: Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy SII

We all drop our phone’s it’s just one of those things. Lucky for us the guys over at Square Trade are willing to findout what happens when you drop the Apple iPhone 4S… & the Samsung Galaxy SII. If you’ve got special concerns around dropping