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GameKlip Combines PS3 Controller & Android Smartphone Into Mini Game Console

Playing games on a smartphone brings very little pleasure. The control system on a touchscreen is often too vague to be useful or interesting and covers parts of the display. Of course, according to Murphy’s Law the parts of the screen that get covered always…

ASUS Padfone Docking Station Review After 6 Weeks – Is it Worth Buying?

Well it’s been 6 weeks since we picked up the Padfone… and we thought that we would give you our impressions of the docking station.  We have already done a 4 week review of just the phone and now we thought we would follow up

Personal Robots on the Way, DragonBot Powered by Android

At Droidcon in Berlin Adam… Setapen, Roboticist at MIT’s Personal Robot Lab explained how he hopes to use Android to release personal robots into the wild. Personal robots that are capable of learning have been around for a few years have been around for a

LG Prada Phone Already For Sale in Germany & the UK

LG confirmed plans of a Prada handset in early 2012 and it’s already for sale in Germany and the UK.  This Android-powered high-fashion phone hits the high street, going on sale in the UK at Phones4U stores and online & in Germany at GetGoods, for…

LG Android 4.0 Update Schedule Released

Google’s Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich will be rolling out on to Android devices starting in 2012 and the question is fast becoming when. LG has released their schedule and if you’ve got one of their devices, you’ll be very pleased with it, since…